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Genealogists researching the multi-ethnic heritage of the Burgenland of Austria and adjoining areas of former West Hungary.

The following is a chronological checklist of the archived newsletters:

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No. 114Jan. 31, 2003Linking A Burgenland Descendant From "Down Under"-Bruce Klemens · Another Emigration Reason-Giles Gerken-Albert Schuch
No. 114AJan. 31, 2003Biking The Burgenland-Tom Webb · Midwest BB Picnic 2003-Susan Peters · Batthyany Query
No. 114BJan. 31, 2003Some Neuhaus am Klausenbach Families-Ernest Chrisbacher · Burgenland Immigrants Of St. Paul, MN-Book Review-G. Berghold · Julius Meinl Coffee House-Chicago · First Immigrants Continued-BG · Taste Of The Burgenland-Bean (Böhnen) Strudel-BG & Bob Strauch · Hungarian Philharmonic USA Tour-Joe Jarfas, Margaret Kaiser · Culinaria Mailing List-Bob Strauch · Taste Of The Borderland-Raised Strudel Source?
No. 114CJan. 31, 2003Status of Szt. Peterfa & St. Kathrein Record Update-Frank Teklits · Immigrant Obit-Catasauqua, PA-Bob Strauch · Burgenland In Former Days (Part 6, continued from 111)-Gerhard Lang · Burgenland Super Bowl Someday?-Hannes Graf · Splitter From Vienna-Hannes Graf
No. 1152/28/03The Downside Of The Internet · Meaning Of "Erben" On Church Records · Church Of St. Agnes, St. Paul, MN · Taste Of The Burgenland-Strudel Availability · Update Your Listing! · One Thousand BB Member Countdown! · Join The Burgenländische Gemeinschaft-Tom Glatz Writes · St. Agnes, St. Paul, MN Book Review Reply-Dale Knebel · Eisenstadt Jewish Ghetto Family Reply · Southernmost Burgenland Lutheran Parish
No. 115A2/28/03Lutheran Church In Bernstein · First Immigrant Family From Breitenbrunn? · Artinger Request From Norway
No. 115B2/28/03Burgenland Fasching In The Past? · Lehigh Valley, PA Immigrant Deaths · Burgenland Food Talk- Pastry · Hungarian Lists · Use Albert's Village List & Klaus' Maps · Would You Answer These Requests?
No. 115C2/28/03An Interesting Name-Nemethy · Use Latitude & Longitude To Identify Place Of Origin-Bob Unger · Burgenland In Former Days (Part 7, continued from 111)-Gerhard Lang
No. 1163/31/03 Another Burgenland Enclave-Meadowlands, Minnesota (also see article 1, newsletter 116A) · Eisenburg-Eisenberg -County (Hungarian Vas)-Village In Hungary & Austria · Austrian American Cultural Society-Pittsburgh, PA · BB-BG Membership-Chicago · About Your Editor · Email To Members Returned As Undeliverable
No. 116A3/31/03 Meadowlands, MN Burgenland Enclave-St. Joseph's Parish · Request From Markt Allau (Albert Schuch) · Book "Braut-Sprüche und Braut-Lieder" (Albert Schuch) · NYC Hungarian Genealogy Conference (Margaret Kaiser) · Burgenland Displaced Persons Camp (Kaiser & Bob Strauch) · Genealogy Workshop-Allentown, PA
No. 116B3/31/03 1000th Member Joins Burgenland Bunch! · Reading Hungarian Records
No. 116C3/31/03 First Immigrants-Andau · Taste Of The Burgenland-Splitter (Strudel & Fastnachts) · Dr. Franz Batthyany Beatified · Latest(?) Immigrant From Schachendorf · Burgenland In Former Days (Part 8, continued from 111)-Gerhard Lang-delayed · Hupfer From Oberwart? · More From Chicago
