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Genealogists researching the multi-ethnic heritage of the Burgenland of Austria and adjoining areas of former West Hungary.

The following is a chronological checklist of the archived newsletters:

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No. 721/15/00Homepage Surname List, Reformed Hungarians in Oberwart, Translations from "Der Volksfreund", Local (Vas Megye) Nobility, Burgenland & the National Geographic.
No. 72A1/15/00Croatian settlement in the Burgenland Part II, US Immigration 1904-7
No. 72B1/15/00Internet Links, Village Names-Family Names, Hungarian Working Papers Translated, Güssing Traupmanns, Some Tschida Families
No. 731/31/00Village of Andau, Questions Village of Bildein, Family History Center-Again, Post 1920 Civil Records, Geography & Genealogy.
No. 73A1/31/00Genealogical Help, Allentown Morning Call Archive Charges,Obituaries From The Allentown Morning Call, Derivation of Surnames
No. 73B1/31/00Final K & P Bezirk Book,Vas Megye Teklits Nobility, US Immigration 1904-1906
No. 742/15/00Village of Tadten, Obituary of Ladislaus Esterhazy, Batthyany Crypt in Güssing, Coffee Shop in NY, SouthBend, IN Enclave, New Member's Lament, Rudersdorf Bankerlsitzler
No. 74A2/15/00Lorenz Schoenbacher - First Burgenland Immigrant(?)
No. 74B2/15/00Pogachel-Taste of Burgenland, OZ Articles, Significant Epidemics
No. 752/29/00Anniversary Highlights, Jurasits Name, Dongisch Name, Spelling of Family Names, Family Name Venus, Jakes Name Change.
No. 75A2/29/00Artinger Family to America, Travel Time, Burgenland to New York , Burgenland - Its Formation and Name, Imre Family
No. 75B2/29/00Burgenland Immigrant Cities, New History of Hungary, Bürgermeister Names
No. 763/15/00Village of Mischendorf, Canadian Settlements (Paradise Hill), New Books, Concept of Southern Burgenland, Austrian Airlines, New Member Questions, Found Grandparents!
No. 76A3/15/00Last Visit to Burgenland (Schlaining), Jewish Death Records, Holocaust Museum, Hianzen Identity, Volksfreund
No. 76B3/15/00Burgenland Immigrant Cities, Using Albert's Village List, Der Volksfreund - WW I
No. 773/31/00New Query Board, Austrian Cooking Recipes, Categories of Migrations, February 2000 National Geographic, Milwaukee BB Picnic 2000, "Gesta Hungarorum", an Auswanderer Inquiry, Misfiled Jewish Records.
No. 77A3/31/00FAQ, New Homepage Section, Northern Slovenia Added.
No. 77B3/31/00Using Professional Genealogists, Sharing Lookups, Ethnic Music in the Midwest, Schoenbacher Reply, Using Genealogical CD's.
No. 784/15/00BB Surname List, New Maps Section, Active or Passive Member, Permission to Copy, Finding Proper Birth Records, Storks Arrive in Güssing, "Schwarze Madonna", Maps of Burgenland and Latest Burgenländische Gemeinschaft News.
No. 78A4/15/00BB Mid-West Picnic, Artinger Family, Croatian Nobility, Ethnic Music Update.
No. 78B4/15/00Sending Money to Austria, An Allentown, PA Cemetery Search.
No. 794/30/00More on Slovenia, More on Sending Money to Austria, Finding Marriage Records, Reading Hungarian Entries, Rauchwart Name, Rehling Records.
No. 79A4/30/00Immigrant travel A-O List of Possible Burgenland Immigrant Ships.
No. 79B4/30/00Shipping Agents in Burgenland Villages, Ports of Departure, Ports of Entry, More District Maps & Storks in Güssing, Hizi Atlasz for Vas, Moson, Györ, Sopron Megye.
No. 805/15/00Member Connects, More Contacts, WWI Call to Ban Teaching of German, Our Burgenland Editor and Croatian Names and Villages of Origin.
No. 80A5/15/00Burgenland Immigrant Ships (cont.), Hungarian Obituaries, Schloss Kapfenstein, the Burgenland  Deep South , Esterhazy Irish Governess.
No. 80B5/15/00Elusive Birth Place, Further On The Term Windisch, Immigrants From the SS Kroonland in McKees Rocks, PA, Bob Hayes' Preliminary Trip Report & Ethnic Cleansing, Addition to Klaus Gerger's Maps .
No. 815/31/00Burgenländische Gemeinschaft Affairs, More Ethnic Cleansing, Italian Immigrant Ships, St. John's Abbey, MN, Slavic Family History, SS Pennsylvania, Tarafas Surname and Felix Game.
No. 81A5/31/00Bob Hayes Trip Report - Janossomorja, area of Hungary and the Seewinkel around the Neusiedler See.
No. 81B5/31/00Roots-L Archive, First Trip To Austria, Sterz - Another Taste of the Burgenland, Austrian American Society-Pittsburg.
No. 826/15/00Otto Habsburg -Rotenturm, Death in Köszeg, Jordan Street - Allentown PA,Trip Report - Illmitz, Apetlon & Pamhagen (source of name Tschida), Ethnic Cleansing Destinations & Zanegg, Names & Ancestral Stories..
No. 82A6/15/00Travel Hints I.
No. 82B6/15/00Travel Hints II, Pamhagen & Weinzettle Name, More On Sterz,Trip - (Mischendorf / Pinkamiske).
