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Tasmanian Unknown Arrivals (Swimmers) "M" Surnames

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Name First Sighting Contact

MACKAY / McCOY James (Surprise to NSW) with wife & daughter arr Port Dalrymple 1822 from Sydney per Jupiter - which voyage?Joy White

MACKENZIE or LEADBETTER-MACKENZIE father James in UK, owned apple farm 1900sHamish Mackenzie

MADDOCKS William 1857 birth of son, mother Isabella JohnsonJanet Brown

MADIGAN Mary m. 1885 to John Nicholls, Hobart, believed to have come from Limerick, IrelandJan McLean

MAINARD Henry Edmund Miles 1862 calculated from death certSherral Taylor

MAITLAND Walter Adolphus m. 1864 to Hannah (Annie) Williams, Longford, TasShelley Gadsby

MAKIN Samuel Samuel Makin & Catherine (O') Sullivan m. 04 Feb 1833, Hobart, Tasmania, AUS. 1838 Mangungu, NZ; 1842 Rawene, NZ; 1845 Auckland, NZ; bef 1860 San Francisco, CAEd

MALLEY / O'MALLEY James & Elizabeth arr. NW Tas early 1840sMargaret J Miller

MANNING William m. 1846 to Sarah Ann Baker (convict), St George's Church, HobartJenny Meathrel

MANSON Ann m. 1830 to Jonah Rodman, New Norfolk, 3 sons to 1836, living Roseneath Glenorchy at time of death, 1836, bur. O'Brien's Bridge Cemetery (Glenorchy) Rod

MANSON Magnus Mariner, m. 1843 to Mary Roach, Launceston, the family left for SA on the Timbo in 1845Jann Walker

MARC John Murray / Jean Marie m. 1877 to Emma Bertha Amelia Schulz, Launceston, poss. b. Brest, FrancePhyllis Hosking

MARKS Abraham m. 1850 to Rebecca Abraham, Hobart. Partner to Henry Horwitz in Marks and Horwitz shipping company and gold dealersKerry Close

MARR Robert Hay m. 1825 to Margaret MarshallWendy Fellows

MARRIOTT Elizabeth 1853Judith Clemons

MARSHALL Henry Stuart m. 1834 to Mary Warner, Sorell, licensee Starr Inn Hotel, Goulburn St, HobartAnnette Sykes

MARSHALL Margaret m. 1825 to Robert Hay MarrWendy Fellows

MARSHALL William b. c1789 Derbyshire, m. 1837 to Ellen Sullivan, HobartAnn Hayes

MARTIN / MARTYN Henry m. 1844 to Sarah Anne Lloyd, HobartAlbert von Borstel

MARTIN / MARTYN Thomas m. 1838 to Albina Louise Calvert, HobartAlbert von Borstel

MARTIN Eliza m. 1846 to John Stubbs, Emu BayGreg Harling

MARTIN Robert Augustus m. 1865 to Christina Greene, Campbell Town TasSue Martin

MASON Robert arr. before 1875Mary Hurd

MATHEWS Elizabeth 3 children born at Ross, 1839 & 1841, poss. m. 1837 to John Rowley (convict)Elizabeth White

MAURICE Joseph 1850?Glen Hooper

MAWDSLEY / MEWDESLEY Thomas 1839 birth of daughter near LauncestonDorothy Gunnersen

MAWMAN William Land Grants Index Mar 1825, 30 acres District of Methorie?George Mawman

MAXFIELD Michael & family bef Dec 1858Ivan Eric Hammond

MAXWELL Edward Murray m. 1855 to Mary Elizabeth Birnie (Barry error)Glenys Maxwell

MAYNE / MAIN Cornelius b. c1822, m. 1844 to Sarah Ann Davis, Hobart, m. 1847 to Sarah Ann Silvester, Brighton, d. 1885 Brighton, possible conviction in Tasmania 1871Sue

McALLISTER Catherine m. 1863 to George Lyon, HobartKathleen Milton-Wildey

McCALL Captain 5th Dragoons, father of Anna Maria McCall & brother of Colonel McCall of Innisskillen DragoonsGeoffrey Spaulding

McCALL James m. Dorcas Watkins Finch, Victoria, lived Launceston & Port Sorell districtGeoffrey Spaulding

McCALL James farmed in Tas. 1867 - 1878Geoffrey Spaulding

McCALL Samuel arr 1854, from Cork, Ireland (Glyntown) via Brighton VictoriaRob McCall

McCANNON William m. 1852 to Catherine Cruse, RichmondPat McCarthy

McCARTHY Margaret Gertrude b 1817 Ireland, arr. pre 1835, m. 1835 to James Leslie, HobartLouise Leslie

McCLYMONT James William b. abt 1812, Mariner, m. 1838 to Louisa HopwoodDiane Krebs

McCUBBIN James m. 1848 to Elizabeth Lowry, Campbell TownJan Bryant

McDONALD Angas arr. VDL?, dep. Launceston per "Lady Emma" arriving Port Adelaide SA 06 May 1839Vicki

McDONALD Donald m. 1837 to Eliza Archibold, LauncestonPeter Jones

McGLINN Johanna b. abt 1820 ?, m. George Glenwright, d. 1844 Spring Bay, TasMichael Ryan

McGRATH Peter born abt. 1813Carol Harris

McGREGOR George b. abt. 1830, wife Jane McDonald, son Simon b. 1862, District of MorvenTerry McGregor

McGUIRE Henry b. 1794 Ireland, d. 1867 Hobart, wife Hannah, hildren Jane & MariaKerry

