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Genealogists researching the multi-ethnic heritage of the Burgenland of Austria and adjoining areas of former West Hungary.

The following is a chronological checklist of the archived newsletters:

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No. 1251/31/04What Is A Bürgermeister? · Village Of Kroatisch Ehrensdorf · Response To Tonk Article In Newsletter 124 (Viennese Draft And Foundling Records) · Famous Dr. Ignaz Philipp Semmelweis A Burgenländer?
No. 125A1/31/04Family History Primer-Spelling-Spelling-Spelling! · Family History Primer-Finding That Village Of Origin · First Generation Burgenland Immigrants Please Contact Marion Steinwandtner · New Year's Serenade From Burgenland-Bob Strauch · Origin of Names Wallach/Vlah/Walsch-Fritz Königshofer · Midwest BB Picnic Date Set-Hap Anderson · Austrian Newspapers On-Line
No. 125B1/31/04Where Do We (The BB) Go From Here? · Marrying Cousins, Surname Spellings & Collateral Family Lines · Taste Of The Burgenland-Chicken Paprikash & Backhendl -Strauch & Berghold · Origin Of Germanic Settlers To Burgenland-Bob Strauch
No. 125C1/31/04A Christmas Greeting From Father Leopold · A Message From A Newsletter Fan · BB Editor Celebrates Two Important Events · Village Of "Wolffs" Found · Data Concerning 76th Honved Regiment · Schachendorf Was Not The Site Of A Concentration Camp · Pictures From The 1870'S
No. 1262/29/04Hungarian Village Names & BB Work Aids · Klaus Gerger-BG Liason & BB Burgenland Co-Editor-Visits · "Blood Washes Blood"-A Family History Search-Book Review · Taste Of The Burgenland-Sterz · Second Raab Valley Reunion-Heimattreffen-Limeport, PA
No. 126A2/29/04Some Fastnacht Comments · More Schachendorf Data From WWII · Mail Offers For International Family Yearbooks · Anna Kresh Elected To Board Of Pittsburgh Austrian Society
No. 126B2/29/04Lehigh County, PA To Offer Bilingual Polls · New Year's Expression "Guten Rutsch" · Thanks For The Anniversary Messages! · Tantsits Welcome Klaus Gerger · Member Shares Positive BB Experience · BB Primer-Searching For US Relatives · Any Gmosers Out There? · Request For Gigler Family Data
No. 126C2/29/04Splitter From The Burgenländische Gemeinschaft (BG) News (Jan./Feb. 2004) · 1786-1790 House Numbers-Heiligenkreuz am Lafnitz- A South Burgenland Parish · There Are Two Towns Called Szombathely · Rainbow Over Burg Güssing-Portent Of A Great Burgspeile?
No. 1273/31/04AOL Blocks BB Newsletters To AOL Subscribers! · Lack Of Spam-Bill Rudy · Chicago Area Austrian Club Events-Tom Glatz · BB Newsletter Archives-Charles Wardell
No. 127A3/31/04Family History Of Burgenland Composer Mihály Mosonyi Of Frauenkirchen
Authored By BB Austrian Editor Fritz Königshofer
No. 127B3/31/04Family History Of Burgenland Composer Mihály Mosonyi Of Frauenkirchen
Authored By BB Austrian Editor Fritz Königshofer (cont.)
