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Biography of Henry Thrupp 1784-1845

by Peter Thrupp (E-mail: Peter Thrupp)

Son of John Thrupp and Francis JONES, born 28 Aug. 1784, England. Married Caroline Wyllys FARLOW at Old Church, St. Pancras in the Fields, London 17 March 1806. Henry and Caroline came to Australia as free settlers on the merchant ship Harriet, which arrived in Sydney on the 12 May 1817 via Rio de Janeiro and the Derwent River, Van Diemen's Land. Caroline and family were dropped off in Hobart and Henry continued on to Port Jackson, NSW.

Henry went to meet his brother Alfred who was married to the Sarah daughter of Captain John Piper (first Customs Officer in Australia). Alfred was assistant Naval Officer to Piper. Alfred later moved to Tasmania.

Henry received a grant of land of 1200 acres at Old Beach, Tasmania. This land was 3 km east of Bridgewater and was bordered by Herdsman Cove. The original house at Old Beach survived until 1978 when it was burnt down. Henry was a farmer. When applying for a second grant of land to Governor Arthur in 1828, Henry had this to say " I have expended thereon in improvements 3,200 pounds - Three thousand two hundred pounds independent of the produce of the farm during the whole of that period. I have supported between forty and fifty convict servants during the time I have been in the colony ".

This second grant of land of 1000 acres at Elderslie, was later granted to Richard Armstrong and Frederick Coape Smith. The map of the land has "Diagram of a grant to H. THRUPP Parish of Wallace" written on the top and "Originally Henry Thrupp" crossed out in the centre of it.

An article from the Daily Mail, describes Henry as an athletic person as he raced the coach from Newtown to Hobart for a wager of 50 pounds and cover the distance in 2 hours 57 minutes.

Henry died on the 28 Dec 1845 aged 61 years. The informant of his death was his brother Alfred Thrupp of Pontville, Tasmania who was also the deputy registrar. Henry and Caroline are buried at Elderslie Cemetery, Tasmania. When I visited the Eldersie graveyard in 1982 Henry and Caroline's tombstone was one of only a few left. The sandstone tombstone lies flat and is very eroded compared to his brother's Alfred's at Pontville. It reads "Sacred to the memory of Harry Thrupp born 28th August 1784, died 28 December 1845. aged 65 years. Also to the memory of Caroline Wyllys Thrupp wife of the above born 8 June 1790, died 30 August 1848, aged 58 years".

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