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O Vic Marriage Witness Index Researcher
Groom Bride Witness Date of marriage Place of marriage Details
O'BRIEN STUBBS Lily IVERSON & Florence FRAZER 1928 St George, Wonthaggi, VIC Ann Warren
Desmond Thomas O'BRIEN Maisie Eileen ROLLINGS Laurie O'BRIEN & Grace Frances O'LOUGHLAN 14 Jun 1941 St Kevin's Church, Ormond, VIC Annette Fischer
Francis Falvey O'BRIEN Mary Josephine O'GRADY Leo B O'BRIEN 25 Oct 1932 Sacred Heart Cathedral, Bendigo, VIC Annette Fischer
Francis Joseph O'BRIEN Loretto Ann McCARTHY Ethel McCARTHY 18 Dec 1920 St Patrick's Cathedral, East Melbourne, VIC Annette Fischer
James Mathew O'BRIEN Mary NOLAN Matthew Joseph O'BRIEN 06 Sep 1919 St Patrick's Cathedral, East Melbourne, VIC Annette Fischer
John Francis O'BRIEN Margaret Mary McSHERRY Ellen McSHERRY 06 Jun 1904 St Brigid's, North Fitzroy, VIC Annette Fischer
Mathew Joseph O'BRIEN Ina Evelyn NOLAN Francis John O'BRIEN 29 Dec 1919 St Patrick's Cathedral, East Melbourne, VIC Annette Fischer
Thomas Jeremiah O'BRIEN Ellen Rachel HOGAN James Matthew O'BRIEN & May Veronica ALLEN 12 Sep 1911 St Mary's Church, Hawthorn, VIC Annette Fischer
Henry Gladstone O'DONNELL Lillian Gladys HAWTHORN Annie O'BRIEN & C A TOWNSEND 21 Mar 1919 Methodist Church, Carlton, VIC Jan Agnew
Denis Edward O'DONNELL Elizabeth Jane WILSON Philip Jos. O'DONNELL & Mary CARROLL 22 Jul 1897 Mortlake Catholic Church, VIC Margery Caelli
Francis O'DONNELL Jessie Isabel SWEET Edward Augustine O'DONNELL & Elsie SWEET 30 Dec 1930 St. Colemans, Balaclava, VIC Margery Caelli
Joseph Edward O'KELLY Rose Mary Josephine PHIBBS Samuel FITZPATRICK & Fred W STILE 07 May 1884 The Church of Immaculate Conception, Hawthorn, VIC Debbie
Michael James O'NEIL Mary Ann LONGMORE John DWYER & Sarah LONGMORE 08 Sep 1885 Roman Catholic Church, Terang, VIC Leanne Woods
Richard O'NEIL Bridget DWYER Thomas DWYER & Winifred RYAN 10 Oct 1852 St Marys Church, Geelong, VIC Leanne Woods
Edward Rothwell O'TOOLE Edith WILSON - May 1942 Melbourne Registry Office, Melbourne, VIC Vicki Moss
Ernest William OPPERMANN Sarah Elizabeth HORSFIELD Taylor HORSFIELD 12 Sep 1890 All Saints Church, Sandhurst, VIC Jann Keightley
William OSBORNE Maria GOODWIN Richard BEACHY & Eliza REECHTLY? 22 Dec 1852 Geelong, VIC Robyn Gross

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