No. 127C3/31/04Some Comments from The Heart-Stop Publishing? · A Visit To Wolfau & Königsdorf-F. Karner & Tom Glatz · Slovenian Burgenland · Taste Of The Burgenland-Schmarn (Kaiserschmarren) · More On Fastnachts · BG 2004 Picnic-Dr. Walter Dujmovits & Bob Strauch
No. 1284/30/04Ethnic Easter Traditions (forwarded by Bob Strauch)
No. 128A4/30/04Königsdorf-A Village Genealogy · Other Ethnic Events In Chicago-Tom Glatz · Burgenländische Gemeinschaft Chicago Election Results
No. 128B4/30/04An Easter Story Translated From The Hianzisch · Taste Of The Burgenland-Fried Cabbage And Noodles (Kraut-Nockerl) · A Sterz Response · Klaus Gerger (BB Burgenland Associate Editor) Visits Allentown-Ed Tantsits · New History Of Esterhazy Family
No. 128C4/30/04BB Mentioned In "Rot Weiss Rot" Journal · Jurmeister Name Derivation · Comment Concerning Non-receipt Of Newsletter #126 · More On Schmarn · NY Brotherhood Of The Burgenländer To Hold Annual Dance · Items From Chicago Enclave-Tom Glatz · Email From An Eisenstadt Schanta-Bob Strauch
No. 1295/31/04Update To Previous Articles-Grophas-Celestial Harmonies- Chicago Spurensuche-Klaus Gerger Visit-Ethnic Music-Schmarrm · New Jersey Ethnic Events In June · Change In BB Homepage URL Link · Report Spam To These Sites · Szeideman Family Data Update · What Is The Burgenland Bunch? · Dream In English-Dream In German
No. 129A5/31/04Two Days To Visit Güssing-What To See? · City Directories-Data Sources · Finding Accommodations For Burgenland Visits · Family Links To Königsdorf & Eltendorf-Karner, Flasch & Hacker Families · Ethnic Appellations
No. 129B5/31/04Family Links To Königsdorf-Leitgeb Family · Family Links To Königsdorf-Perl, Fuchs Families · Airline Flights To Burgenland · Village Of Bergwerk · Taste Of The Burgenland-Meatless Bean Soup-Bob Strauch
No. 129C5/31/04Auto Rental In Austria-Tips · Taste Of The Burgenland -Zwetschk'nknödln-Plum Dumplings · Lehigh Valley, PA Ethnic News-Bob Strauch
No. 1307/31/04Update To Previous Articles & Correspondence-Two Szombathelys, Another Bean Soup, No Newsletters Received, How To Change Mailing Address, Looking For Jewish Records, Grafenschachen Contact Unavailable, Sepp Kametler's Book, Descendants Of Frank Derdits. · Mattersburg-Mattersdorf · Frauenkirchen Birth Certificates? · Midwest Picnic Information
No. 130A7/31/04Mixed Marriages · Looking For Those Who Moved From Güssing · Burgenland "History House" In Bildein · Schreyer Family Story (from Tadten) · Message From New Chicago BG President · Links To Austrian Shopping Sites
No. 130B7/31/04Burgenland Immigration To Canada · Peischl Family-Stegersbach · Value Of A Gulden
No. 130C7/31/04Peischl Trip To Austria · Lehigh Valley Ethnic Events August 2004 · Ungarische Burgenland · Death Of Austrian President · Storks Bring Good Luck · Austrian On-Line Phone Book Changes · Burgenland Village Website Photos Are Great! · 15th Century Medieval Festival-Güssing · Spice Firm Recalls Half-Sharp Paprika
No. 1318/31/04Airlines As Bad As Immigrant Steamships? · More On Value Of The Gulden · Even More Concerning The Gulden · Canadian Descendant Heard From · Records Of Paternity & Support · Village Of Glashütten
No. 131A8/31/042004 Midwest Picnic Report · Family History Grants Immortality? · Szt Peterfa Marriage Records-1797-1895 · In Vegas Steht Ein Hoffbräuhaus · Lehigh Valley Ethnic Events-September · Perl Family-Königsdorf-A Return Visit
No. 131B8/31/04Perl Family-Königsdorf-A Return Visit (continued from newsletter 131A) · Pamhagen-A WWII Combat Story And Village Search
No. 131C8/31/04Strem-Garger Family · Hungarians In Chicago-Joe Jarfas
No. 1329/30/04The Burgenland Bunch & The Burgenländische Gemeinschaft · Chicago BG Martini-Fest November 5, 2004 · Remove Or Cancel From The BB-An Explanation-Again
No. 132A9/30/04Member Of Austrian Radio (ORF) Needs Help · Hold A Family Reunion · German-American Day · The Myth Of German Almost Replacing English As US Language · Austrian Day In New York City · Sacred Heart Church (Allentown, PA) History · Kettle Goulash
No. 132B9/30/04Ivan's Rain Causes Much Damage In The Pittsburgh Area · Austrian American Day In Chicago · "Sprechen Sie Burgenländisch" Book Tip · Dialect Poem Home Page · Garger Family Contact · Schneeberger Name & Research · Question Concerning Burned Village Records · Wisconsin Name Index
No. 132C9/30/04Hotel Krutzler-Heiligenbrunn · Professional Genealogical Assistance Offered · Grandma's (Grandpa's) Apron · Munich Oktoberfest Site · Oslip Family Names At LDS Site
No. 13310/31/04Internet (Email) Requests For Family History Data · Origin Of Ideas For Newsletter Articles & Blue Aprons · Two Ethnic Societies In New York City · Village Of Rettenbach · Güssing Records Available At Allentown Family History Center · Translation Of German Text Concerning Wallern (Village)
No. 133A10/31/04 Ethnic Splitter Concerning The Heimat-Here & Abroad · Lehigh Valley Ethnic Calendar · Finding Village Of Origin-Ehrnreiter (Ehrenreiter) Name · Zigelhofer (Ziegelhofer) Name · Dead Queries?
