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Genealogists researching the multi-ethnic heritage of the Burgenland of Austria and adjoining areas of former West Hungary.

The following is a chronological checklist of the archived newsletters:

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No. 1591/31/07BB Burgenland Trip For July Is A Reality! · Check Your Spam Filter Or Play Spam Bingo? · Solve Computer-Internet Relations Or Do Family History? · Editor Of RootsWeb Review Retires · A Letter About Mosonsentjanos · Digitization Of Moschendorf Church Records
No. 159A1/31/07The Imperial Empire Maps Of 1817-1861 (Klaus Gerger) · Another Poppendorf Village Found · Similar Germanic Names · Recent Burgenland Family Obituaries
No. 1602/28/07Old Posting Brings Genealogical Dividend (Tom Steichen) · Religious Roots & Family History · Village Of Gols, Burgenland Has New Bürgermeister · New Al Meixner Ethnic Music Catalog Released · BB 2007 Annual Mid-West Picnic Date Set · BB Success Stories · Fasching 2007 · Recent Obituary
No. 160A2/28/07Burgenland Government Delegation To Visit In April · Work For Burgenland Immigrants - The Allentown Silk Industry · Toronto, Canada & Hungarian Cuisine · Some Burgenland Jewish Links · The Swamp Of German Ancestry
No. 1613/31/07Correction To "The Swamp Of Germanic Genealogy" · Germanic Regions Often Confused With Burgenland · Some Thoughts Concerning The Burgenland "Anschluss" Of 1921
No. 161A3/31/07Burgenland Government Delegation To Be Met By BB Staff · Phonebooks Can Aid In Establishing Origin · Rechnitzer Surname · Italian Ethnic Club Closes In Allentown · BB-BG Sponsored Trip To Burgenland Cancelled · Taste Of The Burgenland-Kürbis or Pumpkin
No. 1624/30/07BB Staff Meets With Burgenland Delegation · Burgenland Bunch Staff Reorganized · Burgenland Dignitaries Visit the New York City Area · Anna Tanczos Kresh - Delegation Impressions · Burgenland In America-The Aftermath · Taste Of The Burgenland-Kürbis Suppe (Pumpkin Soup)
No. 162A4/30/07My BB Last Hurrah! · Austrian Occupation Memories · Austrian Delegation Visits Chicago · Thank You From A Member
No. 162B4/30/07Minutes Of First Burgenland Bunch Staff Meeting · Telephone Directory Feedback
No. 1635/31/07The Draiszigers /Dreiszigers /Dreißigers of Frankenau /Frankó /Répcesarud · Taste Of The Burgenland-More Concerning Pumpkin Soup · BB President's Address To Austrian Delegation · Hungarian King Mathias I & Italian DNA
No. 163A5/31/07Source Of Burgenland Specific Gift Items · A Burgenland Mothers' Day Note · "Burgenland Kid" Races At Churchill Downs · Newsletter Procedural Changes · Use Of The LDS Family History Centers (Frank Deutsch Family) · Burgenland Double For Ronald Reagan · BB Internet Links · Pictures From The Burgenland Delegation Visit · Lehigh Valley Ethnic Events · Splitter From BG News No. 401
No. 1646/30/07DNA As Pointer To Family History · BB DNA Project? · Poppendorf & Latin-Hungarian Dictionaries · Burgenland Immigrant Obits-Notify Frank Paukowits · Burgenland Railroad Reborn
No. 164B6/30/07Year 2497-Burgenland Bunch Survives Retirement Of Founder · The Best From The BB News-Burgenland Dwellings · Holy Trinity Church-Passaic, NJ
No. 1657/31/07 Remembrance Project, South Bend, Indiana, is Underway · Burgenlaendische Gemeinschaft Picnic in Moschendorf · Rootsweb Review will Feature the Burgenland Bunch · Coplay, PA Saengerbund Turns Ninety · BB Connecticut Enclave To Be Featured · Burgenland News From The Past
No. 1668/31/07Research In Hungary With John Lavendoski · Connecticut-Burgenland Immigrant Enclave · Correspondence From Muehlgraben-New Britain Immigrants
No. 166A8/31/07Occupation Term "Curialista" Is Official Note · Graphic Of Imperial Austrian Eagle · Historical Burgenland Immigrant Obit Of Robert Unger · Letter From Burgenlandische Gemeinschaft To Bob Strauch · Lehigh Valley Burgenland Immigrant Obits · Berholtz Vs Berghold-A Name Study · Burgenland Wines Make Big Time
No. 1679/30/07Notice Of BB Email Publishing Policy · New Britain Connecticut Donau Club History · Slovenian-Burgenland Border Village- Alsocolgany (Dolnji Slaveci) · WorldGenWeb
No. 167A9/30/07Historical Burgenland Series (Leitgeb & Potsmann Families) · Burgenland & Immigrant Obits · First Burgenland Immigrant To Lehigh Valley · Augs. Conf. Caupones Occupation? · BB Contact Promotes Educational Language Exchange · Jost/Yost Family-Rabafuzes/Bethlehem
No. 16810/31/07Welcome 1500th BB Member (also see section 2) · Images Of America-Immigrant Scenes · Burgenland Immigrant Obits · Kronen Currency Conversion-1900-2007
No. 168A10/31/07 Message From Robert Pumm-1500th BB Member · Follow up to BB Newsletter #167 - Family Solar (Szoller)
No. 168B10/31/07Fun With Feri Tschank-Austrian TV Anchor · BB Staff Member's Home Threatened By Fire · Lehigh Valley Ethnic Events Oct.-Dec. 2007 · 5th Descendant Of 5th Generation
No. 16911/30/07 BB Research Area · BB Links To Other Websites · Szentpeterfa, Eberau, Winten, Kulm & Military Service Records · Marktgemeinde, Oppidum, Market Communities · Book Report-Von Trapp Family & Sound Of Music · Links To Haydn Saal & Festival · Related Ethnic Websites & Events Can Provide Ambiance
No. 169A11/30/07 Message From BB President Tom Steichen · More Solar Family · Lehigh Valley, PA Ethnic Events · Vanished Grave Sites · Gourmet Magazine & Burgenland · Dr. Walter Dujmovits & Son Join The BB · Data For Village Of Unterkohlstaetten · Staff Member Frank Paukowits Returns From China · Burgenland Immigrant Obits · German Festival Will Start In Allentown. PA-June 2008 · Austrian Culture Forum Exhibition In NYC
No. 17012/20/07 Christmas Special (Web)




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