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Genealogists researching the multi-ethnic heritage of the Burgenland of Austria and adjoining areas of former West Hungary.

From: "Steichen" <>
Subject: [BURGENLAND-NEWSLETTER] BB News No. 177 dtd. August 31, 2008
Date: Sat, 30 Aug 2008 11:33:04 -0400

August 31, 2008
(c) 2008 - The Burgenland Bunch - all rights reserved


Our 13th Year, Interim Guest Editor, Tom Steichen
The Burgenland Bunch Newsletter, founded by Gerry Berghold, retired, is
issued monthly as email and available online at

Current Status Of The BB:
* Members: 1647 * Surname Entries: 5378 * Query Board Entries: 3918
* Newsletters Archived: 176 * Number of Staff Members: 15

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This first section of our 2-section newsletter concerns:

1. Gerry Berghold Retires from the BB
2. A Poetic Response to Gerry
3. Feri Tschank, Chief Editor BKF, Writes
4. Pictures from Klaus Gerger's US Visit
5. More Burgenland Pictures


Editor: Burgenland Bunch Founder and Newsletter Editor Gerald J. (Gerry)
Berghold recently announced his retirement from writing, research and
editing for the BB.

Starting in early 1997, at age 66, Gerry's interest in the Burgenland of
Austria led him to formalize his research work via a small email newsletter.
That first step evolved rapidly into the Burgenland Bunch, an organization
formed to foster preservation of Burgenland ethnic heritage and memory of
the Burgenland Auswanderung.

>From an initial mailing to 12 correspondents, the monthly newsletter now
goes to over 1,500 recipients covering every US state and many countries of
the world. A website, established in mid-year 1997 and dedicated to research
into the multi-ethnic heritage of the Burgenland of Austria and adjoining
areas of former West Hungary, now documents over 5000 Burgenland emigrant
family names and holds extensive historical and genealogical resources. A
joint US/Austrian staff of 15 volunteers supports this ever-growing website,
provides input to the newsletter and provides answers and advice to

During his career as Burgenland Newsletter Editor, Gerry published 176
monthly newsletters, each containing his unique combination of Burgenland
research articles, interesting and educational exchanges with email
correspondents, tantalizing Burgenland recipes that transported emigrants
and their descendants back to the homeland (while also making our mouths
water from his loving descriptions of the always tasty final product), news
of the Burgenland and the ethnic Burgenland communities in the US and,
maybe, just a touch of Burgenland "gossip" to round out the newsletter.

The BB staff is now left with the truly difficult task of replacing Gerry's
dedicated and outstanding editorial leadership. I, as President of the
Burgenland Bunch, have chosen to be an interim "guest" editor for this month
as we transition to our new chief Editor, Hannes Graf. Hannes will be ably
assisted by Maureen Tighe-Brown. Please welcome them!

We request that you direct any new newsletter correspondence to Hannes at
email address: . As a reminder, the BB reserves
the right to use any communication you have with us (email, letter, phone
conversation, etc.) as part of our information exchange and educational
research efforts. Our communications policy is published as part of our
terms and conditions at the end of every newsletter and on our website home

Below is Gerry's retirement message to the BB Staff:

Hello All,

A recent CAT scan reveals slow but continuous cancer growth. My oncologist
suggests continued chemo and radiation but I'm tired; five years of this has
been enough. I've just had a very bad three weeks of chemo and scan side
effects. I've decided to let nature take its course. We've recently
discovered a lot of my nausea and chest pain was acid reflux probably
encouraged by chemo and radiation, so one major discomfort is somewhat
relieved. I no longer need the strength to support Molly [his recently
deceased wife] (although I wish I could still do that) and there is no other
reason for me to ward off the eventual effects of cancer. There is no cure
and I've had enough treatments, so last Saturday I signed up with Blue Ridge
Home Hospice.

I can now forget about doctors, hospital visits, tests, treatments,
medication side effects, tasteless food, etc. The hospice will keep me as
comfortable as possible and provide 24/7 coverage in my home. My medication
has been reduced to basics and pain killers. We've had a hospital bed and a
recliner installed in our family room where I can look out the patio doors
and be in peace. I'm not yet bedridden but walk with difficulty and spend
much time horizontal or with my legs elevated. A bathroom is nearby so, in
effect, I have a hospital room at home.

Chris [his son] will be here half of the time starting in September (he's
full time on medical leave now) and I will have both a nurse and a maid
checking on me at least once a week. I'll probably connect to Med Alert so,
at least for now, I'm amply covered. I'm now carrying a phone with me as I
move about the house. No need for a nursing home or assisted living quarters
as yet.

