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Tasmanian Unknown Arrivals (Swimmers) "H" Surnames

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Name First Sighting Contact

HAIG James b. 1819 England, m. 1850 to Suzanna Bezette Wilkinson, Hobart, d. 1855, HobartBarbara Phillips

HALL Elizabeth m. 1824 to Thomas Field, HobartPam Fenwick

HALL John unconfirmed arr. per Bender from UK, father of Mary ElizabethJudith Flavin

HALL Thomas (junior) poss. b. c1856 Ross, m. 1880 to Matilda Maddox/Maddick, Ross, father poss. Thomas Hall per Anson 1844Sandie Pascoe

HALL William m. 1865 to Charlotte Louisa Finch, Launceston, Police Officer 1871/2 - 1903Geoffrey Spaulding

HALLAHAN / HALLORAN Anne/Annie Honora 1847 permission to marry, listed freeSusan Knowles

HALLORAN Ellen m. 1842 to John Bailey, LauncestonCheryl Bailey

HAMILTON James m. 1889 to cousin Isabella HamiltonEllen Hamilton

HAMMIL James Reid 1892 Cert. of Seaman Discharge Hobart, 1894 birth of Josephine Hammil, TasmaniaPatricia O'Halloran

HAMMOND Charles John m. 1842 to Mary Ann Wright, LauncestonGarth Patrick

HAND Mary b. c1825, m. 1854 to Henry Galvin, Richmond, 1st husb. Thomas Hand d. England ?, daughter Mary HandBronwyn Firman

HANNAN / HANNON Maria m. 1855 to Patrick Long, 'The Mersey'Anwyn Martin

HARKNESS Ellen Wood m. 1873 to George Pearson, Campbell TownHeather Pearson

HARLEY / HALLEY Ellen m. 1834 to John Duckrow, Flinders IslandPat Saltmarsh

HARLEY George & family Engineer, arr. late 1850s from LondonSally Blue

HARMAN Arthur 51st Regt, m. 1833 to Ann DAWE/S, Hampshire, son Robert b. 1839, VDL, discharged 1841, VDLKay Bell

HARMAN Charles m. Jessie McMillan, was he related to Harmans of Circular Head?Suzanne Wilson

HARMAN William m. 1847 Ann Kempson, Launceston then m. Elizabeth HorderSuzanne Wilson

HARPER James 1874 marriage of son James Theodore to Eliza Susan Goeble, LauncestonDenise Hutchinson

HARPER James Theodore m. 1878 to Elizabeth Powell, LauncestonSkurrie

HARRARD Rosanna b. abt 1832, m. 1861 to Job Townsend, Westbury, d. 1909June Townsend

HARRIS Charlotte Ann Rosetta m. 1856 to John Edward Williams, Campbell St, Hobart TasIrene Taranto

HARRIS Stephen Alfred Listed on TPI. Licenses hotelier in LauncestonRobert Jones

HARRIS William Brine m. 1852 to Louisa Mary Ann Leonard, HobartMarilyn Smith

HARRIS William Henry m. 1858 to Jane Stocks, Swansea, resided Ram Island, GlamorganMadeleine Johnson

HARRISON Thomas 1869 Hobart, daughter Martha m. to George BaileyRick Constable

HART Clara Sophia birth of son 1855 Hobart, husband William SandsKay Sandsrule

HARTRIDGE John & Penelope (nee Tapscott) 1839 birth of son, Launceston, 1840 birth of daughter, HobartYvonne Foster

HATHAWAY Mary m. 1870 to John King, LauncestonColleen Cooper

HAUTH Ferdinand Christopher b. c.1837 Prussia, m. 1866 to Ann Amelia Poultney, HobartJackie Jackson

HAWKINS James & Ann with son James 1844 death of son James, age 2, LauncestonJaneen McLachlan

HAWKINS Thomas Walter b. 1909 Southwark London, jumped ship Tas abt. 1925, d. WW2, any family in Tas?Valerie Miles

