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Tasmanian Unknown Arrivals (Swimmers) "S" Surnames

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Name First Sighting Contact

SADGROVE William 1836 birth of daughter, wife Susannah??Tami Witty

SALLAWAY John & Prudence arr. 1855-1861, 1861 birth of son John, LauncestonKerrie Sheather

SANDFORD Benjamin father to James Sandford who married Hannah Sydenham, Castlemaine 1859Lyn McKay

SAUNDERS Eliza b. 1804 Derby, England, m. William Cox, d. 10 Dec 1850 Evandale, TasLorraine D

SAUNDERS Elizabeth b. abt. 1853, m. 1872 to John Webber, District of Port SorellKate

SAUNDERS Honorah (O'KEEFFE) m. 1835 Ireland to David O'Keeffe, David arr VDL 1837 per Bussorah Merchant, 1844 daughter Ellen O'Keeffe born HobartRobyne Ridge

SCAMMELL Mary Ann b c1821, m 1843 to Walter Simpson, HobartJulie Stokes

SCANLIN Jane m. 1868, OatlandsJohn J Thomas

SCHUMACK/SCHOEMARK Elizabeth m. 1837 to Samuel Geard, stated arrival from Somerset with Capt Landon c1837 in obit Launceston Examiner 06 Jul 1893 p4Sally Steel

SCOTT Elizabeth arr. approx. 1840, had a child named Esther Ender(s) by 1842 at Green Ponds.Jenny Alderton

SCOTT Esther m. 1831 to Henry Brown, LauncestonSuzanne Maiden

SCOTT George b. abt. 1841, m. 1864 Hobart, age 23, occ. mariner, d. 1921 HobartRobert Scott

SCOTT Joseph Spicknell arr. 1845-50Robyn Winter

SCOTT Thomas arr. 1836-37, wife Elizabeth, daughters b Launceston, Sarah Ann 1837 & Emma Jane 1840, d. 1841Brian Scott

SCRIVENOR Francis Rose b. 1857 Singapore, m. John Thomas Glenwright, b. Spring BayMichael Ryan

SCULLY Ann arr. c1851, wife of William ScullyMary Eckhardt

SCURR Mary Ann birth of daughter Doris Essell Victoria KERSLAKE 1908 Launceston, father Cuthbert Race KERSLAKE Lisa Duggan

SEATON Mary m. 1856 to John Rae/Ray, Launceston, dau. Agnes b. 1857Julie McKenzie

SELBY Ann (then ARNOTT) bef. Dec. 1843Julie Skellern

SEVIOR John m. c1833 to Mary Ann Lucas, LauncestonSally Douglas

SHARD Charles m. 1856 to Elizabeth LucasSheryl Goble

SHARP William 1850s - music professor from EnglandGail Clark

SHAW James (aka James Henry Shaw) m. 1852 to Sophia NeateGraham Shaw

SHAW John 1850, ch with wife Mary Kane/Keane, Mary Ann, Thomas, John, James Henry, William, Alice, Isabella, lived SheffieldSassafras areaCatherine Hamilton

SHEARMAN / SHERMAN William m. 1871 to Selina Chapman, Hobart, daughter Charlotte Christina b. 1873Sandra Nelson

SHEPARD / SHEPPARD Mary Ann m. 1867 to William Youd, DeloraineWendy Storey

SHEPHERD William m. 1859 to Jane King, Hobart TownMary Faith

SHEPHERD William m. 1859 to Jane King, Hobart, d. 1875 LauncestonVanessa Mackay

SHEPPARD Isabella m. 1846 to William Hall BryantAnthony Evans

SHERROTT Eleanor m. 1847 to Henry William HagonGail Taylor

SHIRT John & Ann with children Christine Elizabeth, Louisa Ann, John Atkinson & Herbert Thomas 1855 John listed on Jury ListJoyce Franklin Austin

SHORTALL John Nicholas arr. 1900, aka Nicholas John, m. 1909 to Mary Gardiner, MarrawahMary Conway

SHORTLAND Margaret m. 1818 to James Boyce, Hobart. Margaret may have assumed the name Emily or Emma.Judy Rantall

SIGGS Richard father of Harriett Siggs m. 1868 To Samuel Watts, RichmondRandal Watts

SIMMONS James birth of son James 1859 to Sarah (nee Wilcox), CressyShirley Powley

SIMONS John Tovey b. abt. 1790, m. to Mary Walford, moved on to SydneySharon Simmons

SIMPSON Elizabeth m. 1859 LauncestonJohn Kittson

SIMPSON William 1841 birth of daughter, Julia EllenDanny Davis

SIMS Margaret early 1800sAileen Newall

SIMSON Charles arr. 1840 to take charge of Presbyterian Church at O'Brien's Bridge (Glenorchy)Hilary Benford

SIMSON James 1842 to HobartHilary Benford

SIN/G Wah (possibly Charles or Thomas) miner at Beaconsfield, m. 1879 to Mary Munting, LauncestonAllan Kemp

SINCLAIR Peter John Briar Sinclair

SIZER Robert poss arr Launceston 24 Dec 1854 with wife & 4 children, assisted by William & Eliza Pitt.Clare Jackson

SMITH Alexander & Christina (nee DUFF) arr. abt. 1840Kathleen Cook

SMITH Alexander B (Snr) & Mary Ann 1847 in Ross working as a miller for Wm. Kermode, 1847 Inquest, wife d. 1873Moira Hunt