Burgenland Bunch president Tom Steichen visited Thursday as did BB
vice-president and cousin Klaus Gerger from Austria. I told them both that I
have to discontinue my relationships with the BB and Burgenlandische
Gemeinschaft. I'll no longer write articles or newsletters and will do no
more research. It's time to stop and watch the morning and evening sun color
the patio. "When the deep purple falls over sleepy garden walls."

Chris and I are culling my library and still going through family effects. I
cannot do much else. Chris is just a wonderful nurse, cook and companion,
catering to my needs. I hope I'll be able to get a treat every now and then,
like a chauffeured visit to the farmer's market or the local bakery, but
even a simple transfer from bed to recliner or getting dressed, tires me
out. We did have a railing installed by the walkway to help me get to the
car, but I'm no longer sure I'll be able to use it. It will be a help for my
older friends who visit.

I may soon cancel my Internet connections, giving up email. I can't sit in
front of the computer that long and I don't have the stamina for long
sessions. I'll advise correspondents when I leave the net. I will answer
surface mail and I now have a phone that allows me to hear using the
telephone. I will welcome calls and visits but please call before you visit
as I may be napping and not hear door chimes.

I can't tell you how much I appreciate your efforts in support of the BB and
your very personal loyalty to me and the goals of the BB. You have become
close friends as well as volunteers in a great undertaking. I am sure you
will give Tom Steichen and the governing staff of the BB the same
cooperation you have given me. In the event you are near Winchester, I'd
surely enjoy a visit. Macht's gute und Grüss Gott!

I look forward to my remaining days with what I hope will be peace and
tranquility, asking the good Lord to continue to have mercy on me as He has
in the past. God bless all. Gerry

Gerry Berghold
Burgenland Bunch Founder
Editor Burgenland Bunch News Retired
August 9, 2008

- Contributing Editor Maureen Tighe-Brown & Dorothy Zwick


Dorothy and I send you and Chris our love and our hopes and prayers for the
kind of healing strength you need right now.

We so loved being with you and Molly a year ago. We loved you then, and now.
Here is a poem for you that I've been waiting for the right time to send:

Jenny Kiss'd Me
- James Henry Leigh Hunt, 1784-1859

Jenny kiss'd me when we met,
Jumping from the chair she sat in;
Time, you thief, who loves to get
Sweets into your list, put that in!
Say I'm weary, say I'm sad,
Say that health and wealth have miss'd me,
Say I'm growing old, but add,
Jenny kiss'd me.

Loving you bunches,
Dorothy and Maureen


Editor: Feri Tschank, Chief Editor BKF, writes to say that the news clips he
prepared from his September 2007 trip to the US are now available on the BKF
website. If you go to the website (address below) then click on the link
"EINFACH LEBEN" (Simple Life), you will find three news clips from the trip
(Ellis Island, Allentown, and Edelweiss Bar). BB contributing editors Frank
Paukowits and Margaret Kaiser hosted the visit and enjoyed yeomanly support
from BB members Ed and Frank Tantsits while Feri was in the Allentown area.

Here is Feri's note:

Hallo Mr. Berghold!

This is Feri Tschank from Burgenland. I am the Chief Editor from BKF
(Burgenland Fernsehen). Last autumn, I was in the states and met a few
members of the Burgenland Bunch and made a report on Allentown and Ellis
Island. We relaunched our homepage and now you can find these movies on our
homepage, and a lot of other nice stories about the Burgenland
too. If you have any questions, I would be pleased to answer them.

Best wishes from Burgenland
Feri Tschank
Chief Editor BKF, das Burgenlandfernsehen


Editor: We mentioned in the last newsletter that Klaus Gerger, BB VP and BG
liaison, and daughters Viki and Eva would be visiting the United States
throughout much of August. VP Hannes Graf has placed pictures from the early
part of the trip on the BB website:

Hannes writes:

Hello all

Bobby Strauch sends me photos and the names of ALL people and I make a page
about the BB gathering in Coplay. Maybe the "Events-page" can show people
there is more life in the Bunch...

liebe Grüße



Editor: BB VP Hannes Graf continues to refine the Burgenland Pictures pages
he edits at As you will see in
his message below, he has split the site to add a new section for Village
pictures. The new section is at
He hopes to emphasize the smaller, less known Burgenland villages.

