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Residents of Launceston

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Taken from Tasmania Directory 1866 Hard Copy.
Indexed by Rose Murtagh March 2000

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KAY, Robert Brisbane Street
KAVENAGH, Terence Elizabeth Street
KAVENAGH, James Tamar Street
KAVENAGH, Patrick Brisbane Street
KEAYS, William Esplanade
KEARNS, Patrick Middle Street
KEEBLE, Benjamin Brisbane Street
KEENE, Robert Wellington Road
KELLY, James Stonemason York Street
KELLY, Patrick Rose Lane
KELLY, Charles General dealer Bathurst Street
KEMP, Hugh Elizabeth Street
KEMP, Joseph Canning Street
KEMP, James Lyttelton Street
KENYON, Henry Charles Street
KENT, Charles Elizabeth Street
KENT, George Cleveland Street
KENT, George Balfour Street
KENNEDY, James Butcher Wellington Road
KENNEDY, Joseph Elizabeth Street
KENNEDY, Andrew Canning Street
KENNY, Richard York Street
KEOGH, James Upton Street
KEOGH, James Hillside Crescent
KEON, Philip T. Clothier Charles Street
KERBY, Henry Wellington Street
KERSLAKE, Charles West Street
KILBY, William Dealer George Street
KIDD, Robert Bourke Street
KING, Belmain Lyttleton Street
KING, William Welman Street
KING, Peter Labourer South Street
KING, George Balfour Street
KING, John Cimitiere Street
KING, Thomas Storekeeper George Street
KINROE, William Esplanade Row
KIRBY, William York Street
KIRK, Robert General dealer Wellington Street
KNIGHT, William Henry Millwright & engineer Wellington Street
KNIGHT, George C. Carr Villa
KNOWLES, Thomas Brisbane Street
KOWARZICK, Frederick Balfour Street
LAGER, John Draper George Street
LAING, James Storeman Cimitiere Street
LAKIN, Frederick West Street
LAKIN, Frederick Anne Street
LAMB, John Frankland Street
LAMB, James Anne Street
LAMBERT, Edward Bathurst Street
LAMBERT, Thomas Storeman Cimitiere Street
LAMONT, Duncan William Street
LAMONT, James George Street
LANDY, George Victoria Street
LANE, William Butcher Tamar Street
LANE, John Brisbane Street
LANHAM, William Balfour Street
LAPTHORNE, Henry George Street
LARTER, Elijah Seedsman Charles Street
LARTER, Henry Mariner  
LAW, Rev. William Residence Canning Street
LAWS, Horace Charles Street
LAWS, James C. Charles Street
LAWTON, William G. Dealer Elizabeth Street
LAWRENCE, Edward Clothier Charles Street
LAWRENCE, William Welman Street
LAWLES, Joseph Victoria Street
LAWSON Balfour Street
LEACH, Roger Elizabeth Street
LEARY, Peter Elizabeth Street
LEARY, Michael George Town Road
LEARY, David Carter George Street
LEATHERLAND, Robert William Street
LEDGER, Thomas Labourer Bathurst Street
LEE, William Labourer Eardley Street
LEE, William Anne Street
LEEMING, John Elizabeth Street
LEONARD, Samuel Goodwin Street
LEVY, Godfrey B. Clothier Brisbane Street
LEVY, Elias Cameron Street
LEVY, Samuel West Street
LEWIS, George York Street
LEWIS, Henry General dealer Bathurst Street
LEWIS, Richard York street
LEWIS, Robert Wellington Street
LEWIS, John William Street
LEWIS, Charles William Street
LEWIS, Edward Melbourne Street
LEWRY, William Thistle Street
LEG, James William Street
LILLY, James Hotelkeeper Charles Street
LILLY, William Tamar Street
LINDSAY, Rev. James Residence Frederick Street
LING, William N. Harbour Master George Street
LINDUS, Edward Frankland Street
LIPHOLD, William Brisbane Street
LITHGOE, John Tailor Bathurst Street
LITTLE, William Produce store Paterson Street
LITTLE, William Margaret Street
LITTLE, Charles St. John Street
LLOYD, James Labourer Russel Street
LLOYD, Henry Brisbane Street
LLOYD, James Labourer Russel Street
LOCKETT, John Coach builder Paterson Street
LONARGAN, Timothy Tin smith Elizabeth Street
LONG, James Butcher Wellington Street
LONG, Rev. Joseph Residence Maitland Street
LONGFORD, George St. John Street
LORIMOND, Benjamin Balfour Street
LOWE, William Paterson Street
LOWRY, John Bootmaker Wellington Street
LOVELOCK, Henry Storekeeper Bathurst Street
LUCKHURST, George H. Clerk Bathurst Street
LUPTON, George St. John Street
LYLE, James Shoeing smith York Street
McARTHUR, Charles General Insurance agent Brisbane Street
McARTHUR, John Lyttleton Street
McARTHY, Dennis Labourer Frankland Street
McARTHY, Dennis Victoria Street
McAULIFFE, Dennis Victoria Street
McBETH Scotch pie house Brisbane Street
McBEAN, Donald Esplanade Row
McCANN, Bernard George Street
McCANN, Mitchell Licensed victualler Wellington Street
McCALL, Jmaes Clarence Street
McCOLE, David Esplanade
McCORMACK, Joseph Wellington Street
McCLARENCE, John Lower George Street
