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Biography of Daniel Stanfield

by Sally Steel (E-mail: Sally Steel)

Daniel Stanfield of Green Point was a marine in the First Fleet. He married Alice Harmsworth the widow of another marine and settled on Norfolk Island in 1791. They had three sons and two daughters and arrived in Van Diemen's Land on the City of Edinburgh in 1808. He gave part of his grant to his eldest son Daniel jnr who settled at Clarence Plains and married Maria Kimberley, daughter of Edward Kimberley, another settler from Norfolk Island. His sons Thomas and William settled at Green Point and in the Brighton District. His daughter Sarah married William Kimberley, the "King of Bagdad", and Mary Ann Stanfield married David Reynolds and lived at Somerville near Brighton. Daniel Stanfield senior died age 61 in 1826 following a visitation of God near the Maypole Inn at New Town while returning home after giving evidence on a burglary by bushrangers Brady and McCabe. Part of his tombstone can be seen set in a wall at St David's Park in Hobart. Alice died in 1830 aged 74. She was survived by her five Stanfield children and her son by her previous marriage, John Harmsworth.

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Updated 04-Feb-2002