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Tasmanian Unknown Arrivals (Swimmers) "W" Surnames

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Name First Sighting Contact

W(H)ISHART Catherine m. 1856 to Samuel UptonLaine Clancy

WADE Lewis child attending school in Pittwater 1827, aged 9Nikki Beal

WAKE William arr. c1840Michael

WAKELIN Charlotte 1832-1834Anthony E Young

WALBOURNE / WALBURN family appears in HobartLouise Clayton

WALKER Eliza m. 1879 to John DerrickChris & Kevin Stait

WALTHAM / WALTON John Richard m. 1894 to Mary Griffiths, DeloraineKatie Dawn

WARD Charles Frederick m. 1848 to Sarah Jane Bott, HobartDaryl Ward

WARD Francis m. 1864 to Frances (Fannie) Williams, HobartP. Burgess

WARD John m. 1852 to Margaret Powell, LauncestonKaren

WARD William Supposed arr. 1829 per ship Elizabeth with Sir E Perry & Judge Horne, may have been crew, m. 1844 to Ann Powers, occ. waterman.Georgina Paans

WARNE Alfred James m. 1877 to Hannah Maria WardFilomena Vandertuin

WARREN George m. 1878 to Rosina (Rosa) Davies nee Clarke, Victoria HuonLorraine Gray

WARREN George m. 1878 to Rosina Davies nee ClarkeLorraine Warner

WARRINGTON Vincent m. 1876 to Mary Ellen Martin, LauncestonGlenn Brown

WATLIN Emma m. 1854 to William Windeatt, LauncestonHelen Mitchell

WATSON Andrew m. 1856 to Martha GrahamMarie Gray

WATSON Felthan Bold m. 1831 to Mary WadeSue Smith

WATSON Joseph William m. 1847, HobartAnne Szpaczek

WATSON Robert 1849 age 26, m. to Mary Jane NicholsonAnne Kerr

WATSON Samuel 1845Josie Andrews

WATTS Edward John wife Eleanor Montague, daughter Agnes Eleanor b. 1872, Dist HobartSarah Kinsella-Brown

WEBB Charles m. 1838 to Susan DuncanYvette Hills

WEBB Dorah born abt. 1838Carol Harris

WEBB Elizabeth 1824 birth of son, Hobart, m. 1826 to Gavin HoggMargaret Stokes

WEBB Henry & Lydia (nee Arnott/Harnett) son Henry Wilshire Webb born at sea 02 Jun, baptised 21 Jun 1839 HobartJulie Skellern

WEBB John m. 1850 to Mary DarganJoy Reindl

WEBB Thomas Morgan m. 1852, to Sarah Rowles, SorellPatricia Kohen

WEBB William an early Tasmanian colonist who died sometime after 1853Robert Ahern

WEBSTER John Holland & Eliza (nee Young) with children Eliza Charlotte Holland & John Holland arr. bef. Aug 1852Karen Coughlan

WELLS William John & Mary with children daughter Sarah Jane born 1843, Forest TasMarie Craven

WEST Henry & Jane birth of son Frederick 1835Wendy Whitford

WEST William (George?) age 26, m. 1866 to Emily Sophia Heard, Launceston, d. 1876 at sea, Captain of the SatelliteNorman Andrews

WESTWOOD David m. 1862Joan Holloway

WHEELER Maria Ann b. 1835 Devon, m. 1857 Hobart to Benjamin Lee, d. 1891 HobartSue Lee

WHELAN Catherine b. 1832, possibly at sea on the way to VDL with parents John & CatherineKate White

WHELAN James m. 1863 to Jane Manson, St George\'s Church, Hobart, witnesses Mary Leonard & Stephen Bishop.Anne Jinks

WHELAN Michael m. 1864 to Elizabeth Mary Lowe, believed to be IrishShirley Powley

WHITE / TUTTLE / TURNER Annie m. early 1880s to Patrick Tuttle, OatlandsCatherine

WHITE Francis Tregroth shipwright, poss lived in Arthur Circus, Hobart, 1835 birth of son Thomas HenryAdrya Neibling

WHITE George arr. from Glasgow c.1835, moved to Geelong 1839Diana Gray

WHITE Margaret m. 1873 to Lawrence Michael Kelly, Hobart, age 27, father poss. Thomas Kelly who d. c1890Eileen Kelly

WHITE Thomas c1853-54Pat Meighan

WHITE Wilson b. 1835 Ireland, m. 1857 to Emma Elizabeth Rawlings, HobartAnn Teubert

WHITFIELD Sarah Ann & brother Henry (Harry) mid 1880sSavanna Sharpe

WHITFIELD Thomas George with sons George & Thomas 1883/4 Savanna Sharpe

WHITNEY Thomas 1834Douglas Burbury

WHITNEY Thomas 1834Mary Ramsay

WICKHAM John Francis m. 1823 to Sophia Bradshaw, Hobart TownJenny Firman

WIGGINS Nancy m. 1865 to Samuel Schofield, Sorell, d. 1911Russell Thorne

WILCOX Sarah son b. 1859, Cressy, with James Simmons, d. 1915 Launceston as Mary Ann Francis, stated born HobartonShirley Powley

