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Genealogists researching the multi-ethnic heritage of the Burgenland of Austria and adjoining areas of former West Hungary.

The following is a chronological checklist of the archived newsletters:

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No. 1361/31/05Burgenland Village & Church Histories-Response · More On Burgenland Celebrity Ludwig Stossel (Stössl) · Early Immigrant-Stephan Sandhofer From Purbach
No. 136A1/31/05Neuhaus Am Klausenbach - Review Translation Of Village History · Paprika Source?
No. 1372/28/05Hungarian Given Names · Taste Of The Burgenland-Fastnachts · Paprika Follow-Up, NJ Hungarian Butcher Shop · Does LDS Have A New Method Of Copying Records? · Early Burgenland (Heiligenkreuz) Records-Another Episode
No. 137A2/28/05New BB Membership Option (see article 5) · Tradition! · Danube River Trips · Burgenländische Gemeinschaft and Klaus Gerger · The BB & Internet Misuse (see article 1) · NJ BB Members-A Call For Help · BB Midwest Picnic
No. 1383/31/05 Chicago Viennese Ball-Tom Glatz · Ethnic Links-Margaret Kaiser · Burgenland Village History- Neuhaus am Klausenbach-Ron Wolf · Hungarians Of Louisiana-Margaret Kaiser · A Burgenland Record From 1678 & How To Find A Map · Güssing Castle Organization Holds Press Conference-Heinz Koller
No. 138A3/31/05 Village Of Langzeil · Burgenland Village & Church Histories Response · Perusich Inquiry-Unterpullendorf · Güssing-Bildein Visit-July 2004 · Family History & Health Problems · Using LDS Family History Centers
No. 1394/30/05 Identity Theft-Latest Genealogical Internet Scare? · German Migration To Burgenland · Email Addresses In Burgenland Villages? · New Burgenland Book In Dialect · Chicago BG To Hold Martini-fest & Miss Burgenland Pageant · LDS Family History Centers In The US & Austria
No. 139A4/30/05 Taste Of The Burgenland-Groflin-Kiflin Pastry (A Croat Specialty)-Tom Glatz · Taste Of Hungary-Roasting Bacon-Hungarian Style · Cleveland American Heritage Museum & Balaton Restaurant · Louisiana Hungarians-Replies · Recent Obituaries-Burgenland Immigrants & Other · Time For Burgenlandische Gemeinschaft Dues · Pittsburgh Austrian American Cultural Society (AACS) Photos · Austria-L Reports AEIOU Data Base Down & Reactivated-Charles Wardell · "Ich, Andreas Baumkircher"-Burg Güssing 2005 Production
No. 1495/31/05 Burgenland Bunch Statistics-Tom Steichen · Taste Of The Burgenland-Marzipan · Interesting Ethnic Websites-Bob Strauch · Viennese Ball In Allentown · Recent Visit To Königsdorf · Wallern Book By Father Graisy Digitized-Hannes Graf · New Jersey Remembrance List Update (Cemetery Listings) · Hungarian Bacon Roasting Reply · Burgenländische Gemeinschaft (BG) Has New Address! · Finding Burgenland Parish Churches · Internet URL List Updated-Anna Kresh
No. 140A5/31/05 Museum At St. Michael-Bob Unger · Taste Of The Burgenland-Cookbooks & Recipes · The Bridge At Andau · Kossuth Lajos- Hero Of The 1848 Hungarian Revolution · Urbars As A Record Source · Wallitsch & Nikitischer Families-Southern Burgenland · Lehigh Valley (PA) Ethnic News-Bob Strauch · 30th Annual Hungarian Festival-New Brunswick, NJ-Margaret Kaiser · Austrian Obituary Notices-Klaus Gerger
No. 1416/30/05Spanish Riding School Of Vienna - Fall Tour · Member From New Zealand · Tracing Burgenland Croatian Names To Origin In Croatia · Skrapits Name · Where Do I Start? · The Ethnic Cleansing Search Problem · Lots Of Miss Burgenland's · Why Email Newsletters?
