William Jardine

Compiled by Jackie Browne December 1998
Military immigrants awaiting work at the Hiring Depot Hobart 14-November-1850

Name    Rank    Trade    Wife    Wife's Occupation

 AHERN Maurice(Private)     Labourer    AHERN Anne    Laundress
BALE James(Private)    Farmer    BALE Jane     Housemaid
BRETT James(Private)    Labourer    BRETT Mary     Housemaid
BYRNE John(Private)    Labourer    BYRNE Mary     Laundress
CLARKSON Alfred(Private)    Shepherd    CLARKSON Sarah     Dairy Woman
CRINE John(Private)    Labourer    CRINE Catherine     Laundress
DARCEY Martin(Private)    Labourer    DARCEY Ellen     Housemaid
DONOHUE Michael(Private)    Labourer    DONOHUE Judith     Housemaid
EVANS Edward(Private)    Labourer    EVANS Margaret     Housekeeper
FAHEY James(Private)    None    FAHEY Anne     None
FOGARTY Thomas(Private)    Labourer    FOGARTY Anne     Housekeeper
GLANEY John(Private)    Gardener & Groom    GLANEY Anne     Nurse
HALLORAZ John(Private)    Labourer    HALLORAZ Bridget     Housekeeper
HAYES James(Private)    Labourer    HAYES Judith     Housekeeper
HOLNES Wiliam(Private)    Labourer    HOLNES Anne     Housekeeper
KEENAN John(Corporal)    Cloth Dresser    KEENAN MaryAnn     Dressmaker
KENNEDY James(Private)    Farmer    Single    
McPHERSON Robert(Sergeant)    None    McPHERSON Ann     Laundress
M'GOWAN John(Private)    Servant & Groom    SINGLE    
M'ORMOND William(Private)    Shoemaker    M'ORMOND Mary     Housekeeper
MURPHY Patrick(Private)    Servant    Single    
O'HARA Luke(Private)    Labourer    O'HARA Anne     Housekeeper
O'NEIL Patrick(Private)    Servant    O'NEIL Emma     Dressmaker
ROBINSON Charles(Private)    Sawyer    ROBINSON Alice     Housekeeper
ROCHE John(Private)    Labourer    ROCHE Mary     Laundress
SHAW Samuel John(Corporal)    Weaver    SHAW Hannah     Laundress
STRANGEWAY James(Private)    Labourer    STRANGEWAY Margaret     Housekeeper
WOODHEAD Joseph(Sergant)    Clerk    WOODHEAD Bridget     Seamstress

Jackie Browne Burnie Tasmania 29th December 1998

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