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L Vic Marriage Witness Index Researcher
Groom Bride Witness Date of marriage Place of marriage Details
James LAIDLER Bridget HALLORAN Thomas MASON & Amelia LAWRENCE 22 Jun 1859 Ballarat, VIC Barry Laidler
James Matthew LAIDLER Georgina Rose HART R MACLEAN & D L HARVEY 22 Mar 1884 Castlemaine, VIC Barry Laidler
Frederick LAMB Alice MERRICK Margaret LAMB & Edward LAMB 05 Dec 1898 422 Queen Street, Melbourne, VIC Pam Neal
William Thomas LAMPARD Florence Mabel JOHNSTONE James LAMPARD & Emily Theresa LAMPARD 21 Apr 1915 Edenhope, VIC Kathy Creer
George LATHAM Margaret DAY William NENDICK & Ann BUCKLEY 20 May 1855 St James Church, Melbourne, VIC Chris Bryce
John LEE Elizabeth STANDFIELD George MILES & Susana WIFFEN 15 Jun 1866 Creswick, VIC Julie Gamble
Denis LEHANE Ellen Jane DOOLING Daniel Joseph LEHANE & Ethel May GREENWOOD 20 Jul 1911 West Melbourne, VIC Rosemary Jones
Donald LESLIE Margaret MELVILLE Joseph C MILLER & Maryann EDWARDS 30 Oct 1856 Home of Rev D. CAIRNS, East Melbourne, VIC Una Melville
Donald Melville LESLIE Jane Ellen DAYKIN - c1888 Brunswick, VIC Una Melville
George LESLIE Elizabeth Jane ANDERSON - c1881 Melbourne, VIC Una Melville
Hector Melville LESLIE Mona Belle TROTTER - 24 Feb 1926 Warricknebeal, VIC Una Melville
Henry LEWIS Josephine DANAHER Sarah LEWIS & James LEWIS 22 Dec 1886 Fitzroy, VIC Shirley Cochrane
Gordon LINDSAY Emma Mildred COURT Eileen Martha COURT & Herbert Henry AUSTIN 03 Jun 1916 St Alban's Church, Elaine, VIC Rosemary Jones
Edward LONGMORE Mary DRISCOL Julia Ann NASH 15 Jul 1851 Geelong, VIC Leanne Woods
John Thomas LUCAS Amelia LINDSAY Alexander FINLAYSON & Sophia LINDSAY 14 Mar 1900 St John's, Warrnambool, VIC Rosemary Jones

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