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Tasmanian Unknown Arrivals (Swimmers) "C" Surnames

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Name First Sighting Contact

CABALZAR Christopher Lawton b. abt. 1871, m. 1890 to Elizabeth LockwoodJody Cabalzar

CADOGAN Patrick age 33, m. 1869 to Maria Black, Hobart TownAnne Wiltshire

CAIRNS James arr. prior to 1845Chester Cairns

CALDWELL Ann m. 1877 to James McDonald, HobartJaneen McLachlan

CALLEJA Salvatore early 1900's til 1935Karen Staker

CAMERON John Enworth b. c.1818, m. 1848 to Ann Mayfield, Launceston, stated as Free on Permission to MarryKenny Cameron

CAMMEL(L) / CAMPBELL Ellen (Annie) m. 1864 to Edward Bernasconi Thorn(e), BagdadIan Byers

CAMPBELL Ann poss. arr. Melbourne 1841 then Tas, m. 1844 to Charles Brentani, Launceston, moved to Melbourne late 1845-1846Douglas Wilkie

CAMPBELL Jane birth of twin daughters Annie & Cecilia, 01 Dec 1837 HobartVicki Drummond

CAMPBELL William m. 1853 to Louisa Hayes, LauncestonMargaret Campbell

CARN John b. St Germans, Cornwall, m. 1855 to Jane Inch Williams, Dist Great Swan Port, TasMargaret Quarrell

CARNES William approx age 40yrs, m. 1866 to Catherine Bryceland, HobartMatt Connell

CAROLAN Patrick arr. bef. 1827, Army Sergeant stationed Hobart & Launceston, moved to Victoria abt. 1852, wife Margaret (nee McMahon)Rochelle Haines

CARSWELL Alexander b. 1783 Neilston Renfrewshire, d. VDLJohn Carswell

CARTER Edward m. 1857 to Eliza Dove, d. 1860 Launceston, brother John Carter (ex-convict) owned "Duke of Wellington Inn" LauncestonPeter Carter

CARTER Harcourt Inspector of Police, m. 1877 to Emily Ann Cole, OatlandsTony Hart

CARTER John b. 1871 Dorham, England, m. 1898 to Jemima Amie Cute (nee Dennison), Launceston, TasLorraine D

CARVER Daniel & Mary (nee Carter) son John b. 1844, District of Port SorellPeter Howard

CASEY James m. 1854 to Ann BridgemanAnne Young

CASEY Margaret m. 1838 to Robert Wells, Longford, spent their married life at WestburyRosemary Jones

CASSELL(S) Anne m. 1836 to Richard FaryCherie Wallace

CASSEY Catherine 1858 Port CygnetRob Sperring

CATO Elizabeth m. 1824 to Daniel Denney, Hobart, 2 of Elizabeth's brothers followed her to TasmaniaShirley Elrick

CAVILL James b. 1837, m. 1858 to Susan Proctor, Hobart, Susan later remarriedWendy Favell

CHAPMAN Francis F 1846 elected Captain of EmigrantsKarla Smith

CHAPMAN Thomas m. 1844 to Elizabeth Robinson (nee Presnell), HobartSharon Long

CHATWIN Alfred m. 1858, Don, NW Coast, TasmaniaBarbara Pendrey

CHEESMAN William m. 1836Julie Thorne

CHESLETT b. 1847 Eng, arr. Tas. betw. 1848-1875Lynne Thompson

CHESNEY Edward 1850'sCarol Harris

CHOAT Louisa m. 1863 to Henry Williams, StanleySkurrie

CLACK Henry 1834, born Wisbeach Cambridgeshire about 1804Sue Walker

CLANCY Ann m. 1836 to Robert Saunders, Evandale, d. 1897 EvandalePeter Haley

CLARE James & Hannah 1840s ship's captain, unknown ship nameLaurie

CLARK James Arthur m. 1896 to Edith Lily BOULTER, New Norfolk, stated employed as attendant & residing at New Norfolk AsylumGillian Clark

CLARK(E) Margaret m. 1838 to Henry Ayling, LauncestonLola Wilson

CLARKE Fanny around 1830-1834Kristine Beehag

CLARKE Mary b. 1820, m. 1843 to Henry Godfrey (convict), WestburySteven de Grussa

