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Genealogists researching the multi-ethnic heritage of the Burgenland of Austria and adjoining areas of former West Hungary.

The following is a chronological checklist of the archived newsletters:

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No. 1031/31/02A Very Special Gift · Burgenland Weekend-Sacred Heart Parish-Allentown, PA · Burgenland Wine Availability · Euro Replaces Schilling · Burgenland Border · Treaty of Trianon · Spam Response
No. 103A1/31/02Instant Family History · Burgenland Books (German)
No. 103B1/31/02The Hungarian Calvinist Congregation of Oberwart-Part 2
No. 103C1/31/02Graz Commerce Expo · Homepage List Problems · Güssing-Civic Leaders (1497-1750) · Burgenländische Gemeinschaft News · Lehigh Valley, PA Breweries · New Ambassador To Austria
No. 1042/28/02That First Burgenland Visit II · Siege of Vienna II-Book In English · Taste of Burgenland-Apple Strudel
No. 104A2/28/02Trip Report (Sankt Johann)-Ed Labahn · Güssing Civic Leaders 1750-1850 · Croatian Cookbooks · Museum Of Hungarian Speaking Jewry
No. 104B2/28/02The Hungarian Calvinist Congregation of Oberwart-Part 3
No. 104C2/28/02Immigrant Story (Mandl & Weber, Grieselstein) · Trip To Austria-Pictures · War Monument Names-Grieselstein and Maria Bild · Taste Of The Burgenland-Pumpkin Seed Oil · News From Riedlingsdorf
No. 1053/31/02Burgenland Governor (Landeshauptmann) Niessl To Visit · New LDS Civil Records · Austrian Foreign Ministry Website · BB Songbook Enlarged · Burgenland Activity (Bad Tatzmannsdorf)-Chicago · Canadian Olympic Skier -Burgenland Descendant? · Dutchman Tschida? · Sacher Torte · Burgenland Coat-Of-Arms
No. 105A3/31/02Addendum To Oberwart Story · A Night In Stremer Berghäuser (Strem) · Village Names-Again · Countries Listed On Census And Ship Records
No. 105B3/31/02 On-line German-English Dictionary · BB Archive Monthly Search Report · Taste Of The Burgenland-Senator's Nüssen Kipfel · New Roads Change Burgenland · World Gen Web Project Sites · Taste Of The Burgenland-Spätzel-Nöckerl · St. Kathrein and Szentpeterfa Records Captured
No. 105C3/31/02Chicago Reunion-Bad Tatzmannsdorf · Links & The Internet · Unger Trip-2001 Part I
No. 1064/30/02 Burgenland Delegation ToVisit US & Canada · Death Record Found-Poppendorf · Lehigh Valley Brewery Update-Allentown · Long Time Member Writes-Halbturn · Rudersdorf & Vienna Connection Found? -Heiligenkreuz · New Listing For Fritz Königshofer · Burgenland-Learn Each Little Piece
No. 106A4/30/02 Ellis Island Burgenland Translations · 5th Annual Midwest BB Picnic · New Member Searches · History Of Szt. Peterfa -Book · New Britain, CT - Burgenland Enclave
No. 106B4/30/02 Recollections of Jews from Burgenland-Schlaining · On-line German Dictionary Correction · Güssing Civic Leaders 1853-1953 · Taste Of The Burgenland (Gurken) · Finding An Elusive Changed Name-Tonkovic To Tonk · LDS Communications-Digitized Records-Szentpeterfa & St. Kathrein · Kroatisch Minihof
No. 106C4/30/02 Unger Burgenland Trip-2001 Part II · Burgenland Plate Puzzle
No. 1075/31/02 Burgenland Delegation Visits US & Canada · News From Riedlingsdorf · Low Airfare To Austria · More On Ellis Island Translations · Bukovina & Galicia · Founder's Weekend-Sacred Heart, Allentown, PA · "Splitter"-Fragments From Members
No. 107A5/31/02 Jewish Gravestones Returned To Güssing · Burgenland Cemeteries · Güssing Cemeteries · Burgenland-Committee for Jewish-Christian Relations · Burgenland Commuters · New Microfilm Rabafüzes (Raabfidisch) Birth Records · Heritage Quest Magazine-Beginner's Choice
No. 107B5/31/02 Where Do We Live? · US Census 1930 · International Roots Conference · Burgenland Dish Question Answered · Namensforschung-Questions Answered
No. 107C5/31/02 Austrian-American Clubs · Coplay Saengerbund To Celebrate 85th Anniversary · BB Welcome Address To Austrian Delegation · A Visit Home-Allentown, PA · Using Google Search Engine
No. 1086/30/02 Burgenland Delegation Visits New York · Be Careful Of Those Names · Robert Strauch Joins BB Staff · Thank You Letter-Austrian Delegation · Two Useful Books · Germanic Migration-Dr. Edward Brandt
No. 108A6/30/02 History Of Emigration From Neusiedl am See · Toronto Visit-Note From Dr. Andrew Burghardt · Toronto Visit-Note From Helmut Jandresits · Chicago Oberwart-Bad Tatzmannsdorf Reunion · Splitter (Fragments From Members)
No. 108B6/30/02 Burgenland Tourism Is Booming · Wisconsin Local History & Vital Records · Burgspiele Güssing (Güssing Castle Productions) · Steinbrunn-Village Names · Anna Kresh Featured in Butler, PA News
