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R Vic Marriage Witness Index Researcher
Groom Bride Witness Date of marriage Place of marriage Details
Donald RAFE Margaret HANNAH Donald LESLIE & Peter DUFF 29 Oct 1858 Presbyterian Manse, Geelong, VIC Robyn Gross
Frederick RAMUS Valda Love GRAHAM Jane Hester JOHNSON & Neil JOHNSON 12 Jun 1937 St Stephens Church, Richmond, VIC Peter Ramus
Charles RANDLE Margaret KILMARTIN Thomas KILMARTIN & Annie KILMARTIN 02 Oct 1884 Gisborne, VIC Anne Mobilia
John RANDLE Elizabeth STENNER Frederick STOKELY & Martha STOKELY 30 Sep 1849 Gisborne, VIC Anne Mobilia
Victor Horance REEDMAN Eva HOCKING Millee CASSELLS & Robert CASSELLS 22 Jul 1920 North Fitzroy, VIC Rosemary Jones
William REEVES Catherine Agnes WALLACE - Jan 1851 VIC Lynette Reeves
James REGAN Catherine FARMER William KAVANAGH & Jane FARMER 11 Jun 1849 St Francis Church, Melbourne, VIC Judith Dumbrell
Thomas REILLY Mary SMITH Thomas SHEEDY & Ellen SHEEDY 26 Jul 1891 St Ignatius Roman Catholic Church, Richmond, VIC Leslie Maynard
Alfred Vernon REIMERS Isabell Margaret STONE Christina MOONEY 02 Aug 1932 Registrar's Office, Brunswick, VIC Kery Thiele
Martin REINHEIMER Anna Margaretha KOCH Peter REINHEIMER & Martin REINHEIMER 30 Dec 1857 Forest Creek, VIC Desley Reid
Albert Robert RENNIE Clara GUMMOW Thirzar CHARLES & Joseph QUAYLE 09 Dec 1919 Ripon Street, Ballarat, VIC Andrew Hetherington
Albert Robert RENNIE Emma Michell KINSMAN John RENNIE & Emma KINSMAN 06 Oct 1886 Primitive Methodist Parsonage, Ballarat, VIC Andrew Hetherington
Richard RENNIE Jane STANBURY Cecilia THOMAS 05 Dec 1888 All Saints Church, Northcote, VIC Andrew Hetherington
Richard Edward RENNIE Sarah Francis Helena BROWN John RENNIE & Margaret Jane BROWN 25 May 1891 Ligar Street, Ballarat, VIC Andrew Hetherington
Richard Robert Alfred RENNIE Amy EDWARDES Charles O'GRADY & John Owen EDWARDES 22 Oct 1913 St Peter's Church of England, Jamieson, VIC Andrew Hetherington
Joseph REYNOLDSON Jane WELSH John REYNOLDSON & Thomas WELSH 28 Nov 1854 Loddon District, Castlemaine, VIC Alistair Craghill
Samuel RICHARDS Louisa THORNTON John RICHARDS & William THORNTON 03 Aug 1864 Spring Creek, VIC Brigid E. Richards
Joseph RICHARDSON Mary McCARTHY John CLARKE & Mary McMAHON 23 Oct 1902 St. Ignatius R.C., Richmond, Melbourne, VIC Anthony Hull
Robert RICHES Jane STANBURY Henry DOWLING & Ann DOWLING 22 Feb 1853 Christ's Church, Geelong, VIC Andrew Hetherington
Joseph Anderson RICKARD Emma WHIFFEN James WHIFFEN & Marie Louise BESEUIERES 05 Jun 1884 St. John's Church of England, Creswick, VIC Judie Morris
Albert James Dyer RICKARDS Hilda May Catherine BELSEY Victor William BELSEY & Sylvia Elizabeth BELSEY 18 Dec 1937 St. Paul's Catholic Church, Coburg, VIC Daryl Rickards
Arthur James RIEL Marian CLARK John CLARK & Spencer CLARK 03 Mar 1889 Shelford, VIC Robyn Gross
Clarence Mervyn RITCHIE Cisly Gertrude TISSOTT David Murray DICKSON & Emily Alice FLETCHER 14 Apr 1909 St John's Presbyterian, Warrnambool, VIC R. Jones
Samuel James RITCHIE Bridget Maria MURRAY William BARNES & Esther BARNES 02 Jul 1877 Echucha, VIC Ruth Barton
William Bryant ROBERTS Ann BAIL Anne SAMUEL & George BAIL 03 Oct 1882 St Pauls Church, Melbourne, VIC Heather Birch
James ROBERTSON? Elizabeth ADMSON? John RYTHERFORD? & Ellen HUTCHISON? 29 Dec 1852 Geelong, VIC Robyn Gross
Arthur Sidney ROBINSON Elsie May HOWARTH J. HOWARTH 22 Feb 1930 Church of the Apiphany, VIC Rebekah Blackwolf-Mitchell
Edmond Charles ROOKS Alice Irene RICKARD J. R. JENKINS & Mabel ASHTON 19 Feb 1924 Church of England, Kingston, VIC Judie Morris
Walter James ROOLS Annie Rebecca MENZIES James LAIDLAW & Mary Agnes H? 22 Apr 1889 Daylesford, VIC Nadine Wood
John RUGLEN Annie HIATT Emma SAKKELL & William Thomas HIATT 14 Jan 1885 Wesleyan Church, South Melbourne, VIC Cheryl Mierisch
John RUGLEN Emma MORTIMER Archibald PETRIE & Ann PETRIE 28 Jan 1858 St James Church, Melbourne, VIC Cheryl Mierisch
Alexander RUSSELL Harriett BAIN Timothy KELLY & Anna Louise ADAMS 19 Nov 1875 Registrar General Office, Melbourne, VIC Chris Bryce
Andrew RYAN Bridget SEXTON Honora S(?) 30 Jul 1879 Sale, VIC Coralea Osmond
Henry RYLAND Harriett LEE Henry KNELL & James SHEPHERD 08 Aug 1857 St Peter's, East Melbourne, VIC Margaret Strickland

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