No. 836/30/00Language-Immigrant Problem, Taste of the Burgenland-Raised Strudel, Klaus Gerger's Village House Lists, Are We Genealogical Idiots (?), SS Death Index Update, Message From Riedlingsdorf, Ethnic Records (Music) - 78RPM to ROM, and Haydn and the Burgenland.
No. 83B6/30/00Bob Loerzel's Recent Trip.
No. 847/15/00Response To Language Problems, Name Gulli, Special Hungarian Web Site Offers Tuition and Translation Service, Troublesome Hungarian Records, Proof For Austrian Citizenship(?), House Names, Tom Grennes' Visit To Southern Burgenland and Styria.
No. 84A7/15/00Taste of the Burgenland-Pumpkin Soup & Fried Twists, Note From Albert Schuch, Potzmanns of Güssing-Story of an Old Cannon, Bob Geshel's Burgenland Trip-Part 1, Comments On Illegitimacy.
No. 84B7/15/00George Tebolt's Trip to Hungarian Border Villages, Hamburg Passenger List Website, Free City of Rust, Source of Burgenland Flag?
No. 857/31/00Viennese Cyber Cafes, Sources of Burgenland Flags, Susan Peters Returns From Burgenland, Origin of Hungarians (Magyar), Albert Schuch Meets BB Visitors.
No. 85A7/31/00Family History Television Series Planned For Canadians, Travel In Hungary, Phyllis Sauerzopf's Recent Trip, Multi Lingual Changes in Burgenland.
No. 85B7/31/00Third Minnesota BB Picnic, BB Meeting For Austrian Members, Slavic Names In Austria, US Census Going On-Line, Poppy Seed Filling, Strobl Eisenburg Trio,Gülly Name
No. 868/15/00Hap Anderson and BB Group Visit Burgenland, Die Kleine Bank (The Small Bench) and Composers With Burgenland Connections.
No. 86A8/15/00McKees Rocks Cemetery Lists-Western Pennsylvania, Croatian Books Of Interest, Sources of Burgenland Flags, Marriage Records-Danwebber Name, new Austrian Maps On CD, Micro vs Macro Genealogy, Hungarian-Mongolian Connections.
No. 86B8/15/00Current Austrian News (also mentions "The Lake", a novel which has the Neusiedler See as its locale), some Comments Concerning Duplicate Burgenland Records, an article on Linguistic Name Changes, correspondence concerning "Die Amerika Wanderung der Burgenländer" (also mentioned in Hap Anderson's trip report-BB News No. 86), a progress report on the Digitization of St. Peterfa Church Records, Gilly Name Origin- Switzerland and Member Changes.
No. 879/15/00BB Picnic Reports, Allentown Ethnic Change, Flag Source, NY Times Travel Section Features Burgenland, Spelling of Names, Mongolian Question, Village of Origin- Weiskirchen? News From Chicago.
No. 87A9/15/00Correspondence - Felix Game, Why Family History? - A Bedtime Story For Little Ones, How To Proceed (How Not To Proceed) With Limited Data.
No. 87B9/15/00Free PAF Software, Misinterpreted Village Name, Northampton, PA - 25 Year Partnership With Stegersbach.
No. 889/30/00Newsletter Frequency Change, Szentpeterfa Record Update, Croatian Origins, Rohrbach an der Teich, Brandies from Kukmirn, Transdanubia - and RootsWeb Information.
No. 88A9/30/00Croatian Language,War Graves, Viennese Birth Records, Stegersbach-Northampton Partnership, Birthday Greetings, Prune Filling (Lekvar), Ethnicity & the Internet, ZEMLYAK Family, Austrian Fruit Bread (Glattzen Brot).
No. 88B9/30/00Correspondence Caution, Ethnic News From Allentown, "Austrian Music in Lehigh Valley", Austrian American Society, Sacher Torte vs Imperial Torte, Felix Game Article, Czech Website.
No. 8910/31/00Junk Mail, Burgenland Flag, St. Nicholas Website, Military Research, Unexpected Finds, URL Changes.
No. 89A10/31/00Stadtschlaining Reunion, Second Stadtschlaining Visit, Baron Schey's Story.
No. 89B10/31/00Composer Series (Haydn), Seeking Family, Member Changes.
No. 9011/30/00America's Immigration Crisis, Stifter Trip To The Burgenland, True(?) Facts From The 1500's, Taste Of The Burgenland-Pogatchel Recipe, Fourteen Years Of Heritage Quest On CD-ROM, New Austrian Museum In NYC.
No. 90A11/30/00Kukmirn Village History, International Characters on the Keyboard, Site For Family Pictures, Meaning of Names-Presseller and Rudersdorf Kriegskinder.
No. 90B11/30/00How To Change Your Listing, Early Protestant and Counter-Reformation Literature, Jandrisits Request From Vienna, Oslip Village History, New Book in English-"Burgenland Panorama".
No. 9112/31/00Just A Little Interest In Genealogy, Hazelton, PA Center For Slavic Studies, Rental Car Advisory-Vienna, Germanic Regions Confused With The Burgenland, Commentary on Austria-2000.
No. 91A12/31/00Burgenländische Gemeinschaft Web Site-English Translations, Villages With Similar Names, Reinstated Member, Allentown Affairs, Adoptions, Older Records.
No. 91B12/31/00Email Addresses, Ethnic CD, Record Availability-Again, Philosophy Behind The BB.
No. 91 ADD12/31/00NEWSLETTER 91 ADDENDUM [originals were truncated]




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