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C Vic Marriage Witness Index Researcher
Groom Bride Witness Date of marriage Place of marriage Details
Alan Thomas CAELLI Margery Inez O'DONNELL Keith JONES & Marie JONES 19 Nov 1955 St. Monica's, Footscray, VIC Margery Caelli
Arthur Vivian CALABY Emma Muriel RICKARD Mabel ASHTON & S. ASHTON 09 Apr 1921 Creswick, VIC Judie Morris
Frederick Walter CALABY Anna Sophia KERR Henry William CALABY & John SHIELL 12 Aug 1887 Wesleyan Church, Avoca, VIC Judie Morris
Roderick CALLAHAN Mary CALLAHAN Philip CALLAHAN 21 Aug 1901 RC Church, Colac, VIC Maureen Taylor
George CAMPBELL Bridget QUIRK James BOURKE & Nora SMITH 24 Jun 1873 St. Mary's, Geelong, VIC Brett Prentice
Edward CARROLL Esme TREDGETT Richard Randal TOLL & Ruby Ellen REMFREE 03 Jun 1918 11 South Terrace, Clifton Hill, VIC Brian Carroll
Patrick CARROLL Julia FAHEY John HUGHES & Ann CARROLL 09 Aug 1857 The R.C.C., Brighton, VIC Nadine Wood
Robert CARROLL Emily WHITE John MILLARD 01 Jan 1861 Ballarat, VIC Debra Wilson
Edward CATHERALL Cecilia Margaret MORTON Elizabeth MITCHELL & Sarah HOSKING 02 Jul 1892 22 Hopetoun Street, Ballarat East, VIC Andrew Hetherington
John Brennand CHAFFER Julia Laurance MacLEOD - 17 Dec 1880 Caulfield, VIC Paul Watson
Phillip CHARLES Agnes GIBSON Hugh GIBSON & Thomas CHARLES 21 Mar 1863 St. Paul's, Kyneton, VIC Janet Vaag
James CHISHOLM Eleanor Florence (LAIDLER) AKHURST Ch* WHITE, Georgina LAIDLER & J M LAIDLER 28 Jan 1914 Maryborough, VIC Barry Laidler
William CHRISTIE Helen CLARKE George Henry WATT & Jane CLARKE 11 Nov 1858 Presbyterian Manse, Geelong, VIC Robyn Gross
James CLANCY(GLANCY) Catherine MAGUIRE(MACGUIRE) Matilda MAGUIRE & Thomas FITZPATRICK 1855 St Mary's Church, Geelong, VIC Caroline Maynard
Benjamin CLARK Mary PARKER Joseph PARRISH & Maria PARRISH 25 Feb 1862 Christ Church, Ballarat, VIC Barbara Williamson
Leonard CLARK Mary GLEESON Joyce GLEESON & William CLARK 15 Apr 1933 Sacred Heart Church, Oakleigh, VIC Jenny van Baardwyk
Cyril Ignatius CLARKE Ruby SACK J SACK & R SACK 19 Aug 1933 Baptist Church, South Yarra, VIC Nadine Wood
John Edmund CLARKE Joan DUNN - 04 Sep 1954 Geelong, VIC Julie Clarke
John Spencer CLARKE Fay Dorothy ABBOTT Pamela ABBOTT & Alan COLEMAN 04 May 1949 Sandringham Presbyterian Church, Sandringham, VIC Robyn Gross
Spencer CLARKE Elizabeth OSBORNE William OSBORNE & John OSBORNE 20 Dec 1888 Wesley Church, Camperdown, VIC Robyn Gross
Spencer Osborne CLARKE Marjory Gordon EDNEY Roy James ROWE & Annie Constance COLLINS 07 Sep 1921 Church of St Peter, Leongatha, VIC Robyn Gross
John Denis COAKLEY Annie Maria FLANAGAN James Archibald HASTION & Catherine FLANAGAN 09 Feb 1898 St Francis Church, Melbourne, VIC Maureen Taylor
Thomas COLLINS Mary Ann HOPLEY William DUNN & Alice CAMPBELL 06 Feb 1885 St. Francis Church, Melbourne, VIC Jan Royal
Russell Deeble CONNELL Florence Josephine HILL Andrew Arthur MILLS & Mary Jane MILLS 05 Dec 1898 422 Queen Street, Melbourne, VIC Pam Neal
Patrick CONNOLLY Roseana SMITH ? SMITH & Bridget SMITH 26 Apr 1864 St. Francis Church, Melbourne, VIC Jan Royal
William CONNOLLY Ann COWAN James STEVENS & Amelia (ROSE?) 16 Oct 1852 Melbourne, VIC Jacinta van Bakel
William John CONNOLLY Emma Mary SMITH John HUGO & Brigid HUGO 05 Feb 1896 St. Brigids Church, North Fitzroy, Melbourne, VIC Jan Royal
William CONNOLLY Jane SMITH Samuel SMITH 04 Dec 1874 Sandhurst, VIC Jacinta van Bakel
Albert COUNTY Mary MURPHY Ethel COUNTY & Sinon Francis GANNON 27 Dec 1915 St. Mary's, West Melbourne, VIC Lindie Chandler
James COUNTY Alice ROOKE Jeremiah BUCKLEY 19 Aug 1886 St. Mary's Church, Geelong, VIC Lindie Chandler
Samuel CRANE Eliza Heath (Knight) WOOD Hannah GRAY & Newman HEATH 18 Feb 1875 Camperdown, VIC Leanne Woods
Andrew CREAN Isabella McAdam MUNRO John CREAN 22 Apr 1889 South Tylden, VIC Nadine Wood
James CROTHERS Ellen Mary HASSETT T. W. CROTHERS & M. E. CROTHERS 10 Jan 1912 Melbourne, VIC Rosemary Jones
Samuel CUTHBERT Catherine Elizabeth BROWN James PATTERN & I I THOMPSON 16 Mar 1887 Wesleyan Church, Hawthorn, VIC Yvonne Cooper
John CURRAN Margaret HASTY Edward ORREW & Elizabeth KIMESTTER 08 Apr 1853 St Francis R C, Melbourne, VIC Rosalie Stewart

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