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Genealogists researching the multi-ethnic heritage of the Burgenland of Austria and adjoining areas of former West Hungary.

Subject: [BURGENLAND-NEWSLETTER-L] BB News Special Edition-Xmas 2002
Date: Sun, 15 Dec 2002 07:43:06 EST

(Issued monthly by
December 15, 2002
(c) 2002 G. J. Berghold-all rights reserved)


RECIPIENTS PLEASE READ: You are receiving this email because you are a BB 
member or have asked to be added to our distribution list.  If you wish to 
discontinue these newsletters, email with message "remove." 
To join the BB, see our homepage. Staff and web site addresses are at the end 
of  this email. 

As another cooperative BB year draws to a close, I wish you all a happy 
holiday season and thank you for your cooperation. The BB has matured into a 
splendid  ethnic organization. I see no reason to change our present policies 
and plan to continue the newsletters as in the past. While not as rapid as in 
the beginning, our membership continues to grow and we will soon pass the one 
thousand-member mark. 

Some staff news that you may have missed. Albert Schuch has accepted a 
teaching position in Vienna and continues his most welcome articles and 
meetings with international visitors. Klaus Gerger has been appointed 
Burgenländische Gemeinschaft (BG) representative for the BB by the BG 
membership and has also been greeting visitors, while expanding his web 
sites. Anna Kresh continues to expand her URL lists and be very active in our 
interests. Hannes Graf's health has improved following a lengthy period at a 
health spa, which did not interfere with his magnificent maintenance of the 
membership list. He and Tom Steichen quietly expand and improve their Song 
site. Poetry has been added! Hap Anderson, Tom Steichen and I have added to 
the Homepage. The mid-west picnic was again a success. Bob Strauch continues 
to monitor the Lehigh Valley immigrant community for us as well as staying in 
contact with the BG office. Bill Rudy continues to maintain and enlarge the 
village list. All list editors have improved our search mechanism. Frank 
Teklits is putting the finishing(?) touches to his massive Szt. Peterfa and 
St. Kathrein record listings and greets Croatian members.  Fritz Königshofer 
has completed the draft of his great-grandfather's brief history of 
Poppendorf and is working on another article concerning Burgenland composers. 
He is also the prime respondent to queries to our WGW site. Charles Wardell 
has been traveling extensively but continues to update our archival index. 
Bob Unger helps me constantly by offering suggestions and moral support as 
well as articles. A Dakota immigrant article from Dale Knebel will be 
appearing in a future edition of the BG news. Tom Glatz continues to breath 
fire into the Chicago Burgenland enclave and keeps us apprised of activities 
there. Maureen Tighe-Browne fields our infrequent Hebraic queries. Inge 
Schuch has traveled extensively this year but has been available for 
"official" translations and help with visitors. Two senior members have been 
sending us much material. Gerhard Lang gave up his home in Eisenstadt and 
moved to Rust where he is very active in local music organizations-he is 
translating two books for us. Margaret Kaiser has also been very active. She  
has been contributing newsletter material and supplying us with family 
history data. She helped with the Burgenland official visit to Allentown last 
May (as did Frank, Anna, Bob and John Lavendoski and spouses). Many members 
visited Burgenland and shared their visits with us. 

Molly and I are planning another GCT river-boat trip in May of next year 
(probably Amsterdam to Vienna). Bob Unger says we should all go- a great way 
to get to know each other! In case any of you are interested, I'll be glad to 
tell you where you can find details. (Two staff members have already 
indicated an interest.)

The best of holiday wishes to you and yours. Gerry Berghold

* FRÖHLICHES WEINACHTEN! Reprinted from THE BB NEWS -No. 48 dated December 
15, 1998.
We hope that by now the Kipfels and Nüssen and Möhn Strudels are beginning to 
come from the oven, the "springerle" are baked and hidden and that you've put 
out your family Christmas heirlooms. A bottle or two of Austrian wine and  
Birnen Schnapps wouldn't be amiss and our members from the Lehigh Valley 
should have their Christmas "putz" in place. This time of year, I remember my 
grandmother  gilding walnuts and preparing foil wrapped candy for the tree.

