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Genealogists researching the multi-ethnic heritage of the Burgenland of Austria and adjoining areas of former West Hungary.

The following is a chronological checklist of the archived newsletters:

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No. 501/15/99Membership List-NOT AVAILABLE FOR DOWNLOAD
No.511/31/99Villages of Rudersdorf and Dobersdorf, Origins of Szentpeterfa, Hungary,Emigration Article From The Volksfreund (5 of 5) and A Long Return Home,
No. 51A1/31/99Church Names, Step 3, Beginning Your Search, Jews in Eisenstadt, Allentown
No. 51B1/31/99St. Emmerich, Felso Ronok, House Numbers
No. 522/28/99Villages of Königsdorf, Zahling and Cseske, Burgenland Locations in Genealogical Files, Vienna Geography, Emigration from St. Michael, More on House Numbers & Terminology, Teklit's Croatian Translation
No. 52A2/28/99Lehigh Valley Immigrants
No. 52B2/28/99Slovenia & Oberkrain Music, Land Holding Terminology
No. 533/15/99Trip to Austria, Eltendorf, Poppendorf and Heiligenkreuz, School Problems, Oberkrain Music
No. 53A3/15/99Zahling-Eltendorf Records, Village Fires
No. 53B3/15/99Burgenland 1950's, Old Photos, Book Review "German-Bohemians
No. 543/31/99OZ Service, Villages of Deutsch Gerisdorf, Pilgersdorf and Bubendorf , Hungarian Latin & the1828 Census
No. 54A3/31/99Feb. 17 Edition of the Oberwart Zeitung, Terms For Farmer and Beginning Your Burgenland Search -Part 4
No. 54B3/31/99Email Confusion, Nazareth, PA Enclave, Burgenland Military Picture, Response To Surface Mail Concerning Güssing Ancestors
No. 554/15/99OZ Queries, LDS Test Site, Email Problems, Villages of Salmannsdorf and Redlschlag, Farmer Terms, New Paltz, NY, 1870 Teachers
No. 55A4/15/99People On The Border-Croatian History-I
No. 55B4/15/99WorldGenWeb, Pamhagan, Jewish Cemeteries
No. 564/30/99Villages of Kogl, Lebenbrunn and Steinbach, Village Question, Family History Checklist, Translating Languages, Migration Story
No. 56A4/30/99People On The Border-Croatian History-II
No. 56B4/30/99Approximations In Files, the Homepage, OZ Query Update, Meaning of Family Names- Fandl, Distribution of Family Names- Berghold, Delightful Little Book
No. 575/15/99Village of Wolfau, Güssing, Fandl Name, Kossuth County, BB Origins,Travel Tips.
No. 57A5/15/99People On The Border-Croatian History-III
No. 57B5/15/99Austrian-Hungarian rulers, Family Name- Klemens,Oberpullendorf, Family Name Mühl
No. 585/31/99Village of Allhau, Continuing Your Burgenland Search, Part 5-Census Records Telephone Directory Searches, Video-30 Years' War, contact -Batthyany Family.
No. 58A5/31/99People on the Border-Croatian History-IV
No. 58B5/31/99Homepage Addition, Viennese Orphans Passenger Ship Data, Source of Microfilm, Esterhaza Palace-Eisenstadt, Zahling Emigrants to Allentown, PA
No. 596/15/99Change, BGNews, Batthyany Family, Geography, New Hungarian Atlas.
No. 59A6/15/99People on the Border-Croatian History-V
No. 59B6/15/99Contact Others, "Puzsta" Villages, Haydn, House Names.
No. 606/30/99Pilgersdorf, St. Margarethen, Kemeten, Basic Help, PA Ethnic Papers, Steamship Arrivals, Hungarian Tax Records, Pinkamindszent and Pornóapáti Hungary
No. 60A6/30/99People on the Border-Croatian History-V
