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Genealogists researching the multi-ethnic heritage of the Burgenland of Austria and adjoining areas of former West Hungary.

The following is a chronological checklist of the archived newsletters:

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No. 11/11/97Introduction, Borderland, Flag, Dictionaries
No. 21/18/97Census
No. 31/27/97Villages
No. 42/4/97Maps, Homepage
No. 52/12/97Months & Dates, Umlaut, More Maps
No. 62/22/97Burgenlandische Gemeinschaft
No. 73/1/97Immigrant Itinerary
No. 83/15/97Migration to Burgenland, Zip Codes
No. 93/31/97Thirty Years War
No. 104/12/97Villages (1 of 3)
No. 114/27/97Villages (2 of 3)
No. 125/30/97Villages (3 of 3), Lavendoski Trip Report
No. 136/14/97Itineraries, Questions, B-land Music, Names
No. 13A6/14/97Burgenland Castles & Genealogy
No. 146/28/97L. Trip Report (2 of 3), Heraldry, Oberwart News-1920's, Depopulation, Nazareth, PA
No. 14A7/5/97Burgenland Food at Turn of the Century
No. 157/14/97Hungarian marriage records, German Translator, food & maps, sending money to Europe, Oberwart News
No. 15A7/23/97Riedlingsdorf History
No. 168/1/97Elder Hostel trip to Austria; Urbars, Canonical Visitations,village data; US German newspapers
No. 178/15/97Peasant Land Transfers, Food & Music, Translation Software, Donau Schwabians, Web Sites, Nazareth, PA
No. 17A8/15/97Bob Unger's Trip to Vienna
No. 188/31/97Older German words and terms. Austro- Hungarian Roots in Henderson, MN, "Our Brother Vitus", location of Burgenland records, village photos
No.18A8/31/97Reading Hungarian Records
No. 199/15/97Moson villages, Oberwart News, Nazareth, PA, Lutheran Migration, Unter Bildein
No. 209/30/97Nazareth Cement Museum, Bocskay Rebellion, Burgenland Word Picture Rudersdorf News, MembershipProcedure
No. 20A9/30/97Bob Unger's Trip to Vienna, part 3
No. 2110/15/97Emperor Franz Joseph, St. Andra", Copyright, Tips on Junk Mail, Austrian Links, Croatian Dictionaries,1955 Reverse Visit, BB Procedures, Diocesan Archives in Eisenstadt, Historical Village Series.
No. 2210/31/97Villages (continuation), Editor's Newsletter Method, Member's Success, Wedding- Hapsburg Heir, Chicago Immigrant Book
No. 2311/15/97villages (continuation), link with the Burgenländische Gemeinschaft, more URL's, more Moson Megye villages, Northampton, PA Museum, History of Phoenix, PA, Family Immigrant Story
No. 2411/30/97Villages(continuation),Questions,Homepage Statistics, Sources of Family Pedigree, What You Can Buy for 100OS, Passenger Lists, More Reverse Visit, Recent ORF Videos, Burgenla"nders in Hamilton, OH; Blaufrankisch Wine, Little Known Terms,
No. 2512/15/97Trip to the Seewinkle, Villages (continued) Comments From New Members, URL's
No. 25A12/25/97Books, Settlers Origns, 1st US Emigrants, Rudersdorf, Pilgersdorf, Moschendorf
No. 2612/31/97Tschanigraben (the Father Leser Series), Burgenland Featured on TV, Folk Customs and Tales, Burgenland Dwellings, Urbersdorf Research, Neustift Records, Home of a Burgenland Schoolteacher
No. 26A12/31/97Robert Unger's Genealogical Experiences, Village of Pamhagen (number 1 of the northern Village Series), Questions on Data Sources & Taxes, and Items from Burgenland Editor Albert Schuch,

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