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Genealogists researching the multi-ethnic heritage of the Burgenland of Austria and adjoining areas of former West Hungary.

The following is a chronological checklist of the archived newsletters:

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No. 921/31/01Comment, "Allentown Affairs", Correct Way To Advise of Address Changes, Village Names Change-Records Remain, Best Time To Visit Burgenland, Genealogy From Bohemia. Passenger Lists 1901
No. 92A1/31/01Short History Of Steinfurt, "Burgenland Panorama", Western Hungary & The Bakony Region, "Community of Fuller Park" in 4th Printing, Szt. Peterfa Records
No. 92B1/31/01Emigration As A Military Bride, URL & Member Changes
No. 92 ADD1/31/01Newsletter 92 Addendum [originals were truncated]
No. 932/28/01Immigrant New World Addresses In Allentown, PA, Schachendorf Question
No. 93A2/28/01First Emigrant From Each Village, Immigrant New World Pennsylvania Addresses-Bethlehem, Coplay, Stiles (West Coplay), Mixed Locales, Nazareth, PA, Szt. Peterfa Records To LDS, Web Site Statisitics
No. 93B2/28/01Genealogy Of Franz Liszt
No. 93C2/28/01Immigrant New World Addresses- Northampton, PA, Member Correspondence-Frauenkirchen-Fuller Park, IL, Fuller Park Book, Eisenberg-Eisenburg Confusion, List Your Data In OZ, Order Book - "Burgenland Panorama", Austrian Museum Update
No. 943/31/01Search For Long Lost Dabelli Father, New BB Search For Relatives, Fourth Annual Minneapolis BB Picnic, Project Schlaining (Stadtschlaining Reunion), Free Austrian Book Service, Questions, Kipfel Recipe
No. 94B3/31/01Continuation Of Notes On The Genealogy Of Franz Liszt
No. 94C3/31/01Continuation Of Notes On The Genealogy Of Franz Liszt, First Immigrants, Searching For Franz Leitner
No. 954/30/01Burgenland Emigrant Rail Travel, Districts of Vienna, Virus Warnings and Other Hoaxes, New York Area German Reference Books, Plea for Immigrant Stories (Auswandererschicksal), Riot in Schattendorf, Kleinmürbisch Records-Güssing District
No. 95A4/30/01An Unforgettable Visit To The Burgenland, Ethnic Card Game?
No. 95B4/30/01A Post World War II Immigrant-Sopron-Germany-Canada-USA, Vienna - Graz Research, First Immigrants, Myrtle Beach, SC Austrian Restaurant-Source of Strudel
No. 95C4/30/01A MOST IMPORTANT PROJECT -Preview of Possible Publication (from Bob Unger), Would You Like To See This Book Published?, Ellis Island Records Available, Riedlingsdorf Site & Video Tape, Eisenstadt Diocesan Archives, Burgenländische Gemeinschaft Gleanings-More Reasons To Join
No. 95-ADD4/30/01Newsletter No. 95 Addendum
Special5/15/01Book: "TWENTY-FIVE YEARS OF MY LIFE IN MY HOMELAND" by Burgenland Immigrant Robert Unger
No. 965/31/01First Immigrants? · Burgenland Slaves, Serfs and Peasants · Burgenland Immigrant - Family Status · Auswandererschicksal - "Immigrant Story" - Jaindl & Krenn · See Continuation of Immigrant Addresses at 96A & C · See Ellis Island Records - Additional Comment at 96B
No. 96A5/31/01Franks, Moravians, Magyars - An Early History Reviewed · NYC Burgenland Immigrant Addresses · Klaus Gerger's Maps
No. 96B5/31/01Correspondence With A New Member - An Introduction To The Study of Burgenland · Rules For The Hungarian Card Game Zsírozás · Ellis Island Records - Additional Comment
No. 96C5/31/01Philadelphia, Trenton, St. Louis & Milwaukee Immigrant Addresses · Pittsburgh Ethnic Clubs · Unger Book Status - A Success · Try A Search Engine · BB Staff and Web Sites
No. 976/30/01 BB HONORED BY GOVERNMENT OF LAND BURGENLAND · Trip Itinerary-BB Editor To Visit Burgenland · First Immigrants · Burgenländers To Turkey · Village Historian - Mönchhof · Burgenland To Croatia To America · Burgenland Military Regiment?
No. 97A6/30/01 It's A Long Way To St. Peterfa · More Immigrant Addresses-South Bend, IN
No. 97B6/30/01 Easter Trip To Burgenland (Susan Peters)