McDONALD, John St. John Street
McDONALD, John Cimitiere Street
McDONALD, James Upton Street
McDONALD, Alexander Engineer Cimitiere Street
McDONOUGH, Timothy York Street
McDOUGALL, John Brisbane Street
McDOWALL, Robert M. Brisbane Street
McDOWELL, Douglas Anne Street
McDUFF, Douglas George Street
McEACHERN, Robert W. Brisbane Street
McEACHERN, Robert Tamar Street
McENROE, Thomas Lodging-house-keeper Wellington Street
McEWEN, John Sailmaker Tamar Street
McEWEN, James Sailmaker George Street
McGLADE, Michael Labourer Cimitiere Street
McGANN, Thomas Dry Street
McIVOR, Arthur Balfour Street
McKAY, James Paterson Street
McKENZIE, John Shoeing smith Wellington Street
McKINNON, Hugh York Street
McLACHLAN, John William Street
McLACHLAN, Ronald High Street
McLEOD, James Canning Street
McLOUGHLIN, James Grocer Brisbane Street
McMASTERS, Robert Hill Street
McMAHON, John Labourer Russell Street
McMILLAN Welman Street
McNEE, James Grocer Esplanade Row
McPHAIDEN, Michael Vincent Street
McQUEEN, Donald Grocer & tea merchant Charles Street
McRUDDEN, Hugh Dry Street
McRACKEN, Jane Residence Paterson
MACKAY, John Schoolmaster Cameron Street
MACKAY, Hugh R. Cameron Street
MACKAY, Stuart G. Cameron Street
MACKERELL, William Wilmot Street
MADDOX, George Medical practitioner George Street
MAHON, John Margaret Street
MAINSBRIDGE, William Painter Tamar Street
MAINSBRIDGE, William West Street
MALONEY, Mitchell Frederick Street
MALONEY, John Bootmaker Wellington Street
MALCOLM, Alexander Charles Street
MALCOLM, William Builder Esplanade
MALCOLM, Thomas Builder Esplanade
MALCOLM, William Carpenter William Street
MALLER York Street
MANSEY, Charles Brisbane Street
MANNION, John Labourer Frankland Street
MARLOW, Robert St. John Street
MARRISON, George Chemist & druggist Brisbane Street
MARINE BOARD OFFICE G.M.Eddie, sec. Lower George Street
MARRIOTT, William St. John Street
MARINER, George Frankland Street
MARSDEN, John York Street
MARSDEN, John jun. York Street
MARSDEN, John Labourer Laura Street
MARSH, J.H. Clerk Paterson Street
MARSH, Robert Butcher Wellington Street
MARSHALL, William Balfour Street
MARSHEAD, William Bourke Street
MARKET, LESSEE & CLERK R. Pescodd Charles Street
MARTIN, John Brisbane Street
MARTIN, James Stationer & bookbinder Brisbane Street
MARTIN, Henry Laura Street
MARTIN, Samuel Crescent
MARTIN. James W. Dealer Wellington Street
MARTINI, Antonio Drill instructor Tamar Street
MARWOOD, William Esk Street
MASON, William Wellington Street
MASON, John Licensed victualler George Street
MASON, Edward Labourer Gunn Street
MASSEY, Thomas Welman Street
MASTERS, Aaron Westbury Road
MASTERMAN, Robert Balfour Street
MATHER, William Tinsmith Charles street
MATTHEWS, James Watchmaker & jeweller George Street
MATTHEWS, John Pawnbroker Wellington Street
MAXEY, Edward Schoolmaster Elizabeth Street
MAYHEAD, Thomas Upton Street
MECHANICS INSTITUTE A. Johnstone, Librarian Cameron Street
MIDDUP, Alfred Balfour Street
MILES, Richard Brisbane Street
MILES, George Canning Street
MILLBANK, Henry Dealer George Street
MILLER, John L. Balfour Street
MILLER, Thomas General dealer Bathurst Street
MILLIGAN, Alexander York Street
MILLER & GREEN Solicitors St. John Street
MILLS, Peter Architect St. John Street
MILLS, Henry Paterson Street
MITCHELL, John Brisbane Street
MITCHELL & CO. Grocers Elizabeth Street
MITCHELL, John Brisbane Street
MITCHELL, William Elizabeth Street
MITCHELL, Robert Esplanade Wharf
MOLEY, James Canning Street
MOLLOY, Peter Esplanade
MOLYNEAUX, Thomas William Street
MONDS & TITLEY Bakers Elizabeth Street
MOORE, James Poulterer Brisbane Street
MORA, John Melbourne Street
MORELL, James Brisbane Street
MORGAN, Charles Dealer George Street
MORGAN, Charles Ship's carpenter Paterson Street
MORLEY, Dennis Elizabeth Street
MORRIS, Isaiah Storekeeper George Street
MORRIS, Isaiah jun. Welman Street
MORRISON, William Launceston Hotel Brisbane Street
MORRISON, Andrew St. John Street
MORRICE, John George Street
MORNEY, James Brisbane Street
MOSS, Joseph H. General dealer Brisbane Street
MUNCEY, Charles Brisbane Street
MUNRO, Murdoch Baker William Street
MUNCIPAL CHAMBERS Town clerk, J. Henry St. John Street
MURPHY, George Balfour Street
MURPHY, John Residence York Street
MURPHY, George St. John Street
MURPHY, Thomas Labourer Bathurst Street
MURPHY, Francis High Street
MURRAY, D'Arcy W.L. Charles Street
MURRAY, James Hill Street
MURRAY, David Patterson's Plains
MUSGROVE, Thomas Canning Street
MUTKINS, Joseph Seaman Sydney Place

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