The opening article of the Christmas issue of the Burgenländische 
Gemeinschaft News is called "Weihnachten in der Erinnerung" or Christmas 
Remembered. It carries a wonderful picture of a snow covered village in the 
south of Burgenland. Dr. Walter Dujmovits writes (and I repeat the German 
because English just doesn't seem to convey the poetry of his words) -"Wir 
erinnern uns an unser kleines Dorf, wo um die Weihnachtszeit meist schon 
Schnee gelegen ist, der ganz ruhig und in grossen Flocken von Himmel fiel. 
Oft war es ganz still, bis ein Glöcklein das Nahen eines Pferdeschlittens 
anzeigte. In das Nachbardorf is man kaum gekommen. Das kleine Dorf war die 
kleine Welt." 

("We remember our small village, already covered with snow on Christmas Eve, 
everything very quiet, as large flakes fell from the heavens. It was all very 
still until we heard horse sleighbells. Someone coming from the neighboring 
village. That small village was our small world.")

Ed. Note: Hardly seems possible that only half a century has passed since 
that idyllic scene. Today, in Winchester (as well as in many Burgenland 
villages), the darkness is penetrated by light from homes and street lamps 
and the silence is broken by the murmur of traffic from the town bypass. 
Overhead, a helicopter or jet adds to the clamor and from a distance we hear 
the diesel horn of a locomotive moving sand from the quarry. Now the entire 
globe is our small world. In our hearts; however, Christmas Eve will always 
carry the magic of that quiet village or city neighborhood where we were 
born, an expectant stillness reflecting another night so long ago in 

BB member and BG delegate (Güssing) Heinz Koller has written a splendid 
feature Xmas article. I hope to get it translated to English for the BB news. 
Page six carries a picture of  your editor as well as the first of three 
English language articles concerning immigrant itineraries. Bohnenstrudel 
(bean) is the featured recipe in English, translated by Bob Strauch.

*HIER IST DIE WELT NOCH IN ORDNUNG (Here the world is still in 
order!)-courtesy Bob Strauch
(ED. Note: Attached to this email was a picture of a tractor pulling a farm 
cart. Sitting in the cart, in an iron corn-crib, are two farm ladies getting 
a ride. Remember wagon rides on the farm? The vehicle in question in today's 
Burgenland is more often a Mercedes or Porsche! )
From: "Stangl Franz" <>
Liebe Grüße aus dem Burgenland! 

*GREETINGS ON ST. NICHOLAS' DAY (Dec, 6th)-from Bob Strauch    
1. For an explanation of St. Nicholas' Day in Austria:
        (for a short video 
clip of a St. Nicholas house visit, click on the link next  to "Video Album" 
at the bottom of the page)  and also

2. For a little St. Nicholas' Day ditty (Nikolauslied):
                 (this website belongs to a "St. Nicholas rental service" in 

3. St. Nicholas' Day custom: children would leave their shoes by the door or 
window and St. Nicholas would  fill them with oranges, candy/chocolates, and 
nuts. The bigger your feet, the bigger your treat. (But if you were bad, the 
devil (Der Teufel) might be there as well to leave a switch.)

* BB XMAS SONGBOOK (courtesy Hannes Graf and Tom Steichen)
For Burgenland Xmas songs go to the BB Homepage and click on our Songbook. Be 
sure your speakers are turned on. You can choose from:
Es kam ein treuer Bote,  Maria ging übers Gebirge , Hört ihr Hirten Ich lag 
in einer Nacht , Losts auf Buima Was wünsch ma 

*MORE BURGENLAND HOLIDAY MUSIC (Margaret Kaiser, Bob Strauch & Albert Schuch)
Margaret writes: Someone wrote that she orders music through 
 I explored the site.  Once there, I entered Burgenland as a search term, and 
found various recordings by Robert Payer and his Burgenland Kapelle.  You can 
choose a specific piece from the play list, and then listen to a 30-second 
playback via RealPlayer.

Bob responds: Here's a similar, but better site. Alphabetized by artist.

Buchgrabler (Burgenland)......Click on "Stöbern" to get to other types of 
music: classical, Xmas, int'l folk/world, etc.