For those of you that don't know and might not catch the mini "joke" in the
last few lines in Hannes' message, Anna is VP Anna Tanczos Kresh and
Tanczosberg is a named location in the Burgenland but is so small it does
not qualify for an "official" village designation. Anna, we await your

Hannes writes (in part):

Hello all

I started the new picture project and split the series into 2 categories.

First, known as Burgenland Impressions, should be for highlights like little
museums or landscape or cemeteries, or whatever.

Second, is for Village Pictures, now I change the 3 we had and added a new
one. (Willersdorf).

I think, it's good to give the small villages a chance, because the bigger
are well known. Maybe next will be the TANCZOSBERG.

Dear Anna, do You think the story is good enough for all members? Then tell

liebe Grüße


Newsletter continues as number 177A.

From: "Steichen" <>
Subject: [BURGENLAND-NEWSLETTER] BB News No. 177A dtd. August 31, 2008
Date: Sat, 30 Aug 2008 11:59:59 -0400

August 31, 2008
(c) 2008 - The Burgenland Bunch - all rights reserved

The second section of this 2-section newsletter includes:

1. Lehigh Valley Ethnic Events
2. Follow-up to Newsletter 176 Article
3. Moschendorf Church Records on CD
4. Village Thumbnail Series: Ragendorf (Rajka, Hungary)
5. Burgenland Emigrant Obituaries
6. Mail List Administrator (May Be) Needed

- Bob Strauch

Aug. 22: Summer Oktoberfest @ Evergreen Country Club in Fleetwood. Music by
the Emil Schanta Band.

Aug. 23 & 24: Coplay Community Days @ Coplay Swimming Pool in Coplay. Music
by the Shoemaker Bros., The Joes (Sat.), Sky's the Limit and the Johnny Dee
Orchestra (Sun.).

Aug. 24: Josef Kroboth Orchestra @ Emmaus Community Park in Emmaus, 6 PM.

Aug. 29-Sep.1: Allentown Fair. In the Music Tent: Sep. 27, Walt Groller
Orchestra; Sep. 30, Jimmy Sturr Orchestra.

Aug. 29: Farewell Button Accordion Jam Session at the Edelweiss Haus in

Aug. 31: Parish Picnic @ St. John the Baptist Roman Catholic Church in
Stiles. Music by the Lizzard Creek Country Band and the Johnny Dee

Sep. 5-7: Russian Days Festival @ St. Nicholas Russian Orthodox Church in

Sep. 6: Annual Stegersbach-Northampton Sister City Celebration @ Northampton
Community Park. Music by the Emil Schanta Band and the Walt Groller

Sep. 18-21: Greek Fall Festival @ St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church in

Sep. 21: Oktoberfest @ the Coplay Sängerbund in Coplay. Music by the Emil
Schanta Band and the Josef Kroboth Orchestra.

Sep. 28: 100th Anniversary Celebration @ Holy Family Club in Nazareth. Music
by the Emil Schanta Band.

Oct. 3-5: Greek Festival @ Annunciation Hellenic Orthodox Church in Easton.

Oct. 11: Weinlesefest/Grape Dance @ the Coplay Sängerbund in Coplay. Music
by the Emil Schanta Band and the Hianz'nchor (après-dinner mini-concert).


Editor: In Newsletter 176, Article "2. Correspondent Writes About Immigrant
Father," correspondent Helen Boss spoke of the dinner-table stories of her
father's pre-emigration life in Austria. The article prompted a response
from correspondent Roman Weber, which we reproduce here.

Roman writes (in part):

Very interesting things your father told you over the supper table, etc.
Reminds me of my father telling me things of when a boy in Steinbach.

Of most interest to me personally is his having been a Russian POW, escape,
etc. Did you obtain his military history from any other sources, or did it
all come only from what he told you? Reason I ask is that I have cousins
living in Steinbach today. During past couple of years, I have been trying
to find out how to find out relatives that no doubt were in the WW2 German
army. Probably, too, WW1.

If all came only from what your father told you, your story was interesting
as many others published in the BB newsletters.

