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Biography of Edmund Hodgson

by Sally Steel (E-mail: Sally Steel)

Edmund Hodgson arrived in Van Diemen's Land as a free settler from London on the Castle Forbes in 1822. He married Sarah Birch formerly Guest, a widow, in 1823. In the twenties he owned several hotels and was proprietor of the Cascade Tannery (Notes in The Hermit in Van Diemen's Land by Henry Savery ed Cecil Hadgraft & Margriet Roe). He died in 1884 aged 95 and was buried at the old Congregational Cemetery, Huon Road, South Hobart.

There were two E. Hodgsons in early Van Diemen's Land and they get mixed up, even at the State Archives, and in the above book. He is called Edmund Wilson Hodgson, so some of the information found may be for my ancestor Edward Wilson Hodgson who arrived as a convict in 1828.

(Source: The Hermit in Van Diemen's Land, by Henry Savery, ed Cecil Hadgraft & Margriet Roe)

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Updated 03-Feb-2002