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Index to Early Land Grants
in Van Diemen's Land (to 1824) - "W" Surnames

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"W" Surnames

Name District No. Acres Ship Contact/E-mail

(Alexander Stewart Waddle?)
Sussex S3   Indefatigable (1812) *Lynn Cecil

WADE, John Gloucester E9 300    

WALFORD, Barnard Green Ponds E8 40 Lady Nelson (1807) Sharon Simmons

WALFORD, Barnard Queenborough E12 90 Lady Nelson (1807) Sharon Simmons

WALFORD, Barnard, jun. Green Ponds E9 60   Sharon Simmons

WALKER, Mr. Bathurst S23      

WALKER, Mr. Lennox S2      

WALKER, Thomas South Esk E5 800    

WALKINSHAW, Mr. Ormaig S1      

WALSH, James Norfolk Plains E42 40    

WALTHAM, James Green Ponds E18 30    

WARE, Peter North Esk E59 30    

WATERSON, James Clarence Plains E25/S10 35 Albermarle to Sydney Denise Manuel

WATSON, Henry Norfolk Plains E48 40    

WATSON, Mr. Bathurst S18      

WATSON, Mr. Bath S10      

WELCH, John Sussex E17 40    

WELLS, Mr. Glenarchy S7      

WELLS, Mr. Macquarie S13      

WESTBROOK, Mr. Macquarie S8      

WESTLAKE, Edward Clarence Plains E38 105   Mike Hurburgh

WESTLAKE, Richard Clarence Plains E39 60    

WESTLAKE, Samuel Sussex E1 60    

WESTWOOD, Edward Melville E19 110    

WHALEY, John Kingborough E3 80    

WHALEY, John Strangford E24 80    

WHITCHURCH, William Green Ponds E13/S15 700    

WHITE, John Norfolk Plains E19/S5 30    

WHITE, Richard Norfolk Plains E18/S6 60 Hillsborough (1799) Marie Head

WHITE, Mr. South Esk S10      

WHITEHEAD, Andrew Drummond E5/S3 200    

WHITEHEAD, Andrew South Esk E11 400    

WHITEHEAD, Martha Argyle E16 65    

(And. now Government's)
Argyle E37 105    

WHITEHOUSE, John New Norfolk E17 30    

WHITEHOUSE, John New Norfolk E61 50    

WHITFIELD, Joseph Green Ponds E11/10 1000    

WILKINSON, Henry Norfolk Plains E45 50    

WILLIAMS, Charles Clarence Plains E18 30    

WILLIAMS, Francis Caledon E2/S8 625    

WILLIAMS, Francis North Esk E43 276    

WILLIAMS, George South Esk E13 200    

WILLIAMS, James Argyle E45 50    

WILLIAMS, Mr. (William) New Norfolk S1   Calcutta (1804) Janine Gall

WILLIAMS, Thomas Clarence Plains E59 40    

WILLIAMS, Thomas Kingborough E5 60    

WILLIAMS, Thomas Strangford E23 60    

WILLIAMSON, John Queenborough E32 100    

WILLIAMSON, Mr. Clarence Plains S11      

WILLIS, Charles Gloucester E14 40    

WILSON, Mr. Gloucester S3      

WILSON, Mr. Bathurst S30      

WILSON, Thomas (Braidwood) Macquarie E7 700   Helen Mary Brown

WILSON, William Macquarie E8/S10 800    

WILSON, Mr. Amherst S6      

WINDSOR, William Norfolk Plains E11 60    

WOOD, Capt. Murray S15      

WOOD, George Glenorchy E26 60   Jo Ferguson

WOOD, James Glenorchy E8 40    

WOOD, Mathew New Norfolk E12 30    

WOODWARD, William Norfolk Plains E41 40   * Bruce Roberts

WOOLLEY, Edward South Esk E19 30    

WOOLLEY, William Sussex E21 30    

WRIGHT, Mr. Lennox S12      

WRIGHT, Mr. G. Methven S4      

WRIGHT, William Strangford E30 30    

WYRAM, Zimram Norfolk Plains E2 40    

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