Roman Weber, Highlandville, MO

PS My mother's family, both sides, all came from Niederstadtfeld, Germany,
to MN about 1900. I know I had rather close cousins from there in the WW2
German army. I've been trying to find out how to get information as to
cousins that were in the WW2 German military. I was in Germany/Austria for
about 10 years (1952-1963) before retiring from the army. I don't know about
Austria, but do know that Germans keep very detailed records of
"everything." Yet still having problem obtaining a lot of info from Germany,
too. (I had never heard of Burgenland, much less Steinbach, until I became a
member of the BBunch and met Burgenlanders by email that told me of the LDS
films which I got into almost every day for 2 years). Latest thought is that
I might write to bergermeister of Steinbach. He might be able to get me
"started" on what I want, cousin members of German army, WW1 & WW2. -- I did
obtain a letter from one of my mothers nieces (old and now deceased). The
letter was the last letter mother's niece, my cousin, received from her son
that was on the Russian Front. Before the letter was received, she had been
informed that her son, my distant cousin, died, froze to death later
learned, someplace in Russia.


Editor: New BB member Kerry Kedl wrote to retired Editor, Gerry Berghold,
noting the commonality of their research area and mentioning that he has a
CD of Moschendorf church records from 1799 to 1895. He is in need of advice
for carrying forth his research into more recent times. If you can help,
drop me a note and I will publish it in the next newsletter.

Kerry writes:

Hello. My name is Kerry Kedl. I live in Laurys Station, PA. I have looked at
various Burgenland Bunch web articles and have noticed that you are also
from my area with ancestors from the same area. My Grandfather, Stephen
Kedl, was born in Moschendorf, Austria. I am trying to put together a family
tree to share with my relatives. I have obtained a CD with Catholic Church
records of Birth, Death and wedding information from the entire town of
Moschendorf from about 1799 to 1895. Do you have this disc? If not would you
like a copy? I am in need of more recent info. I can not trace things past
my Grandfathers wedding. I can not see if he had any siblings or cousins. He
is dead now and did not talk about his roots much. Do you have any advise
for me that will help me find out any recent info? Thank You. Kerry

- Margaret Kaiser & Tom Steichen

Editor: Newsletter 176A, Article 4, discussed the ongoing transcription and
formatting of entries from the 1899-1904 "Leuchs Adressbuch" for use in the
BB online Village Histories section. As an ongoing series, we will publish
selected, interesting entries from that work (by Margaret & Tom) in the
Newsletter. Here is their entry for Rajka, Hungary:

Rajka, Hungary (Ragendorf)

In 1899-1904: Small community of 2575 inhabitants; chair district Rajka;
Court of Justice in Györ; district court Magyaróvár.

Businesses & Proprietors:
Gasth. (Restaurant / Inn): Beier Josef; Dukovics Franz; Maas Michael, jun.;
Nader Franz; Nader Math.; Prak Elisabeth; Tesch Emilie
Weinschänker (Wine bar): Berger Moritz
Café (Coffee shop): Seiler Alois
Notar (Notary): Lang Andreas
Apotheker (Pharmacist): Oth Franz
Bäcker (Baker): Hoffmann Josef; Mátyás Franz; Palme Eduard; Puster Alois
Binder (Barrel maker): Konrad Mathias
Dachdecker (Roofer): Heim Ignatz; Müller Mathias
Drechsler (Wood Turner): Lang Gábor
Eierhdl. (Egg dealer): Stampfl Joh.
Fleischer (Butcher): Nader Mat.; Weiss Ignátz; Weiss Moritz
Friseur (Hairdresser / Barber): Gröller Johann
Geschirrhdl. (Tableware dealer): Adler Leopold
Getreidehdl. (Grain dealer): Herz Wilh.; Kurz Leop.; Nader Carl; Weiss Hugo
Glaser (Glazier): Josefi Franz
Greisler (Grocer): Kostelni Stefan; Lörincz Stefan's Wwe.; Silberberg
Leopold; Strassler Sigmund
Gutsbes. (Estate owner): Erzherzog Friedrich; Jakob Graf Ziehy'sche
Handschuhmacher (Glove maker): Gögös Alexander; Matuschek Mathias
Holzhdl. (Wood dealer): Maas Michael, jun. (Bau-); Rumpeltes Johann
Honigversandt en gros (Bulk Honey Shipment): Walch Hermann
Hutmacher (Hat maker): Muth Andreas
Kohlenhdl. (Coal dealer): Löwin Jakob; Nader Carl
Kürschner (Furrier): Stampfl Mathias
Manufaktur- u. Schnittwarenhdl. (Drapery Manufacturer & Dealer): Löwin Jetti
Maurermeister (Master mason): Baar Joh.; Grasi Paul; Knotz Franz; Maass Joh.
Produktenhdl. (Produce dealer): Löwin Jakob
Riemer u. Sattler (Strap and Harness maker): Heiling Lorenz; Heiling Mathäus
Schlosser (Locksmith): Weber Georg
Schmiede (Blacksmith): Oeller Jos.; Utzman Adam
Schneider (Tailor): Baar Franz; Gröller Johann; Holzmann Anton; Roth Andr.
Schuhmacher (Shoe Maker): Eckhardt Anton; Fischer Mathias; Hajostek Michael;
Katona Carl; Katona Georg; Lehofer Carl; Mazan Carl, Pollak Franz
Spengler (Plumber): Winkler Carl
Spezerei- u. Gemischtwarenhdl. (Spices and Groceries Dealer): Adler Maria;
Godler Katharina; Holzmann Josef; Kurz Leopold; Löwin Sámuel; Löwin Jakob;
Nader Carl; Puster Maria; Silberberg & Köppich; Weisz Max.
Tischler (Joiner: wood furniture maker): Eder Franz; Fuchs Johann
Wagner (Carriage maker): Hofer Georg; Pehholz Stefan; Stelzer Johann
Ziegeleien (Brickyard): Erzherzog Albrecht'sche Ziegelei; Gemeinde Ragendorf
Zimmermeister (Master carpenter): Matuschek Josef, Zitterer Josef

