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Enlisted Soldiers

Taken from family records,Tasmanian war records,Tas Pioneer index

Soldiers NAME Place & Date Birth Place of Enlistment Next of Kin Relationship YEAR
ALEXANDER Samuel Robert Waratah 17 Apr 1883 Melbourne Victoria Denice Alexander Wife 1914-1920
ALFORD francis Edward Waratah Melbourne Victoria Catherine Donovan Mother 1914-1920
ALFORD Robert Joseph Waratah Melbourne Victoria Annie Alford Mother 1914-1920
ALFORD Stephen John Waratah 19 Nov 1887 Hobart Tas Margaret Smith Mother 1914-1920
ALFORD William Bernard Waratah Hobart Tas Annie Alford Mother 1914-1920
ANDREWS Alexander Frederick Waratah Sydney New South Wales Bessie Kimpton Mother 1914-1920
ARCHER Charles William Waratah 23 Jun 1887 Bundaberg Queensland Florence Edith Archer Wife 1914-1920
ARCHER Frank Desmond Waratah Melbourne Victoria Dora Archer Wife 1914-1920
ARCHER Henry Tasman Waratah 16 Nov 1895 Melbourne Victoria Henry Redmond Archer Father 1914-1920
ARCHER John Henry Waratah 9 Sep 1888 Melbourne Victoria John Archer Father 1914-1920
BAILEY Clyffe Goward Waratah 13 May 1893 Sydney New south Wales Helen Bailey Sister 1914-1920
BAKER Thomas Vincent Waratah 14 Apr 1892 Hobart Tas Thomas Vincent Baker Father 1914-1920
BAKER William John Waratah Melbourne Victoria Annie Baker Mother 1914-1920
BARTLE Vivian Nicholas Waratah 24 Sep 1893 Hobart Tas E Bartle Mother 1914-1920
BATH Leo Hambly Waratah 15 Feb 1893 Hobart Tas Mr Bath Father 1914-1920
BATTEN Edward Kitto Waratah 22 may 1895 Hobart TAs Margaret Middap Mother 1914-1920
BATTEN Hector Heazle Waratah 23 Dec 1888 Hobart Tas William Batten Father 1914-1920
BATTEN Leonard Ellis Edgar Waratah 24 Dec 1884 Waratah Tas Blanch Batten Wife 1914-1920
BEACH Arthur Waratah 6 May 1889 Hobart Tas Ellenore Beach Wife 1914-1920
BECKETT John Waratah Hobart Tas Elizabeth Daley 1914-1920
BIGGINS Norman Waratah Waratah 1914-1920
BLANEY Joseph Waratah 14 Apr 1886 Claremont Tas Thomas Blaney Brother 1914-1920
BLANEY William Waratah Ross Tas Michael Blaney Brother 1914-1920
BOREHAM Hector Norman Waratah Burnie Tas Adelaide Boreham Mother 1914-1920
BRAMPTON William Alfred Waratah 5 May 1883 Claremont Tas William Brampton Father 1914-1920
BRODIE Henry John Waratah 3 Feb 1889 Claremont Tas J Brodie Mother 1914-1920
BROWN Frederick Thompson Waratah 29 Apr 1898 Wynyard Tas Charles Brown Father 1914-1920
BYNON Herbert Liske Waratah 3 Sep 1897 Ross Tas Henry Bynon Father 1914-1920
BYNON Redvers Baden Waratah Claremont Tas Henry Bynon Father 1914-1920
CARR Frederick William Waratah 8 Mar 1881 Claremont Tas Henry William Carr Father 1914-1920
CASON Joseph Waratah Geelong Victoria Annie Cason Mother 1914-1920
CASON William Waratah Seymour Victoria Annie Cason Mother 1914-1920
CLEMISON John Waratah 30 Jun 1889 Sydney New South Wales Jane May Clemison Wife 1914-1920
CLOSE Charles Joseph Waratah 27 Feb 1893 Claremont Tas John Close Father 1914-1920
COLGAN William Joseph Waratah 14 Mar 1891 Claremont Tas Thomas Colgan Father 1914-1920