HAWTHORNE Charlotte 1899 - Launceston, niece to John & Sarah Shipley (nee Atwater) of SydneyBob Venn

HAYWOOD John & Mary (nee Reeve) m. 1840 Yorkshire, no on 1841 England census, first child James b. 1842 Longford, TasJenny Kerr

HEAD Frances husb. John transp.per Countess of Harcourt 1821, assigned to his wife 1822, Hobart, Frances re-m. Samuel Harrison 1835 after John's deathRobert Scott

HEALD Frederick b. abt. 1853, m. 1873 to Mary McFadden, Port SorellCatherine Etteridge

HEARPS John 1843Linda Senz

HEBDEN Mary b. c1812 Wakefield, YKS, Eng, m. 1839 to Samuel Schofield, Hobart, d. 1862 SorellRussell Thorne

HECTOR Mary Anne (may also be PRIESTHORN, PRIESTHORTON or SQUIRE) b. abt. 1823-25, m. 1845 to John Longford, Launceston, m. 1848 to John Crossingham, LauncestonRosemary Dunn

HEMPHILL Hugh m. 1863 to Martha Briggs, Longford, shoemaker, d. 1892 LongfordBev Perkins

HENRY George & Mary with daughter Margaret arr. from Liverpool? 1842-4, moved to Vic. mid 1850sHoward Groome

HENRY Rachael 1826 convict husband Benjamin assigned to herAngela Maley

HEPBURN family appears in HobartLouise Clayton

HERITAGE Ellen Jane m. to Thomas Brown, lived Campbell Town 1850sGreg Harling

HESLOP / HISLOP Alexander 1877Bronwen Hughes

HESTWOOD / HEASTWOOD / EASTWOOD Mary Ann death cert 1908 says born Tas abt 1819. m. George Green, New Norfolk 1836. Mother of George and Mary Anne bapt. 1838 St David's Hobart. Lived New Town Road 1838. To Vic abt 1848.Sally Edsall

HEWITT / HEWETT Ann Laurice Cross

HEWITT / HEWETT John Laurice Cross

HEWITT / HEWETT Mary Ann age 21, m. 1844 to Thomas William DALTONKatrina Newton

HEWITT / HEWETT Susan / Ann Laurice Cross

HEYES James bef 05 Sep 1855Carole Sarvis

HICKEY Francis 1848 or afterBeth Windley

HICKMAN William & Sarah c1850Shelley Clark

HICKSON James Henry listed on death cert as born c1840Michael Hickson

HIGHLAND Thomas m. 1845 to Elizabeth Morgan, Hobart, and may have died before 1856. Kerry-Anne Smith

HILL Benjamin & Susan (nee Smithm) daughter Maria Sarah b. 1839 Hobart TownJune Robinson

HILL Christiana believed to have arrived Sydney on City of Edinborough from Hobart 1808John Hogg

HILL Christianna may have arrived NSW per Rolla 1803Diana Murray

HILL Henry m. 1868 to Mary Ann Hill, LauncestonJan Whitcroft

HILLS William b. 1816, m. 1840 to Martha Gurr, LauncestonPamela Gill

HIND Margaret b. c1852 probably Lanark Scot. m1 1871 to Joseph Haslem Tas, m2 to 1875 to Henry Stevenson, Oatlands Tas, m3 1884 to Isaac Eyers, Launceston, TasGlenn Brown

HIND Marion (nee BAIRD) m1 1852 to John Hind, Lanark Scot., m2 1862 to James Spencer, Jericho, TasGlenn Brown

HINDES Richard Thomas b. abt. 1810Wendy Jones

HINSLEY George 1845 birth of un-named son to wife Mary Ann (nee Slight), LauncestonIan Gillespie

HOBSON Thomas 1849 m. to Mary Giblett, Tasmania, according to her death certificateDesiree Pettit

