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Macquarie Plains Station Residents

36 miles rail from Hobart
Taken form "Wises Tasmanian Post office Directory 1910 "Hard Copy"
Indexed by Rose Murtagh April 2000

ALOMES, J. Coach driver
ARNOLD, Charles Labourer
BOWKER, M. Labourer
BRIDGES, John Labourer
BRIDGES, William Labourer
BROWNING, Albert Farmer
BROWNING, George Farmer
BROWNING, W. Labourer
BURNS, Russell Labourer
BUSH, P.A. Farmer
BUTLER, J. Labourer
BURGESS, Trevor J. Farmer
BURNS, J. Labourer
BUTLER, Sydney Labourer
CASHIN, W. jun. Labourer
COURTNEY, Frederick Labourer
COURTNEY, J. Labourer
CULLEN, R. Clerk
DANN, W. Carpenter
DIPROSE, William Storekeeper
DONALDSON, Charles Gardener
EVANS, D. Labourer
FAGAN, E. Labourer
FAGAN, George Farmer
GALLUS, Eric Labourer
GITTUS, Alfred Labourer
GITTUS, B. Labourer
GITTUS, H. Labourer
GITTUS, P. Labourer
GLOVER, Henry Labourer
GLOVER, J. Blacksmith
HARRIS, Vincent C.S. Post & stationmaster
HAZLEWOOD, W. Labourer
HEFFERNAN, J. Labourer
HIGGINS, William Labourer
HOFFMAN, A.C. Farmer
HORN, George Labourer
HUME, F.W. Farmer
HUME, Keith Farmer
JAMES, J. Labourer
JAMES, Victor Baker
JENKINS, S. Labourer
KENNA, H. Labourer
KENNA, J. Labourer
KENTDALE STATION Robert Marshall, manager
LEWIS, William Labourer
MARSHALL, Arthur R. Farmer
MARSHALL, G.N. Labourer
MARSHALL, H. Labourer
MARSHALL, H. Platelayer
MARSHALL, John Labourer
MARSHALL, Robert Manager, Kentdale Station
MARSHALL, Robert H. Labourer
MARSHALL, T.G. Carpenter
MARSHALL, Thomas Farmer
MASON, R. Labourer
MOORE, H. Labourer
MOORE, John Baker
MORRIS, H. Labourer
NICHOLS, John Labourer
NUNN, Robert Labourer
NUNN, R. jun Labourer
PETERS, J. Labourer
RAINBIRD, Edward C. Farmer
RAINBIRD, Joseph Farmer
RAINBIRD, Sydney Farmer
RAYNER, J. Storekeeper
REYNOLDS, Algernon F. Trooper
REYNOLDS, E. Coach proprieter
SALTER, Charlton Labourer
SALTER, George Labourer
SALTER, Oscar Labourer
SHAW, Frank Labourer
SHAW, W. Labourer
SHEA, M. Labourer
SHEA, Thomas Labourer
SHOOBRIDGE, V.W. Fruit & hop grower
SHOOBRIDGE, William E. J.P. Fruit grower
SIMCO, G. Labourer
SMITH, F. Fruit grower
SWEENEY, Daniel Platelayer
SWEENEY, Frank Labourer
WELLS, William Blacksmith


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