COLLINS Leonard Vincent Waratah 30 Aug 1896 Hobart Tas Dennis Collins Father 1914-1920
COLUMBINE Albert Waratah 19 May 1886 Pontville Tas William Columbine Father 1914-1920
COLUMBINE John(Jack) Waratah 28 Apr 1890 Claremont Tas William Columbine Father 1914-1920
COOPER Frederick George Waratah Ross Tas Kate Cooper Mother 1914-1920
COOPER Walter Waratah Melbourne Victoria Kate Cooper 1914-1920
COVENTRY Eric Oswald Waratah 31 Mar 1890 Claremont Tas Pattie Winifred Coventry Wife 1914-1920
COWBURN Aaron Norman Ernest Waratah 12 Nov 1894 Claremont Tas Aaron Joseph Cowburn Father 1914-1920
CURRAN William Charles Waratah 7 Feb 1888 Melbourne Victoria Ann Curran Mother 1914-1920
DALY James Andrew Waratah 12 Feb 1893 Brighton Tas Mrs J Daly Wife 1914-1920
DAVIES Alfred Waratah Sydney New South Wales 1914-1920
DAVIS Alfred Waratah Casula New South Wales Louisa Davis Mother 1914-1920
DAVIS Frederick Waratah 21 May 1899 Burnie Tas Thomas Davis Father 1914-1920
DENNISON John Samuel Waratah 7 Oct 1898 Claremont Tas Rebecca Ann Dennison Mother 1914-1920
DEVELYN John Albert Waratah 7 Apr 1893 Waratah Tas Mrs J Develyn Mother 1914-1920
DONNELLY Phillip Thomas Waratah 7 Mar 1892 Claremont Tas Mary Donnelly Mother 1914-1920
DOODY James Waratah 20 Dec 1893 Claremont Tas Bridget Chapman Mother 1914-1920
DUFF Albert Murray Black Waratah 13 Apr 1892 Broadmeadows Victoria Mary Ann Duff Mother 1914-1920
DUNN Henry George Waratah 13 Apr 1888 Belmont West Australia Alice May Dunn Wife 1914-1920
EDWARDS William Thomas Waratah 7 Jul 1892 Melbourne Victoria John William Edwards Father 1914-1920
EUSTACE Harold Alfred Waratah 21 Feb 1892 Pontville Tas John Eustace Father 1914-1920
FAGAN Hubert Cribben Waratah 16 Dec 1892 Melbourne Victoria John Fagan Father 1914-1920
FAGAN John Athol Waratah 18 May 1894 Pontville Tas John Fagan Father 1914-1920
FAGAN Thomas Elton Waratah 4 Aug 1896 Claremont Tas John Fagan Father 1914-1920
HILL Stanley Norman Walter Waratah Melbourne Victoria Sarah Hill Mother 1914-1920
JOHNSTON Vivian Ashley Waratah 5 Jan 1892 Hobart Tas Alfred Johnston Father 1914-1920
JONES Oswald Joseph Waratah 3 Nov 1895 David Jones Father 1914-1920
MARTIN John Henry Waratah 10 Apr 1888 Hobart Tas James Martin Father 1914-1920
MILLER Montie Vaughan Waratah 11 Jun 1896 Waratah Tas Charles James Miller Father 1914-1920
SMITH Arthur Albert Waratah Claremont Tas Mr Smith Father 1914-1920
STEVENS Geogre William Waratah Pontville Tas J Stevens Father 1914-1920
THOMAS Alfred George Waratah 19 Mar 1890 Hobart Tas John Thomas Father 1914-1920
THOMAS Arthur George Waratah 29 May 1890 Hobart Tas Olive May Thomas Wife 1914-1920
THOMAS Harold Victor Waratah 24 Jul 1897 Melbourne Victoria John Thomas Father 1914-1920
THOMAS Tasman Norman Waratah 18 Sep 1891 Hobart Tas John Thomas Father 1914-1920
WHITE Michael John Waratah 13 Jul 1888 Lithgow New South Wales Henry William White Father 1914-1920
WOOLCOCK Bertie Francis Waratah 4 Aug 1895 Claremont Tas Richard Woolcock Father 1914-1920

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