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Tasmanian Unknown Arrivals (Swimmers) "B" Surnames

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Name First Sighting Contact

BABINGTON James m. 1835 to Ann Southy, District of LauncestonRhonda Wain

BACKHOUSE Richard, Ruth & Thomas arr. Melbourne early 1854 per Marco PoloWarrem Backhouse

BAGLIN John m. 1839 to Mary Ann Tiffin, Hobart, moved to Vic. 1850sCarol Baglin

BAIRD Jane b. 1826 Scotland, m. 1853 to Henry Green, Brighton TasGlenn Brown

BALLANTYNE / BALLANIE Isabel Campbell b 1853 Lanarkshire, Scotland, arr abt 1872Amanda Ryan

BANFATHER Maria m. 1834 to James Charles RussellRay Brindle

BARNETT John Maughan & Harriett Frances arr late 1889/early 1890 per "Tainui", arr NZ 1893Darryn Mills

BARRETT / BARRATT Thomas & Elizabeth 1833 daughter Elizabeth born Launceston, Tas. Other children include Edwin, Henry, Emma & ThomasLei-anne Ward

BARRETT Christopher b. 1829, from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA, m. 1847 to Bridget Turnbull, HobartVicki Warnes

BARRETT Edward b. abt. 1825, m. 1845 to Esther Jane Garth, d. 1854 age 29Maree Devine

BARRETT William b. 1801 Scotland, m.1 1833 to Lydia Shoobridge, m.2 1839 to Mary Wilkinson, d. 1850Margaret Flynn

BASTONE Charlotte arr. abt. 1832Elaine Skehan

BASTONE Julietta m. 1835 LauncestonElaine Skehan

BATTEN John & Ellen with Annie, Elizabeth, Ada & Christina arr. Vic. Oct 1882 then on to Tas., what ship?Yvonne Barber

BEALE William m. 1880 to Maria Richardson, LauncestonRoyce Leonard Beale

BEATH / BEUTH Sarah m. 1849 to John Robert Riseley, age 16John Browne

BEDDOME Capt CE & E with family 1876-1878Marie Palmer

BEDDOW John m. 1871 (age29) to Jane Morrison (age 23), HobartDeirdre Smith

BEDGGOOD Joseph b. Gloucestershire abt. 1814, m. 1843 Swansea, TasJenny Kerr

BENNETT James b. 1812 England, m. 1852 to Mary Ann Bonney, Launceston, d. 1896 DeloraineMichael Bennett

BENNETT Samuel Benjamin before 1845Debbie Dixon

BENTON James & Harriett with child Harriett (3) arr. Mar 1842 - Oct 1843Jennie Morgan

BERCHREE Francis m. 1861, Circular HeadJohn Osborne


BESTON Patrick son Stephen b. 1866 near LauncestonJudith Coppen

BIDDULPH Rebecca 1872 birth of son, Robert Biddulph CollinsKerry Collins

BIGGS Charles 1885 - 1890Gorrie Biggs

BINSON William Henry m. 1866, OatlandsSandra

BIRD William Samuel abt 1840, 1 year in Tasmania according to Vic death cert.Ros Curry

BISHOP William b. abt. 1825, m. 1853 to Ann MahoneyWilliam Bishop

BLACKMORE Robert m. 1836 to Ann Nott, New TownKaye Saunders

BLAIR Jane m. 1836 to Samuel Douglas, HobartAilsa Dee

BLAZLEY Reuben m. 1841 to Mary Ann Stratton, LauncestonDiane Batey

BOAG George William m. 1890 to Elizabeth Jane Cartledge, LauncestonSkurrie

BODEN Michael m. 1851 to Maria Whelan, Hobart. Bavarian immigrant may have arr. in Tas. abt. 1844Denise Wells

BODSWORTH Thomas m. 1852 to Ellen Abigail Doherty, HobartTrish Kirby

BOGUE Mary m. 1850 to David Howie, Launceston, Church of ScotlandPaul Stott

BOOLER / BOWLER Joseph 1830 appointed keeper of the pound, River Plenty, 1834 involved in brawl, Black Snake Inn, m. 1836 to Ann Ogorman, New NorfolkMichael Lowe

BOOT William b. 1822 Nottingham, m. 1841 to Harriet Nunn, LauncestonJenny Gray

BOOT William & Sarah 1843 Census Launceston at son William's residence, Sarah d. 1863 LauncestonJenny Gray

BOTT Sarah Jane m. 1848 to Charles Frederick Ward, HobartDaryl Ward

BOUCHER Henry m 1833 to Susan Giles Crocker, SorellErin O'Donnell

BOURNE Ann 13 September 1855- Launceston Examiner Newspaper reported death of George Bourne, son,of Mrs Bourne, Prospect House, Hobart. (Wife of Thomas Bourne d. 1852 Launceston)Marg Sharpe

BOURNE Thomas d. 1852, Launceston HospitalMarg Sharpe

BOYD Thomas David b. 1825 Aldgate, London, m. 1855 to Sarah Jane Ives, LauncestonErin O'Donnell

BRADDY James & Catherine arr. 1833 HobartYvonne Foster

BRADLEY Martha m. 1890 to John Thomas FoskettMoya Morris

BRADSHAW family appear in HobartLouise Clayton

BRAITHWAITE Nelson b 1794 Norfolk, Eng, 1819 left England for Cape of Good Hope, 1826 in Tasmania, m. 1833 to Sarah Halls who d. 1840 Hobart. 3 children born Tasmania. He returned to England and died in 1870.Laura Somerville

BRANAGAN / BRANNAGAN / BRANNIGAN Thomas m. 1859 to Ellen Sweeney, Campbell TownAnne Merrick