No. 1174/30/03Safe To Drive In Hungary? · Family Information Concerning Batthyany Beatification · A Welcome Email To Our 1000th Member · More Information Concerning Batthyany Beatification · Burgenland Today-Vas (Moson-Sopron) Yesterday-Castriferrei Earlier? · Cantus Felix Sings At Batthyany Beatification
No. 117A4/30/03Splitter From Pittsburgh · Some Thoughts About The BB · New Hungarian Book · German Translation Possibilities · Taste Of The Burgenland-Noodles With Cottage Cheese · First Immigrants-Mosonszolnok (Zanegg), Hungary · Want To Find Some Austrian Products? · Note From Gerhard Lang
No. 117B4/30/03American-Hungarian Day · Another Spam Query · Source Of Name Fangel · Hungarian Jewish Genealogy Sources · German Translation Help
No. 117C4/30/03Burgenland In Former Days (Part 8, continued from 111)-Gerhard Lang · Origin Of Term "Ban"-As In "Ban Of Croatia"
No. 1185/31/03 Burgenland Family History Help For Latest Generation- (Zwetolitz-Rabafuzes) · Glatz Name From Bavaria? (Glatz) · Oratorio Honoring St. Ladislaus To Be Held In Horitschon, Burgenland (Heinz Koller)
No. 118A5/31/03 Canadian Archives-Huber (Ilmitz-Unterschützen)) · News From Königsdorf · Viennese Pastry Shop In Chicago · Burgenland Band Concert-Chicago July 20 · Allentown & Bethlehem, PA History Book Reviews · Lehigh County, PA Historical Society Proceedings 2002 · More On "Ban" Definition
No. 118B5/31/03 Splitter (Fragments) From The Burgenländische Gemeinschaft News No, 382 · 1000th Member Congratulatory Note From Burgenland Lt. Gov. Steindl · More On Vasvar (Vas Megye) · Weinzirl Surname In South Dakota (from · Comments & Forwarded Material From Our Staff & Readers · New Edition Of The Rudersdorf Bankerlsitzer Website-Peter Sattler · Lehigh Valley, PA Events & Tratsch-Bob Strauch
No. 118C5/31/03 Burgenland In Former Days (Part 9, continued from 111)-Gerhard Lang · DNA & Genealogical Links-The Seven Daughters Of Eve · Hungarian Village-Rabahidveg · How To Determine Nationality?
No. 1196/30/03Taste Of The Burgenland-Gulyas Soup-Goulash Soup · More Members Tour Burgenland-Pum · Zuberbach and Narda · St. Bernard's Church, St. Paul, MN · Canadian Burgenland Immigration Records · Zwetolitz School Project Awarded An "A" (see BB News No. 118)
No. 119A6/30/03Was Mom Really A Citizen?-Bob Eder · Why Wasn't A Border Village Ceded To Austria (or Hungary)? · Purpose Of Ethnic Organizations Like The BB and BG? · Burgenland Composer Michael Brand (Mihály Mosonyi )-Fritz Königshofer · Finding Villages-Spelling-Spelling-Spelling! · How To Find New Member Data · Austrian Band At Musikfest 2003/Bethlehem, PA-Bob Strauch
No. 119B6/30/03Online Genealogy Classes · Croatian And Other Records In The Burgenland Parishes Of Szt. Peterfa and St. Kathrein · Was Meint "Heimat"? (How Is "Heimat" Defined?) · Some Help For A Lehigh Valley, PA Query (Vollman)
No. 119C6/30/03BB Statistics · New Member Extraordinary! · Heimattreffen in Grossdorf/Vaskeresztes (from Bob Strauch) · Ethnic Joke Of The Month (learn a little German) · Add Village History To Family History · Preparation For Emigration?