No. 108C6/30/02 Stuck? Check Nearby Villages · Thank You From Landeshauptmann Niessl · Correspondence From Bob Strauch · Correspondence From Tom Glatz
No. 1097/31/02 Ellis Island Immigration Requirements · Austrian Decennial Census · Moschendorf Book · Deutsch Ehrensdorf Article-Leser Series · Güssing Cultural Events · Recollections Of Jews From Burgenland · New Section Added To Homepage-House List · Email Notice Posted To BB Homepage · International Roots Conference Cancelled
No. 109A7/31/02 Late Australian Immigration · Narda And Novosels-A How-To Example · Trip To Austria & Burgenland-Stubits · Cuckoo Bird · Note From Gerhard Lang-Burgenland Activities
No. 109B7/31/02 Sign At Entrance To Pamhagen · Taste Of The Burgenland-Gurken (Pickles-From Elfie Resch & Hannes Graf) · Burgenland And The Bath
No. 109C7/31/02 News From The Lehigh Valley-Bob Strauch · Burgenland In Former Days-Gerhard Lang
No. 1108/30/02 Trip To Güssing-Tantsit · Burgenland In Former Days (continued from 109C) · New Meixner Ethnic Music Catalog Available
No. 110A8/30/02 GERMAN-AUSTRIAN-BURGENLAND TRIP (from Tom Glatz-Chicago Corresponding Editor)
No. 110B8/30/02 German-Austrian-Burgenland Trip (continued from 110A) · Salt Lake City Family History Center Trip -Paukowits · Hianzen German English Dictionary · Correspondence From Austrian Ministry Of Foreign Affairs · News From The Lehigh Valley (Bob Strauch) · Bad Tatzmannsdorf/Oberwart Area Reunion In Chicago Oct. 12
No. 110C8/30/02 Flooding In Europe-Burgenland OK · Unger River Trip-Rhine- Main- Danube · Early Migration To The Bakony Region (Chrisbacher) · Evening At The Teutonia Männerchor (Kresh)
No. 11110/31/02 News From The Recent Fuller Park Neighborhood Reunion In Chicago (Tom Glatz) · . Ljubljana, Slovenia And Trieste, Italy (Albert Schuch) · Newsletter Returns & Spam · Ladislaus Batthyany To Be Beatified
No. 111A10/31/02 Rhine-Mosel River Trip · Photo Copying Church Records With Digital Camera · Source Of Hungarian Village Data (Joe Jarfas) · Pernau-To Be Austrian Or Hungarian · "Lilli Marleen" Composer Dies (from Bob Strauch)
No. 111B10/31/02 Churchill On Hungary-Albert Schuch · Wenzel Family & Arpad Jahrmann-Tom Glatz & Emma Wenzel · October Is Family History Month-Ellis Island Records · Szt. Peterfa Death Records-Frank Teklits · BB Mentioned In Austrian Website-Fritz Königshofer · Is It Legitimate BB Email?-Anna Kresh & Hap Anderson · Austrian Phone Book Online-Fritz Königshofer
No. 111C10/31/02 Correspondence From Margaret Kaiser · "Splitter" From Anna Kresh · Walter E. Pomper Joins The BB · St. Francis Club Allentown-Bob Strauch · Translation Service Offered · Burgenland In Former Days (continued from 110)-Gerhard Lang
No. 11211/30/02 More On Using Digital Cameras To Copy Records · New Books For Genealogical Research · Oldest (?) Burgenland Immigrant Dies In Northampton, PA · More Spam Concerns-Norm Pihale · Burgenland Bunch Hears From Nepal -Hannes Graf · "Hemo" First Name?-Lea Buzby · Burgenland Music & Weather "Splitter" From Gerhard Lang · Definition-Grundherr & Grundherrschaft-Fritz Königshofer · Güssing Football Team-Family Names-Bob Strauch · Some Help From Austria Offered-Theresia Andruchowitz · Number Of Pages Available from the BB Home Page-Tom Steichen · Klaus Gerger Appointed BG Liaison
No. 112A11/30/02 Burgenland Trip Report 11-21 September 2002 - Robert Eder
No. 112B11/30/02 Name Hamedl · A Vist To Kukmirn & Eisenhüttl-Rosenkranz & Sinkovics
No. 112C11/30/02 Request From Germany-Manfred Seidler · Concert-25 Button Box Accordians - Strauch & Kresh · Report On Oberwart Area Reunion Held In Chicago - Tom Glatz · Burgenland In Former Days (continued from 111) - Gerhard Lang
Xmas12/15/02 Christmas Special
No. 11312/31/02 Mogersdorf/Mayer & Korpitsch Families - Bob Strauch & Denny Mayer · Splitter From Rust-Gerhard Lang · Splitter Re Rhine-Mosel River Trip-Elaine Grace · Croatian Holiday Traditions-Margaret Kaiser · German Names of Present Hungarian Villages
No. 113A12/31/02 HISTORY OF POPPENDORF (Part 1- by Fritz Königshofer)
No. 113B12/31/02 HISTORY OF POPPENDORF (Part 2- by Fritz Königshofer) - continues from Part 1 in newsletter 113A
No. 113C12/31/02 Searching For A Town? -various · Xmas Greetings From Original BB Member -Eric Kumbusch · Burgenland Immigrant From Uruguay -Albert Schuch · Burgenland In Former Days (Part 5, continued from 111)- Gerhard Lang




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