Source: Leuchs Adressbuch, Band 18: Ungarn, Kroatien und Slavonien,
1899-1904, 9.Ausgabe (Leuchs' Directory, Volume 18: Hungary, Croatia and
Slavonia, 1899-1904, 9th Edition)


Anna (Pendl) Temmel, 87, of Nazareth, died Aug. 17, 2008 in Lehigh Valley
Hospital-Muhlenberg, Bethlehem. She was the wife of the late Stephen J.
Temmel, who died June 5, 1980. Anna was born July 25, 1921 in Sulz,
Burgenland, Austria, daughter of the late Frank and Theresia (Didovits)

Hermine Bodisch Traupman, 95, formerly of New York City, died Aug. 12, 2008,
in Fellowship Manor, Whitehall. She was married to the late Anton Traupman
and previously to the late Alois Bodisch. Born in Glasing, Austria, she was
the daughter of the late Alois and Maria (Deutsch) Stranzl.

Editor: Bob noted that "Frau Hermine Traupmann, die Schwiegermutter von
BB-Referent Frank Paukowits aus New York, ist vorgestern in Whitehall
verstorben. (BB-Editor Frank Paukowits' mother-in-law passed away on Tuesday
in Whitehall)."


Editor: Charles Wardell, a long time BB staff member who still does a few
tasks for the BB, wrote to say that he was looking for someone to take over
the Austria-L mailing list. Moments after I uploaded the Newsletter for
mailing with his message in it (and just minutes before I released the
Newsletter for mailing!) he wrote to say "Please don't publish in the
newsletter; I already have a volunteer!" So, I'm now editing this note to
honor his request...

However, it reminded me of a much earlier message from Charles concerning
adoption of the Aut-Burgenland-L Mailing list. This was a message from Sept
2000, so I don't know what the current administration status of that list
is, but, if you have an interest, you might look into it. This list has not
had much traffic over the years (31 messages since founding in 2000; none
this year), likely because no one promotes it (including the BB, I admit).
If you would like to change that as Administrator, the BB would work with
you to provide promotion and would be glad to add you as a staff member in
charge of mailing lists! Why not take it on? Not much work or difficulty and
you return a little to the community that helped you discover your heritage.
Think about it. If you have an interest, please drop me a note at
and we can talk about promotion efforts.

Charles wrote (in 2000):

Tom, Gerry et al,

I cannot judge whether a standard mailing list would be a good step for the
Burgenland Bunch -- or not . . .

However, if you do decide to implement one, please note that one has already
been set up:
All you have to do is to "adopt" it -- and then promote it.

You can adopt it by writing to:

Best wishes,


NOTICE (Terms and Conditions): The Burgenland Bunch (BB) was formed and
exists to assist Burgenland descendants in their research into their
heritage and, toward that end, reserves the right to use any communication
you have with us (email, letter, phone conversation, etc.) as part of our
information exchange and educational research efforts.
. If you do not want your communication to be used for this purpose,
indicate that it is "confidential" and we will abide by that request.
. Correspondents who communicate with the BB without requesting
confidentiality retain their copyright but give a non-exclusive license to
the BB allowing us to forward to BB members, publish in our monthly
newsletter or on our website, and/or subsequently and permanently archive
all or parts of such communications.

The Burgenland Bunch homepage (website) can be found at:

We can also be reached from the Burgenländische Gemeinschaft web site.

Use our website to access our lists and web pages.


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