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Genealogists researching the multi-ethnic heritage of the Burgenland of Austria and adjoining areas of former West Hungary.

The following is a chronological checklist of the archived newsletters:

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No. 1471/31/06LDS Family History Center Fees To Increase · Are Bank Fees For Foreign Money Transfers Increasing? · BB Member Response To Newsletter Blocking Encouraging · Hungarian Descendant Searching For Burgenland Ancestors From Kukmirn-Zahling · Allentown Hungarian Church Will Not Close · Minnesota Now Has 100 BB Members
No. 147A1/31/06Burgenland Birthplace Of Gustav Klimt? · Illegitimacy Can Remove A Whole Branch Of The Family Tree · Janossmorja (Hungary) Created From Three Villages In 1970 · Finding Genealogical Help · Typical Request To Join The BB-Burgauberg · New Burgenland Related Website · Lehigh Valley, PA Obit · Meixner Music Releases A New CD With Burgenland Music · Lehigh Valley, PA Activities
No. 1482/28/06Changes Affecting My Status As BB Editor & Coordinator · Improvements To The BB Homepage & Procedures · The Best From Ten Years Of BB Newsletters · Albert Schuch Resigns From BB Staff · Vienna Mozart Orchestra To Tour North America
No. 148A2/28/06More On Illegitimacy & BB Genealogy · More Help With That First Burgenland Visit · Burgenland Honored & Remembered Website · BB Midwest Picnic Scheduled · More On Foreign Money Transfers · Debrecen Sausage
No. 1493/31/06BB Charter Members · Hungarian Fank, Krapfen, Fastnachts & American Doughnuts · Burgenland Cemetery Visits Here & Abroad · Lunch/Dinner In Ethnic Northampton, PA-1935 · Austrian Guide Available
No. 149A3/31/06Next Month Will Feature Our 150th Edition · Burgenland Cemetery Data · Upcoming Cultural Performances In Burgenland · Burgenlandische Gemeinschaft 50th Anniversary Program · Ethnic Restaurants Come & Go · Burgenland Deed Changes
No. 1504/30/06Congratulations From Hofrat Dr. Walter Dujmovits-President Burgenlandische Gemeinschaft · Statistics From The 1st Month Of The New BB Homepage (Hannes Graf-150th Contribution)) · The Bunch And I (Tom Steichen-150th Contribution) · Burgenland Deed Changes (more information from Klaus Gerger) · A Changing BB (Tom Steichen-150th Contribution) · More Burgenland/Hungary Border Crossings (Hannes Graf) · 50th Anniversary Of The Burgenlandische Gemeinschaft
No. 150A4/30/06An Immigrant Story-Gerry Berghold-150th Contribution · A Typical BB Request-Villages Of Tobaj & Grossmürbisch · My Time With The BB-Bob Unger-150th Contribution · Taste Of The Burgenland-Forgacsfank Or Fried Twists
No. 150B4/30/06Lehigh Valley, PA Ethnic Calendar-April 2006-Bob Strauch · Recent Obituaries Concerning Burgenland Ethnic Families · Preparation For Burgenland Emigration-(Anna Kresh 150th Contribution) · Village Of Rosenberg (Rosahegy)-"Rosehill" · The Downside Of Operating The BB · What The BB Has Meant To Me-(Frank Teklits 150th Contribution)
No. 150C4/30/06My Contribution To The 10th Year, 150th BB Newsletter-Fritz Königshofer · The Location & Population Of Burgenland -Fritz Königshofer · The BB From A Bürgenlander's Standpoint-(Klaus Gerger 150th Contribution)
No. 150D4/30/06The BB-A Dream Come True -Tom Glatz 150th Contribution · The BB Is The Best-An Unsolictited Comment · Schloss Lackenbach-Lackenbach Palace-An Immigrant Family Home · A Request From Eisenstadt · Edelweis Haus (Northampton, PA) Reopens
No. 1515/31/06Update Of Honoree Website & Call For Help · Village Of Hannersdorf & Hanners Name-Salzburg Emigration · Village Of Frauenkirchen & Stifter Name · BB Member's Web Pages-Hadl Family · Recent Obituaries Concerning Burgenland Ethnic Families · Croatian Origins In The Eisenstadt (Oslip) Area · St. Janos Name Index
No. 151A5/31/06Burgenland Trip Report-Village Of Oslip · 31st Annual Hungarian Festival-New Brunswick, NJ
No. 1526/30/0650th Anniversary Burgenländische Gemeinschaft · How To Join The Burgenland Bunch -Anna Kresh · 1300 Members & Some Remembrance- Hannes Graf · A Much Better Method For Searching Immigration Records-Bob Unger
