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S Vic Marriage Witness Index Researcher
Groom Bride Witness Date of marriage Place of marriage Details
Joseph William SAMBELL Elizabeth BURTON Lewis EVANS & Jack CLARK 11 Dec 1872 The Wesleyan Parsonage, Williamstown, VIC Barbara Williamson
William SANGSTER Elizabeth FINDLAY John FINDLAY & Carmen SCOTT 14 May 1856 Church of Scotland, Geelong, VIC Robyn Gross
Ernest Albert SAXBEE Florence Beatrice BEAMOND Eva SAXBEE & Hector C ORCHARD 06 Oct 1909 Christ Church, Geelong, VIC Margaret Reeve
George SAXBEE Catherine ANDREW Margaret KING 25 Feb 1874 Wesleyan Parsonage, Ashby, VIC Margaret Reeve
August SCHRAMM Margaritha STEIN John REINHEIMER & Peter MUNTZ 20 Aug 1885 Congregational Minister, 116 Gore Street, Fitzroy, VIC Margaret Strickland
James Hok SEON Mary Ann WHILDING L Ah WAH & Elizabeth ROWE 06 Jun 1871 Bible Christian Church, 226 Gore Street, Fitzroy, VIC Margaret Strickland
George SETTER Elizabeth Lucy CAMBRIDGE James BARTROPE & Elizabeth BARTROPE 10 Sep 1856 Church of Christ, Geelong, VIC Terrie Nicholson
Maurice SHEAHAN Margaret QUINLAN James Joseph SHEAHAN & Nellie QUINLAN 10 Feb 1891 St. John's Church, Clifton Hill, VIC Stacey Gibbons
Moor SHEPPARD Mary ARCHMAN William SHEPPARD & James McNEICE 09 Feb 1872 Presbyterian Church, Warnambool, VIC Irene Sheppard
William Alexander SHEPPARD Lavinia Ann TISSOTT Moor SHEPPARD & Jessie SHEPPARD 02 Jan 1912 Winslow, VIC R. Jones
John SHERIDAN Ellen ROBERTS William IRVINE & Mary IRVINE 12 Mar 1861 Avoca, VIC Stephanie Klaus
Ivan Ernest James SLOCOM Lowas Jean ALLANSON - 31 Jan 1953 Oakleigh, VIC Cheryl Ann Stubbs
John Philip SMITH Heather Joyce BUCKETT S E READ,V SUSCIO,H WATERS,E J READ & E CHAMBERS 09 Nov 1940 East Kew, VIC Alice Norton
Philip Thomas Noakes SMITH Alice Dawson ROBINSON Charles HOLT 17 Jan 1895 Collingwood, VIC Alice Norton
Richard SMITH Sarah O'MEARA/O'MEALY/O'MALLEY/GOODCHILD John & Jane GAMBLE 10 Oct 1850 Portland, VIC Debra Vaughan
Dominico SONSEE Catherine ENGLISH Serge (Seurge) PERUSUUK & Margret DUNNE 06 Apr 1845 St Mary of The Angels Catholic Church, Geelong, VIC Rebekah Blackwolf Mitchell-Matthews
Dominico SONSEE Janet MITCHELL William MARTIN (MILTON?) & William Anderson JUNT (JUNF?) 21 Feb 1879 Prebyterian Church, Creswick, VIC Rebekah Blackwolf Mitchell-Matthews
James SPIERS Frances Sophia BOUGHTON Margaret SPIERS & William BOUGHTON 23 Mar 1883 St Johns Church, Ballarat, VIC Lise Williams
Howard ST GEORGE Jane TEAR Daniel TEAR & Maryy TEAR 17 Mar 1855 Cathedral Church of St James, Melbourne, VIC Chris Bryce
George STAINER Ada Annie WILLIAMS George Edward HOARE & Rhoda Jane STAINER 23 Apr 1889 Daylesford, VIC Nadine Wood
George Victor STEELE Ellen Jane BRIGGS Mary BATES & Lizzy DRAPPER 16 June 1898 29 Napier Street, South Melbourne, VIC Ellen Josephine McKenzie
Samuel STEELE Eliza WILLIAMSON John WILLIAMSON & Jane TYLER 12 Jul 1860 St Paul's Church, Ballarat, VIC Barbara Williamson
Robert STEPHENSON Jane HUDSON Joseph PARRISH & Francis ? 22 Feb 1862 Christ Church, Ballarat, VIC Barbara Williamson
John STOKES Anne SHEAHAN John O'Leary & Mary O'Leary 10 Nov 1865 Catholic Church, Carisbrook, VIC Nadine Wood
Charles Gordon STUART Georgina Digny FOSTER Francis Barenger GRAY & Jessie E. GRAY 23 Dec 1906 The Manse, Clarke Street, Northcote, VIC Mary Millar
Noel William John SULLIVAN Shirley Ellen GAMMON Norma Mary Ellen JOHNSON & Edwin SULLIVAN 26 Aug 1954 Parkdale, VIC Corlea Osmond
James SWAN Rose Ellen DEAL Eliza Jane PATON & Joseph PONTING 12 Nov 1890 St Paul's Church, Koroit, VIC Rosemary Jones

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