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Biography of John Henry Cawthorn

by Sally Steel (E-mail: Sally Steel)

John Henry Cawthorn arrived in VDL as a free settler from London on the convict ship Lord Melville with his wife Maria Milne, son Henry David Cawthorn, brother-in-law George Milne and relative John Ford. Cawthorn, Ford and Milne received adjacent grants of 1000, 800 and 312 acres of land at Macquarie Plains. John Henry Cawthorn bought Denis McCarty's house and property at New Norfolk after McCarty drowned accidentally in 1820 and ran the ferry below Turriff Lodge. He also brewed beer, grew tobacco and flax and received 100 acres of land for the apprehension of Patrick Dunne the bushranger who was found in Barkers Barn in 1826. In 1850, when he was 52, John Henry shot himself accidentally while climbing through a hedgerow to shoot birds which were feeding on a crop of grain. Maria went to live with her daughter at Rosegarland and died in 1865 when she was 72.

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Updated 28-Jun-2003