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Index to Early Land Grants
in Van Diemen's Land (to 1824) - "M" Surnames

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"M" Surnames

Name District No. Acres Ship Contact/E-mail

MAIGETTS, Dr. Drummond S7      

MAIRN, Mr. Ormaig S3      

MANBY, John Clarence Plains E70 60    

MANNING, Sarah Glenorchy E14 30   Robyn McEvoy

MANSFIELD, John Glenorchy E33 30    

MANSFIELD, Michael Argyle E26 30 Crewman (Ocean 1804) Carol Brill

MARSH, Mr. Ormaig S4      

MARSH, Samuel North Esk E9 30    

MARSHALL, Joseph Glenorchy E37 30    

MARTIN, Jonas Jarvis E6 30    

MARTIN, Mr. Harrington S2      

MARTIN, Stephen Melville E7 33 (Estramina 1808) Alison Briggs

MASON, Horation William Harrington E10/S3 2000 (Saracen) Helen White

MASSEY, Thomas North Esk S1     Shirley Joblin

MASSEY, Thomas South Esk E16 150   Shirley Joblin

MASSEY, Thomas South Esk E17 50   Shirley Joblin

MASSEY, Thomas South Esk E18 100   Shirley Joblin

MASSIE, John New Norfolk E8 43    

MAUM, William Clarence Plains E31 30 Porpoise (1808)  

MAYBERRY, James Harrington E3 40    

MAYLE, John New Norfolk E43 35    

MCCAITY, Mr. Sorell S15      

MCCARTY, Dennis Melville E1 70    

MCCARTY, Dennis Sorell E19 50    

MCCARTY, John Sorell E2 80    

MCCAWLEY, James York E6 200    

MCCONNELL, John North Esk E21 30    

MCCORMIE, James Clarence Plains E52 50    

MCDONALD, Mr. North Esk S8      

MCGILL, Andrew (MAGILL) Glenorchy E36 30 Col Magill  

MCGINNIS, Hugh Clarence Plains E10 60    

MCGUIRE, G. Menzies Argyle E15 65    

MCGUIRE, Peter Ulva E6 30    

MCHUGH, John South Esk E12 30    

MCKAY, Daniel Clarence Plains E45 80    

MCKAY, John Clarence Plains E22 30    

MCKAY, John Clarence Plains E46 50    

MCKELLAR, Elizabeth North Esk E51 100    

MCKENZIE, Alexander North Esk E47 80    

MCLAUGHLIN, John North Esk E4 30    

MCLAUGHLIN, William Queenborough E18 34    

MCLEOD, Col. South Esk S9      

MCLEOD, John Queenborough E16 36    

MCLEOD, John, jun. Strangford E32 60    

MCLEOD, Major North Esk S3      

MCMAHON, Cornelius Jarvis E11 40    

MCNAB, Mr. Bathurst S25      

MCQUEEN, Thomas North Esk E1 50 Active, 3rd Fleet

Bath S7   Emerald (1821)  

Oyster Bay S3   Emerald (1821)  

Oyster Bay S7   Emerald (1821)  

MEREDITH, George, jun.
Oyster Bay S8      

Oyster Bay S2      

(Thomas Haigh Midwood)
Lennox S32   Britomark (1822) Bill Midwood

MILES, John Argyle E12 30    

MILLER, John Argyle E9 100    

MILLER, Mr. Lennox S7     * Hazel Magann

MILLS, Peter Gloucester E8 170    

MINCE, William New Norfolk E49 34    

MITCHELL, James Western River E12/S4 400    

MITCHELL, William Argyle E40 103    

MITCHELL, William New Norfolk E51 40    

MONROE, Mr. Cambridge S4      

MOORE, John Norfolk Plains E28 50    

MORE, John Norfolk Plains E51 40    

MORGAN, Richard, jun. Clarence Plains E55 50   Cec Quinnell

MORGAN, Richard, sen. Clarence Plains E54 190   Cec Quinnell

MORGAN, William Clarence Plains E65 100   Cec Quinnell

MORRIS, Mr. Melville S1      

MORRIS, Augustus Strangford E3 50    

MORRIS, Augustus Ulva E15 40    
MORRISBY, George Gloucester E22/E23 75    

MORRISLEY, J. Clarence Plains E4 80    

MORTIMORE, Noah Argyle E30 170    

MORTON, Matthew North Esk E8 30    

MOUNTGARRETT, Jacob, Dr. Launceston E25/S3 600    

MULGRAVE, Mr. Bath S16      

MULGRAVE, Mr. Melville S4      

MULGRAVE, Mr. Launceston S1      

MULGRAVE, Mr. Drummond S4      

MULLINS, Henry North Esk E46 40    

MUNDAY, Edward North Esk E54 50    

MUNDAY, George Kingborough E7 50    

MUNRO, Mark North Esk E8 60   Heather Holmes

MUNROE, Mr. Lennox S4     Heather Holmes

MURDOCH, Mr. Cambridge S7      

MURPHY, Thomas New Norfolk E24 42    

MURPHY, Thomas New Norfolk E44 100    

MURRAY, Mr. Queenborough S1      

MURRAY, Mr. Lennox S17      

MURRAY, Charles Caledon E1/S9 600    

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