BRAND Robert m. 1832 to Mary Ann LambertRob Abbey

BRELSFORD Susannah m. 1811 to Robert BeamsDimity Stopford

BRENNAN Anne m. 1854 to P Hogan, HobartSharee Soward

BREWER John before 1855Lyn Wolf

BRICKHILL John b. 1817 London, m. 1839 to Susannah Huttley, arr Tas 1842-44, d. 1900 LauncestonLewis Brickhill

BRIDGEMAN Ann m. 1854 to James Cases, HobartAnne Young

BRIDGES Isaac arr. ?, departed Launceston 1846 per Henry for SA, m. 1850 to Eleanor Abel, SABrenda Dargie

BRIDGES John m. 1852 to Hannah Letitia Piddock, LauncestonDellis Osborne

BRIGG William Poss arr. convict ship John Jan 1831 - crewed on 1st voyage of this ship to NSW in 1827 as Ships Steward. May have jumped ship. Adv. in Launceston papers 1831 - to Sydney 1832 marr. to Mary Curtis - returned on Resolution Sep 1832Zillah Christmas

BRIGGS Henry Neal m. 1841, Richmond, may have joined brother Martin Thomas Briggs convict to VDL 1837Margaret Nichols

BRIGGS Robinson 1849-51 approx. arrivalAlison Briggs

BRIGGS William Clark 1849-51 approx. arrivalAlison Briggs

BRIMMER Ann m. 1839 to Joseph PedderKate Keegan

BRITTON William b. abt. 1850, arr. bef. 1880Em Lavelle

BROOK Joseph m. 1862 to Mary Burns, AvocaCynthia Brock

BROOKS Mary married to convict Thomas Trotman, lived in Hobart in late 1820s.Peter Coombs

BROOM Mary Ann b. c1807, m. 1824 to William SlocombeJessie Domaschenz

BROWN / GOLDING George m. 1856 to Bridget O'BrienSharyn Watson

BROWN Daniel 1842Douglas Burbury

BROWN Henry m. 1831 to Esther Scott, LauncestonSuzanne Maiden

BROWN James m. 1839, HobartRhonda Stuart

BROWN John m. 1834 to Elizabeth Aldred, HobartMick Anderson

BROWN John Anderson arr. abt. 1825 on the IndustryPatricia Hayes

BROWN Mary Ann m. 1849 to Stephen Andrews, "free" on permissions to marrySharon Finn

BROWN Robert Alexander m. 1862 to Jane Littlejohn, LauncestonLynne Hill

BROWN Thomas b. Hounslow, Middlesex, m. 1854 to Sarah Ann Gladman (b. Hobart), Geelong Vic, was Thomas a free immigrant or convict?Sandra Deague

BROWN William Foster abt. 1825Patricia Hayes

BROWN(E) Mary Ann m. 1853 to William POWELL, Hobart - reportedly an Irish Famine orphan & refugee from the County or town of Limerick. Ian Byers

BROWNE Amelia Kerri Fowler

BROWNE Richard Feb 1854 Hobart, hairdresser from London, Apr 1854 notice of short trip to Melbourne due to illnessAndrew Browne

BROWNE Samuel b. abt. 1844 England, m. 1881 to Mary Ann Mills, District Port Sorell, d. 1922 Abbotsham, TasRoy Browne

BRUCE James m. 1845Bruce Edmonds

BRYAN / BRIEN / O'BRIEN John m. 1857 to Hanora Vaughan, LauncestonPat Klemm

BRYAN Patrick m. 1873 to Lydia Hyde, DeloraineNerissa Cunningham

BRYANT William m. 1858 LauncestonEvelyn Bryant

BRYANT William Hall m. 1846 to Isabella SheppardAnthony Evans

BRYCELAND Catherine arr. 1830'sCathy Bryceland

BUCHANAN Robert wife poss. Jane Wright, son Joseph William Buchanan b. 1847-50 New TownTricia Miller

BUCKLE William, wife Jane (nee Armin), sons Thomas & John (died on voyage) arr. abt. 1842-3, daughter Jane b. 1844 in VDL (no record of birth)Katherine Bronnenmayer

BUDDS Andrew arr. approx. 1832 poss. from Ireland, m. 1837 to Elizabeth Morrison, LauncestonShari Aubrey-Eakin

BUNATIC / BONNITCHA Nicholas m. 1858, listed resided in Tas 1 yearAndrew Bonnitcha

BURBURY Joseph 1861Douglas Burbury

BURFORD Joseph b. c1819, parents William Joseph & Louisa Stokes, m. 1857 to Mary Hoskin, Evandale, d. 1894 Franklin VillageWilliam Bishop

BURK / BURKE Mary and Eliza arr. abt. 1852, not documented. Mary was abt. 16 years of ageVernita Love

BURKE Julia m. c1853-54 to James Oliver, LauncestonBeverly Rosser

BURN George arrived bef. 1836 possible ship Portland, m. 1837 Frances Downward, d. 1877 HobartMargaret McKay

BURNES Mary (Ann) m. 1863 to Thomas Dee, LauncestonJames Howe

BURSTON Emily Catherine m. 1901 to William Windsor, LauncestonGarry Ling

BUTLER John Sedgefield 1833Graeme Butler

BYING / BYNAN / BYNING John / Thomas m. 1853 to Catherine Murphy, HobartJean Briggs

BYRNE Michael arr. bef. 1843Maureen Harris

BYRON Charlotte Listed as free on permission to marry William Smith, convict per Lord Lyndoch 2. Age 19, servant, on their marr. cert. 1850 Hobart. Katrina Evans

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