McHUGH John m. 1857 to Janet McLean, started McHugh PotteryJudith Beattie

McINNES Ellen m. 1834 to Jonathan Watson, HobartLynette Crocker

McKENNA Terence & Mary (nee Lennon/Leonard/Lennard) arr. c1841 with 96th Regt., police constable 1844-46, later farmed Karoola/Turner's Marsh areaDick McKenna

McLEAN Alexander son William b. 1841, Launceston, mother Isabella RobbKaye Bowden

McLEISH James & Ann (nee Bartlett) 1837John Kittson

McLEISH James & family arr. 1830-1840s, poss. NSW firstSally Blue

McMAHON Margaret wife of Patrick Carolan, Army SergeantRochelle Haines

McMAHON Mary m. 1863 to John Ratcliffe, Campbell Town. 1860s lived Fingal/Avoca areaKarl Vernes

McMAHON Mary 1834 gave birth to baby fathered by a William Banfather who left VDL in 1836Susannah Brindle

McMILLAN Alexander arr. abt. 1865Kathleen McMillan

McNALLY Bridget m. 1857 to Patrick RyanMeryl Yost

McNAMARA Ann 1859? m. Melbourne after 6 years Tasmania, remarried 1870Carmel M Reynen

McNEW / MACUGH Ann m. 1837 to convict Edward Newman, LauncestonDianne Gething

McQUEENEY Michael b. abt. 1820 Ireland?, m. 1895 to Anne MullinKimbra McQueeney

McRAE Duncan m. 1856 to Jane MacFarlane, Edinburgh, daughter Helen B. 1857, Gabo IslandJudith Leeming

McRENNIE / McRENNEY Michael butcher, 1862 birth of daughter, Launceston, mother Jessie GrahamKevin White

McRUDDAN Hugh & Joanna 1845 onwards, looking for any sightingsAnne Speight

McVIE Ann m. 1844 to Charles DixonGreg Clements

MEDBOURNE Thomas d. Elizabeth supposed to be b. 1840 Hobart Town, mother Ruth SmithLisa Bowhay

MEDHURST Jessamine Emma (nee Staples) Helen Wardrop

MEEHAN Catherine Agnes m. 1870 to Joseph Johnson, LauncestonLorraine O'Connor

MEURILLION Edouard Pierre Phillipe Hobart Town Gazette 16 Feb 1844Lisl

MIDDLESHIP William & Martha 1853 arr Melbourne, 1858 living at Port Esperance, Tasmania, 1863 left Hobart for Sydney on MeteorJohn Moore

MILLER James 1836 - 1855 children with Mary (Unknown), LongfordDavid Miller

MILLER James b c1866, m. 1894 to Anne Eva ChappellYvonne Reid

MILLER Mary Ann b c1815, m 1834 to William Henry Williams, HobartAndrea K Johnston

MILNE George b. abt. 1799, m. 1837 to Elizabeth Longmuir, Launceston, d. 1861 LauncestonWendy

MILTON Mary Hannah m. 1881 to Axel Tengdahl, WaratahAudrey Dillon

MOLESWORTH Florence (male) m 1856 to Mary Jane Harrison,, Mary Jane d. childbirth son James, 1856, Florence then disappears & James raised by Harrison familyRos Connell

MOLONEY Charles arr. Tas abt. 1838 m. 1847 to Ellen Broderick, MelbourneCarlyene Lenaghan

MONAGHAN / LEONARD Margaret b. 1850 Scotland as Margaret Monaghan. Adopted step-father\'s surname Leonard. Arr. Hobart abt. 1871, m. 1873 to James BarrThane Cooper

MONAGHAN Sarah b. abt 1805, m. 1838 to Thomas Sharkey (ex convict), d. 1854 Fingal TasHelen Franklin

MONTEFIORE James m. 1855 to Anne Elizabeth Abel, St David's HobartCam Garner

MOORE Frederick & Catherine (nee Black) daughter Kate b. 1860, Launceston?Lorette Lovejoy

MORGAN Cecilia m. 1842 to Thomas Goldsmith, Tas, m. 1851 to James HurstKerry Murtagh

MORGAN Charles m. 1859 to Saray/Maria Jefferies/Jefferys, Deloraine, father DanielDawn Garwood

MORGAN Hannah m. 1846 to Josiah NicholsLeesa Cassar

MORGAN Sarah m. 1838 to William Murtagh, TasmaniaKerry Murtagh

MORRIS James & Jane 1845 birth of daughter, New TownNancy Knowles

MORRIS John abt. 1838John Morris

MORRIS Mary Ann m. 1837 to Owen Davi(e)s, HobartHelen Webster

MORRISON Elizabeth arr. approx. 1836, most likely from Ireland, m. 1837 to Andrew Budds, LauncestonShari Aubrey-Eakin

MORRISY Bridget (nee Lawler) husband William Morrisy, 1852 birth of daughter Ellen, TasKylie

MOSS Thomas Henry age 26, m. 1857 to Hannah/Annie Heath, St Mark\'s Church, Pontville, Brighton, TasJan Evans

MUCKRIDGE / MUGGERIDGE / MOGGRIDGE William arr. 1830sRay Muckridge

MURPHY William wife Johanna Muldowney, 3 daughters born Tas 1834-38, may have gone to SA 1840Denise Cusick

MURRAY Ellen age 20, m. 1863 to John Moroney, Table Cape* Cate Poole

MURRAY William John m. 1856 to Mary Lucy Curtin in Vic aged 22 yrs born TasmaniaJenni Heath

MURRIE James b. abt. 1827, 99th Regt., 1853 m. Phoebe Ann Muckridge, Launceston, joined Police ForceLyn Baker

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