No. 141A6/30/05The Westernmost Burgenlaender · Szt Peterfa Milestone Completed - Frank Teklits · An Early Immigration-Wurzer, Deutsch Geresdorf · European Union To Cause New East-West Migration? · Immigrants From Gamischdorf & Schallendorf · Catasauqua, PA German Brass Band Concerts · Immigrants From St Michael · German Migration To Burgenland-Battle Of Lackenbach
No. 1427/31/05Those Germanic-Hungarian Family Names-Fritz Königshofer · Auswanderung Book Available From Burgenländische Gemeinschaft · Genealogy Service Offered · Nicknames (Spitznamen) In Early Church Records · Problem With Early Latin Script · Website Concerning German Migration To The East · Sharing Genealogical Data · Records For Village Of Edlitz
No. 142A7/31/05A Burgenland Tale From The Revolution Of 1848 · A Plea From Our Membership Editor Hannes Graf · BB Picnic Notice · Aloha And Servus (Hermann Allerstorfer) · Cycling In Burgenland · Lehigh Valley, PA Ethnic Calendar-August 2005 (Bob Strauch) · Recent Immigrant Obits · Hawaian Gulasch Party · Coplay, PA Saengerbund Celebrates 88th Anniversary
No. 1439/30/05 Post WWII Forced Migration From Hungary-Village Of Holling · Membership Editor Address Change · Peter Sattler's New "Bankerlsitzer" Edition-Village Of Rudersdorf · Burgenland Immigrant Name Change Solved-Tallian · Where BB Members Live · Flooding In Austria
No. 143A9/30/05 Interesting Links · Recent Obituaries · Ethnic Book Discovered · Father Leopold Writes New Book (In German) · Cabbage Strudel Request · Lutheran Origins In Southern Burgenland
No. 14410/31/05 Protestant Settlement In Burgenland -Fritz Königshofer · BB Current Membership Problems · Burgenland Trip Report-Güssing Area-Rachel White · New York-New Jersey Remembrance List Website Update · Recent Immigrant Obit · Bridge At Andau
No. 144A10/31/05 Correspondence From Gerhard Lang · New Meixler Burgenland Music CD · Village Names & Civil Administration- Tschanigraben · BB Midwest Picnic Report · Hallo NachPan!- A Burgenland Generated Family Research Plan · More On Holling And Forced Migration · Lehigh Valley, PA Ethnic Bazaars-Bob Strauch
No. 14511/30/05 Gemeindeamt Functions · Königsdorf Kraut Strudel Von Elfi Perl · WWII Mass Grave Found At Schachendorf · Recent Burgenland Immigrant Obits-Bob Strauch · Chicago BG Martini-Fest A Success-Tom Glatz · Village Location Problem-St. Nicholas (Szt. Miklos)
No. 145A11/30/05 Membership Problems-Returned Newsletters · Variations In The Spelling Of Burgenland Names · Questions Concerning Military Records · Hungarian Immigrants & Descendants In Allentown, PA May Lose Church · Counter Reformation In Southern Burgenland-Neuhaus
No. 14612/31/05 Message From Burgenland Vice Governor Franz Steindl · State Of The Burgenland Bunch (Letter To BB Staff) · Periodic Free Access To US Census · Use Those BB URL Contacts & Other Sources · Burgenland Elections Retain Governor, Vice Governor & Others · Burgenländische Gemeinschaft Elections Held · Stefan Behm-Founder Of Moschendorf Wine Museum Dies · Homesickness - A Poem By Sister Ida Gartner · Church In Zurndorf
No. 146A12/31/05 Kipfels - A Definition & A Republished Recipe · Newsletter Distribution Problems & Spam Filters · Firm Selling Mail Order Genealogies Being Sued · Message From Membership Editor Hannes Graf · German-Hungarian Family Kalender Shows Villages Of Origin




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