No. 60B6/30/99Gypsies, Heimatschein (Certificate of Domicile), Ollersdorf, Share Newsletters
No. 617/31/99Village of Kitzladen, Occupations or Titles, Village of Horvátlövö, Hungary, Batthyany Family, Surname Endings, Nikles Name.
No. 61A7/31/99People on the Border-Croatian History-VII
No. 61B7/31/99Austrian Empire Web Sites
No. 628/15/99Village of Loipersdorf, Latin Names of Hungarian Counties (Megye), Genealogy Suggestions, Pomogy/Pamhagen Site Zanegg Book, Villages of Und, Ágfalva, & Jánossomorja.
No. 62A8/15/99People on the Border-Croatian History-VIII
No. 62B8/15/99Hungarian Census Explained
No. 638/31/99Jarfas Hungarian Border Trip, Tax Records
No. 63A8/31/99People on the Border-Croatian History-IX
No. 63B8/31/99Lavendoski Trip, Part I
No. 649/15/99Picnic, Albert Schuch, Nobility, Noble Families of Szt. Peterfa.
No. 64A9/15/99People on the Border-Croatian History-X
No. 64B9/15/99Copying Records, Vasalja and Jak, Spelling Names, Parish Addresses, Mühlgraben, Ormrod, PA; Steinfurt, "Europahaus", Pittsburgh Sommerfest.
No. 64C9/15/99URL & Member Changes
No. 659/30/99Status Animas, Hungarian Villages-Nemesmedves, Rönök and Szentgotthárd, Village of Bernstein, Edelserpentine Jade, Katharina Fest, Hungarian Record Headings.
No. 65A9/30/99People on the Border-Croatian History-XI
No. 65B9/30/99Fr. Leopold Visit, Archive Availability
No. 6610/15/99Güssing Family Names, Religion and Records, Burgenland Currency, Family Documents
No. 66A10/15/99People on the Border-Croatian History-XII
No. 66B10/15/99Fr. Prizelitz Visit, Tax Records, Unger Names
No. 6710/31/99New Archives, Visit of Dr. Dujmovits, Don't Know What To Do?, Historical Atlas of East Central Europe, Village of Rehgraben, Hungarian Literacy,Village of Rabaszentmihaly
No. 67A10/31/99Batthyany Genealogy
No. 67B10/31/99BB Missionary Work, Burgenland Trip Tips
No. 6811/15/99Using BB URL Lists, LDS Vienna Family History Center
No. 68A11/15/99Members Helping Members; Vasszentmihály, Hungary, Village of Ogau, the Gergers from Felso Ronok, John Lavendoski's Updates on the Status of St. Kathrein & St. Peterfa Records, Rosenberg (Güssing), Zahling (Eltendorf)
No. 68B11/15/99OZ Free Listing Service, Burgenland Newspapers, How to Make Member Changes, BB Members Visit, Archiv Verlag Caution, Village of Burg
No. 6911/30/99Village of Nikitsch, name Nikitscher, 1884-85 Volksfreund, Call Chronicle Archives, "Friedensbote", Hungarian Village Name Source, Alex Tschaar Trip to Burgenland
No. 69A11/30/99Visit of Dr. Walter Dujmovits to Allentown, Fate of Ethnic Clubs, archives of the Allentown Call-Chronicle, Genealogy Traceable to 660 BC, Rootsweb Newsletter.
No. 69B11/30/99Gibiser Gasthaus, 1906 Allentown Call-Chronicle, Meixner Music
No. 7012/15/99OZ Inquiry Service, Strodl Name in Village of Forchtenau, More on Tscharr Trip, Different Spellings Family Names, On the Way to the Millenium-The 30 Year War, Village of Kukmirn and Gludovatz Family, Panama Canal Visit, Hungarian Villages of Varbalog, Fertorakos, and Harka.
No. 70A12/15/99Croatian Settlement, Salzburg Refugees
No. 70B12/15/99Immigrant Stories, the Term "Windisch", Term Cadastra=Urbar, Latin Terms, Christmas in the Pocono's

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