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T Vic Marriage Witness Index Researcher
Groom Bride Witness Date of marriage Place of marriage Details
Gilbert TAYLOR Lucy SONSEE Charles STEWART & Mary Ann HODGES 01 Mar 1879 Presbyterian Church, Dean, VIC Rebekah Blackwolf Mitchell-Matthews
Alfred THATCHER Rose Ann LITTLE John LITTLE & Harriett THATCHER 21 Oct 1878 Independent Church, Auburn Road, Hawthorn, VIC Ken Thatcher
Alfred THATCHER Theresa Rosiena MORLEY William SIMMS & Zachariah WILLIAMS 23 Sep 1905 Baptist Church, High Street, Beechworth, VIC Ken Thatcher
Hector THATCHER Irene ATKINSON Reginald THATCHER & Vivian BERNARD 29 Nov 1933 Auburn Baptist Church, Auburn, VIC Ken Thatcher
Kenneth Alfred THATCHER Robyn TAMME (nee MCADAM) Hector THATCHER & Julie A. MCADAM 16 Jan 1971 The Methodist Church, Croydon, VIC Ken Thatcher
Charles THOMAS Harriett MITCHELL James HOLT & Annie HOLT 11 Nov 1896 Presbyterian Church, Melbourne, VIC Chris Bryce
Thomas THOMAS Catherine Martha FAULL F HOARE & B C CHAMBERS 16 Jul 1891 Christ Church, Foster, VIC Barbara Williamson
George THOMPSON Elizabeth Ann WILLIAMS Charles Thomas WILLIAMS & Lovenia Frances WILLIAMS 14 Mar 1900 Russells Creek, VIC Rosemary Jones
Thomas Forrester THOMPSON Elizabeth CHRISTIE Jessie HALL & John Kay HALL 05 Jul 1860 United Presbyterian Church, Fitzroy, VIC Franca Norris
William THOMPSON Ann GRAVES Alfred Thomas LOTT & Francis Cotton WIGER 09 Apr 1874 Hamilton, VIC Darryl Cook
William Henry THOMPSON Sarah Elizabeth Maud GULLET Sydney A. G. GULLER & H. J. LEWIS 13 Jun 1894 St James Church, Melbourne, VIC Barbara Williamson
James Harold THORNTON Euphemia ALLEN - 1852 VIC Ron Coward
Francis TISSOTT Ellen HUGHES Robert J. JONES & Christina CAMPBELL 20 Jul 1886 Winslow, VIC R. Jones
Harry TISSOTT Mary LINDSAY Lewise TISSOTT & Sabina ROURKE 25 Sep 1895 Winslow, VIC R. Jones
Henry TISSOTT Emma SUTHERLAND James TAYLOR & Sarah SUTHERLAND 25 Jul 1853 St Stephens, Portland, VIC R. Jones
Joseph Henry TISSOTT Elizabeth Hannah HUGHES Francis TISSOTT & Emma TISSOTT 06 Apr 1885 Groom's Residence, Yarpturk, VIC R. Jones
William Francis TISSOTT Teresa Josephine McINTOSH John BURKE & Mary Lucy McINTOSH 08 Jul 1911 St Mary's Catholic Church, West Melbourne, VIC R. Jones
John TODD Margaret KELLY William TODD, Edwin TURNER & Elizabeth Mary HARLAND 12 Jan 1869 East Collingwood, VIC Judie Morris
William Andrew TRACY Elizabeth Mary DALY - 09 May 1894 Melbourne, VIC Carmel Tracy
Robert TRESSIDDER Elizabeth HALL (nee FLOAT) John HATWELL & Samuel ?? 08 May 1869 Sebastopol, VIC Alice Norton
Albert Victor TULK Annie May CREAN Andrew CREAN & Jessie WHEELER 06 Jul 1910 18 Smith Street (Residence of Mr. Andrew CREAN), North Richmond, VIC Nadine Wood
Albert Victor Norman TULK Isobel PONTIN M ABBOTT 05 Aug 1933 59 Garden Street, South Yarra, VIC Nadine Wood

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