CLARKE Rosa m. 1864 to Charles DavisLorraine Gray

COBB Maria m. 1828 to Bernard Walford, Hobart, d. of Francis CobbSharon Simmons

COCHLIN / COUGHLAN Ellen m. 1831 to John Jones, Launceston, lived at Morven then George TownElizabeth Nickols

COCKRAM John Talbot abt 1840 butcher Argyle St, Hobart, later licensee Butcher\'s Arms Hotel, Argyle StMarg OBrien

COHEN Moses m. 1846 to Elizabeth LazarusGraham Shaw

COLES Charles son Rex born 1904 Melville St, HobartMarcelle van Soest

COLES Nelly/ie (Ellen Ruth) living in 1904 Melville St, HobartMarcelle van Soest

COLLINS Edward b. c.1832 Hobart, parents John & Ann(e), lived VDL abt. 10 yrs, m. 1856 to Mary McCallum/McCallen, GeelongSue

COLLINS Peter arr. early 1850's from Dublin, m. to Rebecca BeardMae Bowater

COLLINS Robert m. 1842 to Selina Cowie (ex-convict), probably from England?Tricia Meehan

COLLINS Walter 1872 birth of son, Robert Biddulph CollinsKerry Collins

COLLINS Winifred m. 1870 to Thomas Reece, WestburyMaeve Bowater

CONDE Mary Eliza m. 1833 to William Webb, Launceston. Believed to have arrived on the ship Henry, date unknown.John Webb

CONDON Thomas Richard m. 1863 to Caroline DudleyTony Condon

CONNELL John m. 1858 to Mary Petterwood, Longford, d. 1893, FingalPauline McDermott

CONNELLY / KENNEALLY / KENAILLY / KENNAILLY Margaret born Ireland, age 18, m. 1854 to Phillip Davis, LauncestonJudith

CONNORS Maurice m. 1862 to Catherine Lynch, d. 1870 FranklinBarb Addie

CONOLAN Bernard abt. 1824, apparently on the UraniaTony Conolan

CONWAY Bridget c 1850Roger Denning

CONWAY Ellen Jane m. 1854 to Thomas Deanshaw, HobartMaria Aunger

CONWAY James wife Maria?, witness to daughter Elizabeth Conway's marriage, 1848 HobartElizabeth Heaphy

COOK Samuel 1836Terry Cook

COOPER Abraham 1860Pamela Cooper

COOPER George alleged to have deserted merchant navy ship abt 1850 Hobart, m. 1843 to Eliza Ann Hudson, HobartThane Cooper

CORBETT Henry King m. 1870 to Eugenia Bull, VictoriaTanya Adrych

CORKER James 1835 birth of son, William CorkerClaire Donkin

COX Henry m. 1853 to Bridget Ryan, HobartMarg. Heslop

COX William b. 1802 Derby, England, m. Eliza Saunders, d. 1855 Evandale, TasLorraine D

CRACE-CALVERT Charles Alfred m. 1862 to Marianne Susan Button, LauncestonLinda Button

CRAGER/KREUTZNER Isabella 1834Douglas Burbury

CRAGER/KREUTZNER Isabella 1834Mary Ramsay

CRINE / CRIEN Mary Ann m. 1872 to Joseph Denis/Dennis Robinson, WestburyKerin Manson

CROMPTON James m. 1854 to Flora Villiers, HobartAlexander Crompton

CROOKS Charles Maryon 1857Helen Thomas

CROWE Elizabeth b. approx. 1852 Launceston, parents William & Mary Crowe (nee O'Leary)Gregory Montgomerie-Crowe

CRUICKSHANK Annabella with husb. Alexander & 2 children arr. Adelaide 1888, arr. Tasmania abt. 1889 to Sheffield then Ulverstone.Peter Wood

CULLING Phillip m. 1850 to Catherine Jones, HobartSally...

CUMMINS Ann 1834 birth of son Jesse, husband James LaneMax Shugg

CUNNINGS James m. 1869 to Sarah Ann RidgeMark Blackwell

CURREN / CURRAN Sarah Emma Publican Licencee Cove Inn, Herdman's Cove, Richmond, TasAileen Newall

CURTIN Andrew m. 1882 to Mary Carney, LauncestonJohn McCosker

CURTIS Richard Gill b. c1792, arr. Hobart c1844, wife EmmaLyn Curtis

CUTLER / CUTTLER Stephen 1854 b. daughter Margaret Ann, wife Ann Barnes/Bynes/BurnesWendy Cooper

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