No. 1207/31/03BB Newsletter Nos. 101-119 Index
No. 120A7/31/03The Balance Of The BB News Index (nos. 115-119) · An Unusual Immigrant Itinerary · Margaret Kaiser Joins BB Staff · DNA Sequence Proves Germanic Migration Of My Maternal Clan · Lehigh Valley Ethnic Events-R. Strauch
No. 120B7/31/03Abbreviations Of Hungarian Terms In Records · Zapfel Family From Reidlingsdorf- Martina Pirsch · Message From Member R. Bubick · "The Graf-Lehner Family Tree"-Hannes Graf · Penna. Dutch (German)-Burgenlandisch Eppel-Apfel-Apple Dumplings Thread-Bob Strauch et al
No. 120C7/31/03Burgenland In Former Days (Part 10, continued from newsletter no. 111)-Gerhard Lang · Message From Gerhard Lang In Rust · News From Chicago Lackenbach Event-Tom Glatz · Splitter (Fragments) From Correspondence
No. 1219/30/03Welcome Back · Virus Troubles Again & Again-Be Warned · Gary Portsche Needs Some Help-Gols Website · Al Meixner Notes-Music · Huss Family Note-St. Agnes Records-St. Paul, MN · Walter Pomper To Discontinue Austrian -American Newsletter-Chicago · Die Deutsche Hausfrau-Ethnic Magazine of Long Ago · Austrian Newspaper Archives On-line
No. 121A9/30/03Hebraic Burgenland-Mattersburg · Canadian Immigration Records From Austrian Wanderungsamt · Croatian Language And Life In The Burgenland-A Website · Taste Of The Burgenland-Pinched Dumplings (Noodles) For Soup · Hungarian Painters Of Peasant Or Rural Scenes & Burgenland Artists · Graz Festival
No. 121C9/30/03Hungarian Restaurant-Chicago · Hoyos Nobility · Ollersdorf-Szieser Family · St. Andras-Mantlik Family · Rax & Rax Bergen · Redesigned Burgenland Homepage
No. 12210/31/03News From Gerhard Lang -Rust · Hausfrau Magazine Still Being Published (see last newsletter) · Correspondence From Reinhard Strobl-Kleinmürbisch · Lehigh County (PA) Historical Society-New Quarters · A History Of Hungary-New Book · Lehigh Valley (PA) & Other Ethnic Events-Bob Strauch & Margaret Kaiser
No. 122A10/31/03Mosonsentjanos (St. Johann) Origins-Dale Knebel · Origins Of Name Knaus · Burgenland Mantlik Search Leads To North-Eastern Hungary-Trip Report · New Additions To Burgenland Internet Links-Anna Kresh
No. 122B10/31/03Glass Notes & Other Musings From A Rhine-Main Danube River Trip
No. 122C10/31/03Was Schachendorf The Site Of A Burgenland Concentration Camp? · Howard Heck Asks For Help · Reformation Sparked Many Migrations To Burgenland · Note from Felix Game-Print Your Genealogical Data · A Typical BB Query & Reply-Village Of Dreihutten
No. 12311/30/03Digital Parish Records of Klingenbach-Fritz. Königshofer · New Member Seeks 18th Honved Data · Walachia Not Part Of Burgenland Research Area · Radio Burgenland?-Bob Strauch & Frieda Eberhardt
No. 123A11/30/03 A New Member's Lament-Gerstl Name, Village of Limbach (introducing the possibility scenario) · You Will Be Removed From The Newsletter Distribution List · Member Update & Offer To Help-Geosits & Szt. Peterfa · New Member Sends Much Data-Pelzmann, Bocksdorf
No. 123B11/30/03 DNA Continues To Tantalize Us Re Origin Of Burgenlanders-Helena Clan, Steve Geosits · Al Meixner Advises Of Ethnic Music · Viennese Orphans In The Burgenland-Fritz Königshofer · Burgenland Fruit Varieties
No. 123C11/30/03 Translation Help · A Bilingual Xmas Poem-Hannes Graf · First Immigrant From Oslip-Bruce Klemens · Post Those Requests For Family History Contacts · LDS To Digitize Microfilm Records?-Anna Kresh · Please Read The Fine Print-Your BB Email Address Is On Line!
No. 12412/31/03 Tonk Research Pays Off-Kroatisch Minihof
No. 124A12/31/03Request For Recent Burgenland Immigrant Contacts · Wallendorf Connections-Strodl Family-Charles Wardell · Note From Susan Peters Re BB Picnic · Pennsylvania Dutch (Palatinate) Xmas-Anna Kresh · Recipe From Burgenland-Tom Webb · Are You A Burgenland Mouse In The Corner? · An Old Fashioned Xmas In Allentown-Bob Strauch · Post Xmas Concert-Bob Strauch · Greetings From Charter Member Firmus Opitz
No. 124B12/31/03Deutsch/Englisch Sprache-The Language Of The Germanic Immigrant · New Jersey Ethnic Holiday Event-Margaret Kaiser · Kudos From Member · Village Of Csanak, Hungary · German Speaking Communities In Chicago-Spurensuche · Village Called "Wolffs" · Book "People On The Border"-Croatian History In The Burgenland · Chicago Jolly Burgenländer Faschingfest-Tom Glatz
No. 124C12/31/03Early Baptism & Infant Mortality · Horvath And Paar Families From Kondorfa, Hungary · Chicago Zither Club-Tom Glatz · Austrian American Society Of Milwaukee-Tom Glatz · Fr. Berghold Memorial Approved · New Year Comes To Old Vienna-Albert Schuch · GLÜCKLICHES NEW JAHR!




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