WILKIN Harriet m. 1833 to William Wathen, HobartTony Brown

WILLANS Agnes m. 1879 to William Charles Smith, Adelaide, then 9 children born TasmaniaSuzanne Mitchell

WILLIAMS David m. 1826 to Jane Jones, Launceston, cert. states arr. per WyndhamCheryl Williams

WILLIAMS Edward m. 1854 to Isabella Burkett, Hobart, 1860 Police Officer at George TownRobert James Williams

WILLIAMS George 1914Hilary Turner

WILLIAMS John abt 1829? Pilot on Tamar RiverJan Henwood

WILLIAMS John b. abt. 1838, m. 1858 to Christina Kerr, LauncestonCatherine Etteridge

WILLIAMS John b. c1825, arrived 'free', m. 1855 to Margaret Doyle, HobartTamara Weller

WILLIAMS John m. 1842 to Margaret Stewart (convict), LongfordAndrea Cox

WILLIAMS John Edward b. 1836 England, shoemaker, d. 1897 Hobart, m. 1856 to Charlotte Anne Harris (aka Smith), Hobart. May have lived in Cambridge 1851-1856)Lorraine Francis

WILLIAMS William Henry b c1806, m 1834 to Mary Ann Miller, HobartAndrew K Johnston

WILLIAMSON Charles b. 1837 Lancs., m. 1862 to Martha Hall, Launceston, occup. draper, d. 1906 SydneyChristopher Riley

WILLIAMSON Thomas & Mary Ann (nee McCoy) with children son George Tasman b. 1886, Launceston, Thomas' occupation tailor, b. 1855 MelbourneCatriona Barker

WILLIS Maria 1848 birth of son Joseph, Longford, father John Grundy* Shirley & Doug Stevenson

WILLMOTT Charles arr. Hobart 1820s, moved to Port Phillip abt. 1837Donna Matthews

WILSON Alexander b. c1826, m. 1854 to Harriet (K)Nibbs, MorvenAngela Byrne

WILSON Charles poss. from Linc, m. 1844 to Sarah Watson/Bond, Hobart, may have gone to NSW 1850-51Jacquie Liddiard

WILSON Ellen m. 1850 to Simeon WinesAnne McQueenie

WILSON George b. 1820 London, m. 1853 Tas* Jan McKinlay

WILSON John Henry b. abt. 1818 Cheshire, Eng., m. 1849 to Harriet Williams, convict per CadetLyn McLernon

WILSON Misses (3) date unknownJoan Lang

WILSON Thomas m. 1828 to Maria Rivers, New NorfolkAnthony McCann

WILSON William obit 1889 states arr 1815 Hobart, worked in Commissariat Store George TownKim Simpson

WINROW John * Jean Spotswood

WINTER Ann abt 1894, 1914 death cert claims resident 20 yearsJenny Halliday

WOLLER Caroline m. 1844 to John JAMES, aka John James FAIRCHILD, HobartPeter Smithies

WONG POO William Bartholomew m 1877 Vic, 1885-1893 Chinese Christian Missionary at Moorina, TasMargaret Gardner

WOOD Charles m. 1824 to Elizabeth Green, Launceston* Denyse Delfs

WOOD George age 37, m. 1854 to Sarah Ann Gaffney, LongfordSam Dawes

WOOD Mary m. 1811 to Michael Fitzgerald, Port Dalrymple* Lesley Wilson

WOODS / WOOD William m. 1855 to Catherine Crawley/Crowley, Beechworth, d. 1894, death cert states period unknown in TasmaniaKerry Stevenson

WOODS Hephzibah b. 1831 Cambridgeshire, 1851 UK Census Cambridgeshire, m. 1853 to Samuel Tongs, Longford, TasRichard Holliday

WOODS Thomas Mason m. 1855 to Margaret Dermott,
m. 1862 to Mary Ann Lowes,
d. 1886
* Tony Mason Woods

WOOLFREY Alfred m. 1857Kim Hatherly

WORNER / WARNER Ellen Rose 1855 gave birth to female child, WestburyWendy Storey

WORTHAM Mary Elizabeth m. 1896 to Leslie Lyne of SwanseaLou Perkins

WRIGHT Andrew arr. pre 1830Ros Otzen

WRIGHT Emelia Jane m. 1858, age 18, Hobart, to James CampbellDavid Dwyer

WRIGHT Frank Frederick arr. abt. 1890, b. 1875 Germany, m. 1900 to Lily Gliddon, QueenstownDebbie O'Donnell

WRIGHT George m. 1860 to Janet Couston, Evandale* Melissa O'Hara

WRIGHT James wife Annie Shaw, lived Deddington areaWilliam Bishop

WRIGHT Thomas 1858 teacher at Swanton School, Waterloo, Huon ValleyKathy Statton

WRIGHT William James Left Launceston around 1837. Ended up in Wellington NZ 1841.Narelle Adams

WUCHTERLE Josef 1958 Tasmanian Electoral RollAnne Wuchterle

WYATT Alan William 1931 Denison Electoral RollSue Wyatt

WYATT Richard b. 1805?, m. by 1849 to Ellen Jones, Bothwell, d. 1896 BothwellDenise Hadley

WYATT William Alan 1929 Denison Electoral RollSue Wyatt

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