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Index to Early Land Grants
in Van Diemen's Land (to 1824) - "H" Surnames

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"H" Surnames

Name District No. Acres Ship Contact/E-mail

HACKERY, Elizabeth New Norfolk E1 20    

HALL, Dr. Strangford S8      

HALL, John Queenborough E2 50    

HAMBLY, William, jun.
(also Hambley, Ambley)
Gloucester E19 60 Porpoise (1808) Charles Green
Sandra Peacock

HAMBLY, William, sen.
(also Hambley, Ambley)
Gloucester E20 65 Porpoise (1808) Charles Green
* Barbara Clements
Sandra Peacock

HAMES, Mr. Ulva S13      

HAND, William New Norfolk E30 34    

HANDS, Abraham New Norfolk E34 105    

HANGAN, John Drummond E10 50 Calcutta Noel Hanigan

HANNAWAY, James Sussex E19 70    

HARDWICK, James South Esk E4 200   Janine Harding

HARDWICKE, Mr. Norfolk Plain S2   General Hewitt
(1814 Sydney)
Dennis Gilleland

HARLEY, George Melville E24 140    

HARRIS, Eliza & Malvina Caledon E10/E11/S1 100/100    

HARRIS, John Clarence Plains E5 55    

HARRISON, Joseph Norfolk Plains E4 50    

HART, Mr. Oyster Bay S5      

HASKITT, Nat. Norfolk Plains E50 30    

HASSAN, John Norfolk Plains E6 40    

HATCHER, John Harrington E1 60    

HATHERWAY, Henry Argyle E4 30    

HAY, Robert New Norfolk E15 30    

HAYES, Henry Argyle E33 100    

HAYES, Thomas Argyle E34 100    

HAYES, Thomas, jun. Strangford E5 50 Ocean (1804) * Elizabeth Macilwain
Marie Head

HAYES, Thomas, sen. Strangford E4 40 Ocean (1804) * Elizabeth Macilwain

HAYES, William Strangford E15 60    

HAYS, Mr. Macquarie S15      

HAYWOOD, Mr. Macquarie S7      

HEADLAM, John Lennox S13   Skelton (1820) * Steve Headlam
Robyn Howell

HEALY, James Glenorchy E6 60    

HEANEY, Richard Lennox S30   Hibernia (1818) * Paul le Roy

HENDERSON, Daniel Queenborough E19 30    

HENDERSON, John Queenborough E21 30    

HENDERSON, William Queenborough E20 30    

HERBERT, John Strangford E18 50    

HERBERT, William Queenborough E30 60    

HERMITAGE, George Strangford E25 100    

HERRIGAN, Neal Norfolk Plains E14 50    

HIBBINS, Thomas New Norfolk E26 92    

HIGGINS, Joseph South Esk E8 30    

HILL, James North Esk E56/S9 100    

HILL, James Western River E6 100    

HILL, Mr. Richmond S2      

HILL, Mr. South Esk S8      

HILL, Mr. Richmond S1      

HILLAS, Mark Strangford E20 60    

HOBBS, Jane Sussex E18 100    

HOBBS, Mrs. Ulva S7      

HODDY, Rachael Sussex E12 35    

HODGSON, Edmund Green Ponds S8   Castle Forbes (1822)  

HOGAN, Patrick Gould Staffa E1 600    

HOLDSHIP, Mr. Kingborough S1      

HOLLAND, John New Norfolk E35 33    

HOLT, Robert North Esk E50 30    

HONOUR, Mr. Clarence Plains S3      

HOOPER, Mr. Green Ponds S2      

HOOPER, James Forbes E5 100    

HOPLEY, Mr. Staffa S2      

HOPLEY, William Harrington E9 300    

HOPWOOD, George Queenborough E31 60   Rosemarie Ryan

HORAN, Charles New Norfolk E6 80    

HORN (HORNE), Mr. Richmond S5   Andromeda (1823)  

HORTEL, James South Esk E14 50    

HOUGHTON, Mr. Bathurst S6      

HOWARD, John Cambridge E9 30    

HOWARD, Thomas North Esk E14 50    

HOWARD, Thomas North Esk E44 100    

HUBBARD, William North Esk E42 200    

HUDSPETH, Dr. Bath S11   Minerva (1822)  

HULAN, John Sussex E5 80    

HULL, D. A. C. G. Argyle S6      

HUMPHREY, A. W. H. Gloucester E11 400 Ocean (1804) Pamala Tancred

HUMPHREY, A. W. H. Norfolk Plains E64 200 Ocean (1804) Pamala Tancred

HUMPHREYS, Mr. Macquarie S19      

HUNT, Thomas Martin Argyle E25 35    

HURBERT, James Norfolk Plains E32 50    

HURBERT, John Norfolk Plains E31 50    

HUSSAY, Ann Queenborough E4 50    

HYLAND, Edward North Esk E12 30    

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