No. 97C6/30/01 South Bend, IN Addresses Continued (T-Z) · New Member's Experience · Learning German - Textbook Recommendation · Ellis Island Record Questions · US Census Quesstion · Web Site Report · Staff Listing
Special7/31/01 Report From Gerry Berghold's Trip · Final Invitation To BB Minneapolis Picnic · Burgenland Choir Cantus Felix Coming To North America · Hannes Graf Joins Staff-Picnic Pictures & Music · Staff Listing
No. 988/31/01 Hianzen-Not A Dead Language-A Burgenland Tap "Root" · Austrian Newspaper Success Story · Burgenland Memories- WWI & II
No. 98A8/31/01 Die Amerika Lied · How Burgenland Differs From America · BG Picnic Pictures · Burgenland Books · Millions Of Ancestors Are Depending On You
No. 98B8/31/01 Netherlands Member Visits Burgenland-Offers Book Suggestions · Visit To Burgenländisch Pennsylvania And Ellis Island · Rakicsany-A Classic Search For The Origin Of A Name
No. 98C8/31/01 Burgenland Military Data · Two Northern Burgenland Data Sites · Gerry Berghold's Speech Following Investiture · Deaths On Ellis Island · Just A Name? · Mail From Firmus Opitz · Mattersdorf Jewish Community Data Sources · Staff Listing (use to contact editors)
No. 999/30/01 Cantus Felix At The Coplay, PA Sängerbund · Bethlehem, PA Globe-Times Index On Line · Minneapolis BB Picnic A Success · Visit To Pennsylvania · Szt. Peterfa, Hungary Project Completed
No. 99A9/30/01 Beilschmidt Research · Rakicsany and Hianzisch Article · Another Austrian Newspaper Success Story · Polka Music · Harmonia Gypsy Group · Burgenland 80th Anniversary Concert-Chicago · Allentown, PA Gleanings · Folk Art Paintings (Mijo Kovacic) · Austrian Peace Keeping Missions
No. 99B9/30/01 Burgenland Reactions To Terrorist Attacks · Report Of Terrorist Attack From Burgenländer On Site · Two Young Austrian Children React · Concern From Heiligenbrunn Friends · No Words · BB Correspondence From Washington, DC · 911 Tragedy · From Grand-daughter In NY · From Burgenländisch Gemeinschaft · Austrian Tourism Had Increased
No. 99C9/30/01 BB Staff Hard At Work · Burgenland Award Continues To Make News · A Memorial · Using BB Material In Your Website · Hungarian Property Description · BB Staff List
No. 10010/31/01 Index Of The Best From Five Years Of The BB News · Szentpeterfa 1681-1913 Records Digitized & Available
No. 100A10/31/01 Meet The Staff
No. 100C10/31/01 Village History-Rumpersdorf · What The BB Is All About · What To Do After Joining The BB · BB Staff Email Addresses
No. 10111/30/01 Editor's Files Destroyed By Virus · Taste Of The Burgenland-Roast Goose · Rohrbach an der Teich-Village Cross · Heiligenbrunn And Gasthof-Hotel Krutzler
No. 101A11/30/01 Old Burgenland On The Way To Köszeg · Cantas Felix Choir Visits Holy Trinity Church · Rummaging Around the Records In Burgenland · Visits To Szt. Emmerich's Kirche
No. 101B11/30/01 Burgenland Trip Report-Barbara Groh · Winter Park, Florida-American Hungarian Society · Agendorf (Agfalva, Hungary) Lutheran Pastors & Script · Austrian Museum-NYC Opens
No. 101C11/30/01 Village History-Rumpersdorf · What The BB Is All About · What To Do After Joining The BB · BB Staff Email Addresses
No. 10212/31/01 (105th) Birthday Of Oldest Burgenland Inhabitant · 3 New Village History Books Published · Village History Series Continued (Weiden bei Rechnitz) · Graben-Ditch Or Valley · Virus Consolation · Governmental Compensation-1921 · Apples-Fruit Of The Burgenland
No. 102A12/31/01 Meaning Of Bunch -Again · Apples-Addendum · Anglican Church-Vienna · Visiting The Homeplace-Mischendorf · Lehigh University-Burgenland Descendant Alma Mater
No. 102B12/31/01 The Hungarian Calvinist Congregation of Oberwart-Part 1 (including a brief history of the Oberwart border region)
No. 102C12/31/01 Junk Email-Spam-Porn · Stop Spreading Viruses & Worms · New York Austrian Museum · St. Kathrein Records Being Digitized · Historic Burgenland Video · Site For Austrian Cookie Recipes · Earliest Croatian Records? · BB Songbook Website




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