No. 133B10/31/04 Klaus Gerger To Visit Detroit & Chicago · Slovenia · Virtual Reality Picture of BB Staff · Austrian Airlines Travel Offer · Virtual Reality Photos An Idea For Genealogies · Burgenland Immigrant Film Documentary-Chicago · Burgenland Bunch Internet Links-Additions & Revisions
No. 133C10/31/04 Second Raab Valley Reunion, Limeport, PA-Margaret Kaiser & Bob Strauch · Memories Of St. Emmerich (Rönök, Hungary)-Bob Strauch · Chicago Finally Meets Lehigh Valley-Tom Glatz · 1828 Hungarian Land Census Question
No. 13411/30/04 The Burgenland Emigration To America-(Amerikawanderung) · Correction To NYC Burgenland Club Address · Kopreinitz, Slovenia · Burgenland WorldGen Web Query Board
No. 134A11/30/04 Using The LDS Family History Centers · Family History Cooperation From Local Priests & Pastors · Austrian Officials View US Elections · Raab Valley Definition
No. 134B11/30/04 New York City List Of Burgenland Immigrants (New Website) · Engerau & Nickelsdorf (Villages)-Creation Of Burgenland · BB Staff Photo · Active Northampton, PA BG Member Dies · Burgenland Society of Passaic, NJ · Taschler From Punitz-Good Advice For Any Beginner · Winter Storms 2004 Come Early To Burgenland
No. 134C11/30/04 Village Of Breitenbrunn · Frequently Asked Questions Concerning How We Operate · Dig Deeper-Seek And You Shall Find Things Burgenlaendisch
No. 13512/31/04Village Histories-Sankt Michael · Update On The Digitization Of Szentpeterfa Records · Name Day Calendars · The Polka Is Alive And Well In Nazareth, PA ·. Create A List Of Burgenland Village Histories? · Create A List Of Burgenland Church Histories? · Burgenland TV Series · Newsletter No. 134 Correction · San Francisco Café Vienna Website · Klaus Gerger To Visit Detroit
No. 135A12/31/04 As The BB Enters Its 10th Year · The Russian Time-1945-1955 To Be Memorialized (Occupation Years) · I'm Getting Four BB Newsletters Every Month-Check The Subject Line! · One Reason Why You May Not Find Any Reference To Your Surname · Message That You Have Been Un-subscribed (From BB Newsletter) · Vienna New Year's Concert · Message From Father Leopold
No. 135B12/31/04 Using RootsWeb: Our BB Query Board and Newsletter List · Where Are The Civil Records? · How To Find My Immigrant Ancestors' Houses? · Castle Lockenhaus And Its Owners · Burgenland Sites Across The Border In Hungary
No. 135C12/31/04 Rare Flower Traced To Güssing Castle Grounds & Some History · Ludwig Stossel -A Burgenland Immigrant From The Hollywood Scene · New Year's Day Ethnic TV




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