HOGAN Julia 1853, age 18, birth of son Alfred, father Alfred ShawMargaret Wilkinson

HOGAN Mary b. c.1812, m. 1838 to John Barrington, District of Launceston, d. 1845 District of LongfordMegan Lloyd

HOGAN/PIPER Mary 1819 birth of son Henry Piper/HatelyKerrie & Robert Beers

HOGG Robert m. 1859 to Margaret KennedyWendy Craig

HOLLAND William & Charlotte son Henry bapt. 1933 Hobart, father's abode Hobart, occ. FarmerAngela Maley

HOLMAN James Craze m. Fanny Archer, settled BurnieMaureen Holman

HOLMES Frederick John m. 1852 to Margaret Anne Williams, abt 1857 constableJan Henwood

HOLMES George b. 1837, m. 1861 to Marie Costermans, Hobart, son George Antonia Madoux Holmes b. 1863Andrew James

HOLMES James Andrew wife Mary Ann Thornton, 1st child born in Tas 1875 LauncestonMark Holmes

HOLMES John b c1850 supposedly England, m 1877 to Louisa Eliza Pointon, Newground, Tas, d 1932 Northdown TasLance Holmes

HONAN Bridget 1855 with birth of first child to James Walters at Black River. Originated in Dublin Ireland.Geoff Brow

HONNER / HONNOR James 1822 Muster states arr. 1821 Hobart per John Bull but not listed on the ship’s manifest. Query Crew?Ken McCallum

HOOKEY William 1869 Deloraine area helping William Pearce fell a tree. Pearce died & 1870 Hookey m. the widow Pearce. d. 1899 Launceston Benevolent Asylum, b. EnglandRosemary Jones

HOOPER Edwin arr. pre 1845, m. 1853 to Eliza MorganJenny Hall

HOOPER John Elston Mariner, m. 1850 to Mary Ann Knight (widow), Hobart, suspent John initially travelled from Bristol UK to MelbourneDavid Hooper

HOPWOOD William d. 1838 Hobart, b. 1778 Shoreditch, LondonJanet Rhodes

HORAN William Schoolmaster at Coal River School, lived at Spring Hill BottomThomas Horan

HORSLET Florence (Frances) Sarah m. 1837 to James Walbourne, LauncestonJanet Wain

HOSKIN Mary b. 1825, m. 1857 to Joseph Burford (convict), d. 1907William Bishop

HOUSEGO John & Elizabeth (nee Rood) with Mary Elizabeth, John (William) & Richard 96th Regt., c. 1841 from England via Norfolk Island? to VDLJulie Skellern

HOWARD Jane age 19, m. 1855 to Peter Bassett, Windermere, d. 1900Colleen Wegman

HOWARD Jane age 19, m. 1855 to Peter Bassett, Windermere, d. 1900 Turners MarshFrances Errington

HOWLETT Henry b. 1823 Essex, d. 1912 UlverstoneKsfh...

HUDSON Catherine/Caroline arr. abt. 1835-36, b. Calcutta India 1828Lyn Sargent

HUGHES Emily b. abt 1864 England, arr. abt. 1888, 1942 death cert states in Australia for 54 years.Jane Shennan

HULBERT Charles & Elizabeth birth of daughter 1885 Hobart, Charles died 1887 HobartRobyn Lobb

HUNT Samuel abt. 1840Cheryl Cooper

HUNTER William James m. 1881, Port SorellKathy Hunter-Reid

HURST John b. abt. 1823, m. 1848 to Jane Wright, Hobart, d. 1878 HobartAndrea Cox

HURST William b. c1820, m. 1843 to Susannah Green, LauncestonMark Bonato

HUSSEY Luke b. ?, arr. Tas ?, 1844 left George Town per Will Watch for Port Fairy, VicLee Lane

HUTCHINS Thomas b. 1828-29, m. 1853 to Catherine O'Brien. Lived Hobart/KingstonMichelle Jackson

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