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K Vic Marriage Witness Index Researcher
Groom Bride Witness Date of marriage Place of marriage Details
Michael Frederick KEAMY Ivy Lilias RUGLEN Gladys M. RUGLEN & Thomas G. DERHAM 17 Dec 1921 Hawthorn Presbyterian Church, Hawthorn, VIC Cheryl Mierisch
Michael KEARNS Mary KELLY Peter CAMPBELL & Catherine CAMPBELL 17 Mar 1858 St Patrick's, Kilmore, VIC Hugh Kearns
Meredith KERR Anna Elizabeth Scott BOUGHTON William BOUGHTON & Sarah CLARKE 22 Sep 1864 Dead Horse Range, VIC Judie Morris
Richard KERR Mary Jane HIDER - 20 Jun 1900 Bachus Marsh, VIC Marion Kerr
Patrick Ralph KINNA Annie BRADSHAW John HAYES & Andrew FREEMAN 07 Feb 1883 Bairnsdale, VIC Julie Price
Peter KINSELLA Jessie AMOR Mary Olive AMOR 26 Dec 1914 Prahran Presbyterian Church, VIC Deb
Daniel Richard KIRBY Eileen Mary CONWAY Jane Hynde OGILIVIE & C. P.J. DUNBAR 05 Oct 1935 Church of Sacred Heart, Carlton, VIC Lisa Laird
Andrew KIRWAN Ann TAIT William MARTIN & Charlotte TAIT 16 Sep 1859 Carlsruhe, VIC Valerie Farmer
Andrew KIRWAN Mary Ann KEENAN William THOMAS & Elizabeth THOMAS 09 Sep 1882 Free Church of England, Fitzroy, VIC Valerie Farmer
Herbert Joseph Francis KNIGHT Ivy May LEWIS Jules Leo SMITH & Mollie Clare THOMPSON 24 Dec 1932 St Joseph, West Brunswick, VIC Shirley Cochrane
Charles Arthur KNOLL Catherine Winifred THOMPSON HENDERSON 12 Aug 1933 Baptist Church, South Yarra, VIC Nadine Wood
Joseph Valentine KOCH Queenie Sylvia CHARLES William CHARLES & Mary CHARLES 03 Feb 1909 21 David Street, Footscray, VIC Janet Vaag

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