And again from Margaret: For some nice Croatian Xmas hymns, go to:

Sung by choir w/organ accomp. An in-depth (and interestingly illustrated) 
site about Croatian traditions starting with Advent right thru Epiphany. But 
only in Croatian.

* Albert Schuch adds: During a recent trip to Canada musicians from Apetlon 
decided to produce a CD with traditional Christmas music which can be heard 
on the Canadian (German language) internet radio station on 
21 December at 4 p.m. The co-ordinator of the recording, Josef Pitzl, who 
heads the "Musikverein - Trachtenkapelle Sewinkel Apetlon", has a website at

*(forgive the commercial, but you may be interested in the following)
AUSTRO/HUNGARIAN (Croatian) CHRISTMAS ITEMS FROM, (courtesy Margaret Kaiser)

Message Board Post:

The following items are available by mail from the CROATIAN HERITAGE MUSEUM, 
Cleveland, Ohio,  send email inquiry to:

1) Croatian Christmas customs booklet   
2) Licitar srce, heart shaped cookie dough ornaments decorated with various 
designs and a tiny mirror in the center.  A tradition which stems from 
courting practices of young Croatians in former times. 
3) Bon bone, colored foil wrapped candies with fringed edges to hang on the 
tree.  This and the licitar were among some of the first ornaments used by 
Croatians when they adapted the Christmas tree to their culture in the 1800s. 
4) Kitchen towels embroidered with various Croatian designs and verbiage, IE 
Dobar Tek, Sretand Boz"ic, Dobro Dos"li  
5) Psenica, seed wheat which is planted on Dec 13th, St Lucy's Day in a 
shallow bowl.  When the wheat sprouts,  a red, white and blue (Croatia's 
national colors) ribbon is tied around the wheat and a candle is placed in 
the middle.  The wheat symbolizes our rebirth in Christ, the candle Jesus 
light of the world.  In some regions of Croatia 3 candles are placed in the 
center symbolizing the Trinity.   
6) Note cards with a painting by Croatian American artist Stanka Koridic of a 
girl in Bratina (between Karlovac and Zagreb) nos"nija (folkdress)  
7) Christmas cards with greetings in Croatian or English, various scenes with 
artwork done by Croatian American graphic artist Zdenka Benic Gorn(ic).  
8) Genealogy Handbook, Searching Your Croatian Roots by Robert Jerin  


You may place orders for any gift ideas, including ship manifests and ship 
pictures, until December 19 and receive them in time for Christmas!

Log on to WWW.ELLISISLAND.ORG. and go directly to our Gift Shop at 


(ED> Note: I found this while deleting my June email files and it reminded me 
of the times when our family went to the Allentown Fairground Farmers' Market 
during the holidays. We would buy festive holiday foods and meet ethnic 
friends and relatives. My Great-Uncle Frank (Franz Berghold from Poppendorf) 
started a produce market many years ago which is still operated at the Fair 
Grounds by his descendants.) Bob writes:

I was at the A'town Farmers Mkt. this morning and had an Old World Moment 
while passing Berghold's produce stand. I ran into a woman I've known for 
years and usually only see her at the annual flag raisings in Oct. at the 
Austro/Hungarian Vets: Mitzi Trinkl Sweeney, who comes from 
Gleisdorf/Steiermark, but whose parents were from Heiligenbrunn and 
Moschendorf and bought a farm in Gleisdorf and moved there. She and her 
sister Gisela (deceased) and brother-in-law Toni (former policeman in Graz) 
would all show up in their Steireranzugs (Styrian clothing). Anyway, Mitzi 
had a friend with her, a Frau Gibiser who's
visiting from Poppendorf. Frau Gibiser has a daughter who's a nurse in NY and 
was at the affair at Castle Harbour. Another daughter married over to 
Inzenhof - named Schadl. She said they often go to Inzenhof
to eat at the Gasthaus there but couldn't remember the name. I only remember 
seeing some Western-theme bar there. If only I'd have had a camera with me, 
we could've had a photo taken of her in front of the Berghold sign. Talk 
about "customer loyalty".



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