No. 152A6/30/06Take Your Research To New Heights-With A Burgenland Tour · More Use Of The Steven Morse Website (from Bob Unger) · Burgenland Keppel Descendant Pitching For The Big Leagues · Austrian Student Prepares Immigrant Questionnaire · Surnames Ending In "its" Again · Burgenland Immigrant Rail Trips To Embarkation Ports · Taste Of The Burgenland-Baked Buckwheat Sterz
No. 152B6/30/06Second Trip To Burgenland & Vicinity-A Good Itinerary · More On Hannersdorf & Croatian Migration · Recent Obituaries Concerning Ethnic Burgenland Families · Meixner Ethnic Music Site Refurbished
No. 1537/31/06Report From BG 50th Anniversary Celebration -Tom Glatz · Coplay, PA Sängerbund Celebrates 89 Years · Finding Germanic Villages Of Origin (Again) · Proposed Burgenland Tour Cancelled · 1313 Members! Good Luck-Bad Luck? · Lutheran Movement To Königsdorf · Burgenland Soccer Pro
No. 153A7/31/06Report From BG 50th Anniversary Celebration -Tom Glatz (cont.) · Recent Obituaries Concerning Burgenland Ethnic Families · National Geographic DNA Project
No. 153B7/31/06A BG - Moschendorf Report From Membership Editor Hannes Graf · AÖWB Meeting Set For Sept. 2006 · Events & Issues Leading To Burgenland Emigration · Have You Been Bitten By The Genealogy Bug?
No. 1548/31/06Village Of Edlitz Featured · Austrian/Hungarian Confusion · BB Members Albert Schuch and Elizaberth Zarka Married · Passage Of A Burgenland Hostess-Tessie Unger Dies · Photo Marathon-BG 50th Anniversary · Szt. Peterfa Book · Village Scenes-A New Idea From Hannes Graf
No. 154A8/31/06Transdanubia (Dunatul)-Mother Of The Burgenland · Freilichtmuseum Ensemble Gerersdorf · Village Of Edlitz-Rudi Wolf · Recent Obituary Concerning Burgenland Ethnic Family
No. 1559/30/06Unwanted Email From The BB Newsletter List · Burgenland Counties · Twelve Day Burgenland Tour Offered, July 2007 · Burgenlaenders Honored & Remembered Request · Recent Burgenland Family Obituary
No. 155A9/30/06Swabian Origins Of Neudau Families Migrating To The Burgenland · The BB Years Fly By · More On Burgenland Illegitimacy & Adoption · Views Of The Burgenland-Mönchhof-A New Series By Hannes Graf · Croatian DNA · National Geographic DNA Project · Northampton Celebrates Ties With Austria
No. 15610/31/06Chicago BG Celebrates 50th Anniversary · More On Burgenland Illegitimacy · Sample Personal Twelve Day Burgenland Tour Guide · Some Thoughts Concerning Burgenland DNA · Recent Burgenland Family Obituary · A Quick Trip To Burgenland Village Of Origin-Moschendorf
No. 156A10/31/06New Genealogical Website For Szentpeterfa, Vas, Hungary · House (Clan) Names Of Szentpeterfa-Book In Progress · What To Do With Those Original & Subsequent Burgenland Records · BB Staff Changes · Views Of The Burgenland-Burgenland Impressions-Hagensdorf & Luising Cemetery · Taste Of The Burgenland-Commercial Nut & Poppy Seed Strudel
No. 15711/30/06Trip To Wien, Burgenland, Hungary, Slovenia & Croatia
No. 157A11/30/06Pictures Of Croatian Migration Sites-Dalmatia To Burgenland · Report Of August 2006 BB Midwest Picnic · Taste Of The Burgenland-Knödl Or Dumplings · Croatian Editor Frank Teklits Resigns · Szt. Peterfa Church Records Received By LDS · Taste of The Burgenland-Some Modern Strudel Variations?
No. 157B11/30/06Suggestion For 12 Day Burgenland Itinerary · Apetlon History Available · Ethnic Dialect Revival · What If The Turks Had Taken Vienna In 1683? · Recent Burgenland Family Obituaries · Hebraic Book Report-"A Wandering Feast"
No. 15812/31/06Schönbrunn and Landtechnische Museum at St. Michael · Genealogy Versus Burgenland Family History · Village Histories Project · New Staff Positions -Steve Geosits & John Lavendoski Now Croatian Editors · Gereresdorfer Surname · BG Publishes 400th Newsletter · Lehigh University-Lehigh Valley Burgenland Descendant Goal · Greetings From Hotel Krutzler In Heiligenbrunn-"Come Stay With Us For A While" · Growth Of Burgenland Immigrant Descendants
No. 158A12/31/06BB Internet Links - New/Revised - 12/6/06 (Anna Kresh) · Taste Of Hungary (Margaret Kaiser) · Bells And The Burgenland · Burgenland State Library (Hannes Graf) · Origin Of Croatian Settlers In Dürnbach (John Lavendoski, et al) · German World Magazine · "Im Burg'nland, do steht unser Haus" (Bob Strauch & Staff)




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