SMITH Jane 1850'sCarol Harris

SMITH Jane Ann arr abt. 1843 with 2 siblings, m. 1845 to John Hortle, LongfordHelen Ulmann

SMITH John Thomas b. 1847 Hobart, parents?, m. 1869 to Mary Ann Gordin, printer at New Town on 1914 Electoral RollLis Stuart

SMITH Martha & children 1820 onwards, to join husband William Sale SmithGeoffrey Spaulding

SMITH Samuel m. 1877 to Eliza Amelia WilloughbyPauline McDermott

SMITH Sydney arr around 1837Lorna Elms

SMITH Thomas b. Ireland, m. 1844 to Eliza Brewer, HobartKerry Cory

SMITH Thomas b. c1856-7, Hobart, parents George Smith & Ellen Heffne/aySharyn Watson

SMITH William John m. 1855 to Eleanor PageLisa Kennedy

SMYTHE Benjamin probably after 1829Diana Murray

SNELL William 1870 chief mate on 'City of Hobart', looking for original arrivalAllan Snell

SOLOMON Saul m. 1853 to Julia LazarusGraham Shaw

SOMERVILLE William Francis arr. abt. 1876, m. to Elizabeth Liddell, DevonportAnnette Kanizay

SPARKS Robert Harry 1841 birth daughter Ernestine, wife Maria KlingenderJoel Sparks

SPRINKS William Henry 1840 with wife Eliza & 2 daughtersBill Piper

ST JOHN Marianne age 31, m. 1859 to Robert Price, LauncestonMerle Whittle

STADDON Elizabeth Melloney Devon Eng 1851, m. Isaac Daw(e), daughter Sarah Jane b. 1857, EvandaleBetty Keep

STEBBINS Stephen m. 1834 to Mary Anne OAKLEY, Hobart, witnesses George Oakley & Elizabeth Robins, both of Glenorchy, clergyman Wm Bedford.Jo Ferguson

STEPHENS William Tuckerman wife Mary McGregor Cameron, daughter Mary Reggett Stephens b. 1845, TasmaniaMargaret Berkeley

STEVENS John m. 1842 to Elizabeth Geard (widow)Sally Steel

STEVENSON John (Captain) c 1835Sue Sims

STEWART Francis 1831Michelle

STILLING Thomas William m. 1853 to Ann Short, HobartHelen

STOKES Ann daughter Elizabeth b. 1825 Hobart. Ann m. 1838 to William Smedler/SmedleyPamela Boys

STONE George m. 1843 to Emily Maria (Maria) Parsons, Launceston, son Joseph b. 1843, left for SA & Vic before 1847Marily Carey

STONE James m. 1851 to Emma Watkins, Campbell TownSharyn Roberts

STRATTON Edward Chandler 1832 marriage to Ann (Unknown)Diane Batey

STREET Sarah 1838 marriage to Richard JonesMadeline Campbell

STRONACH Roderick abt. 1832Kay Switzer

SUCKLING William George 1876 birth of sonDoreen Ware

SUCKLING William George abt 1876David J Ware

SUITOR James m. 1850 to Elizabeth Allen, LauncestonSkurrie

SULLIVAN / O'SULLIVAN Catherine Samuel Makin & Catherine (O') Sullivan m. 04 Feb 1833, Hobart, Tasmania, AUS. 1838 Mangungu, NZ; 1842 Rawene, NZ; 1845 Auckland, NZ; bef 1860 San Francisco, CAEd

SULLIVAN Margaret born abt. 1813Carol Harris

SULLIVAN Thomas 1823 Muster listed as 40th Regt.Robyn Davies

SUMNER Charlotte m. 1854 to John Price (convict)Jenny Comben

SUTHERLAND Alexander Beaton b 1846, Inverness Scotland, arr abt 1861 with sister Isabella & brother William, d Scottsdale TasBrian Howroyd

SUTHERLAND Alice m. to James Pippen, birth of son William 1855Craig Pippen

SUTHERLAND Isabella b 1842, Inverness Scotland, arr abt 1861 with brothers William & AlexanderBrian Howroyd

SUTHERLAND William Alexander b 1845 Inverness Scotland, arr abt 1861 with sister Isabella & brother Alexander, d Adelaide SABrian Howroyd

SUTTON James Michael servant to Bisdee family, m. 1858 to Ellen HayesSandra Wines

SWANN James b. 1827 elsewhere, m. 1866 to Catherine Paisley, Hobart son Tasman b. 1867, master mariner, may have died overseasHelen Sulzberger

SWEENEY Bernard 50th Regt Foot, Queen's Own, m. 1836 to Mary Mahony, LauncestonTania Sweeney

SWEENEY Ellen m. 1859 to Thomas Branagan, Campbell TownAnne Merrick

SWEET John Edward m. 1866 to Sarah Bartlett, St Matthew's Church PontvilleNeil Sweet

SWIFT? Mary Ann? m. abt 1835 to John WilliamsJan Henwood

SWIMMER James born abt. 1850Amy Hudspeth

SYKES James 1860 first appearanceLynne Hoggett

SYMMONS / SIMMONS / SIMMONDS Thomas, Robert & John 3 brothers in VDL c1820Jacqueline Symmons

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