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Genealogists researching the multi-ethnic heritage of the Burgenland of Austria and adjoining areas of former West Hungary.

From: "Hannes Graf" <>
Date: Mon, 29 Sep 2008 12:14:59 +0200

September 30, 2008
(c) 2008 - The Burgenland Bunch - all rights reserved

Our 13th Year, Editor: Johannes Graf and Copy
Editor: Maureen Tighe-Brown

The Burgenland Bunch Newsletter, founded by Gerry Berghold, (deceased), is
issued monthly as email and available online at

Current Status Of The BB:
* Members: 1656 * Surname Entries: 5392 * Query Board Entries: 3929
* Newsletters Archived: 177 * Number of Staff Members: 14

This newsletter has just one section. It concerns:

5. AUSTRIAN DAY (Brotherhood of the Burgenländer)
Tom Steichen)
10. PATHS REJOINED (by Frank Teklits)
13. BURGENLAND EMIGRANT OBITUARIES (courtesy of Bob Strauch)


a. (Jo)Hannes Graf

I live in Vienna, Austria with my wife, Elfie. I have been a Burgenland
Bunch member since 2000, and a BB Staff member since 2001. More recently, I
served as the BB membership editor and songbook editor (the latter with Tom
Steichen). Also, I worked on the Gerry Berghold award page, the Staff page
(including a photo montage), and the web pages for Where We Are, Burgenland
Impressions, Burgenland Village Pictures, and writings of the Wallern
chronicler, Father Graisy. Currently, I am the owner of the domain and I am also the Burgenland Bunch Newsletter
I am interested in all Burgenland-related highlights. During the past twelve
months, I traveled in the Burgenland for more than 200 days, driving more
than 15,000 miles, and taking 20,000 pictures. I have worked for some time
at the railway between Oberwart and Oberschützen, with another Bunch called
FrOWOS. There, I do a variety of jobs (blacksmithing, locksmithing, and
engineering), and also built a new homepage,, with pages in
the English, Croatian, Hungarian, and Romanji languages. Away from work, I
am a satirical artist with my own Home Page, where I publish together with
some friends at: Also, I edit an art and satiric
newspaper in Vienna.

All the things (people) I love: Elfie and the grandchildren.

All the things I like: Walking in the Danube national park between Vienna
and Bratislava, between 5 and 15 miles daily; people I can trust; all the
food that Elfie cooks; desserts; operas and classic music; the spirit of
Yogi Berra; driving around at Güterwege (NL 175), and if I come to a fork at
the street, I take it (;-)

All the things I don't like: people who smile in my face, but kick me from
behind, if I turn my back; pompous and know-it-all people.

b. Maureen Tighe-Brown

Hannes and I are working together to assemble and polish our regular
Burgenland Bunch Newsletters. Here is a little self-introduction:

Currently, I am finishing my dissertation in history for the University of
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA. My working title is: "Two Separate Worlds?
Jewish and Catholic Households and Demographic Lives in the Habsburg
Village: Deutschkreutz, Hungary, 1683-1920".

Deutschkreutz has been part of the Burgenland province of Austria since
1920. In 1998, I found our dear Gerry Berghold's Burgenland Bunch on the
Internet, and have been a BB member ever since. So I am a BBer because of my
research interests, not for genealogical searches for any ancestral roots.
Since my research involves Yiddish-, Hebrew-, and Hungarian-language
sources, Gerry asked me to help out with our members interested in "Jewish

Before switching to history as an academic field, I earned bachelor's and
master's degrees in nursing, and taught students in a school of nursing.
Hence, when Gerry Berghold wrote to the BB staff in early 2007, saying he
was not well enough to drive to Allentown, PA, where some BB staff and a
group of Burgenland visitors were to arrive and spend several days, I jumped
in. I e-mailed Gerry to suggest that he and Molly fly to Allentown, where a
nurse friend and I would meet them, and escort them while they were there.
Gerry agreed to my idea, and we all had a fabulous time. The Burgenland
visitors gave Gerry a special award at a dinner with local
Burgenland-Americans; our new BB president and his wife, Tom and Lois
Steichen, entertained us with wonderful, professional-quality dancing; our
Allentown resident and BB staffer, Bob Strauch, presented an authentically
Burgenland orchestra; and Emma Tanczos Farkas, the sister of BB staffer Anna
Kresh, held a terrific working luncheon at her home.

I had never met any of the BB staffers before. We had just communicated by
e-mail. What a treat to have all of us interacting, no delicate egos
competing, and everyone just relaxed, pleasant, and interesting. That was
amazing enough. But the most amazing thing for me was to see Gerry's
ability to utterly enjoy each moment, each person, and each event, with his
dear face wreathed in smiles, bliss and utter satisfaction, despite his
discomfort from cancer treatments. Wherever we were, and whatever was going
on, I watched Gerry create a warm, calm, giving atmosphere around him: As
Shakespeare said in 'Hamlet':

"He was a man, take him for all in all,
I shall not look upon his like again."

A certain kind of man is very appealing: one who is kind, gracious, calm,
and happy; solid and confident.
Gerry Berghold was that sort of man.


I hope that everybody knows Chinese whispers (Stille Post). This game is
the model of a mistake I made as BB-membership-editor. Somebody tells
somebody tells somebody who tells me, that "Mr. Albert Muick" had passed
away. So I wrote beside his name (deceased). But then, contributing editor,
Bob Strauch, told me that Mr. Muick was still alive. So I changed Mr.
Muick back to active BB membership and contacted him, who and he
responded to me today. I am so sorry for that error. I will try to make no
more such mistakes.

For everybody who is confused now: Mr. Albert Muick is still "alive" !


After many years of being the centre of Burgenland fun and music, this
Northampton institution will close its doors. Since the early seventies, the
Ungers were the hosts, until Theresa Unger passed away in 2006. Since then,
her son, Joe, has been running the tavern on a limited basis. Some people
have come every Friday for years. Some said: ". . .it was not Friday, if we
were not at the Edelweiss!"

It was a must to hear the button box jam sessions, where several musicians
played all of the old folksongs and polkas. See some impressions about
"final night" at the following page:


Aside from the numerous beneficial societies and social clubs founded by
Burgenländer immigrants in the Lehigh Valley, there were also many
bars/saloons/dance halls owned and operated by Burgenländers as well,
serving as additional gathering points that offered ethnic music and food.
The Edelweiss Haus on Main St. in Northampton, PA, which closed
its doors at the end of August, seems to have been among the last.

At one time owned by the Haberern family, ethnic-Germans from the
Zips/Spis/Szépes region of northeastern Slovakia, the building was
purchased in 1950 by Rudolf Schadl (born in Allentown and raised in
Raabfidisch) and his wife Anna (née Wunderler from Gerersdorf). Although
officially called "Rudy's Grill", it was usually referred to as "Schadl's",
or "Schoadl's", as the name is pronounced in dialect. In 1969, it was bought
by Karl Santa (from Raabfidisch) and his wife Anna (née Santa from
Jakobshof) and re-named "Anna's Place". Just a few years later, in 1972, it
was taken over by Alois "Louie" Unger (from Strem) and his wife Theresia
"Tessie" (née Toth from Deutsch Bieling), who re-christened the locale the
"Edelweiss Haus", often called just "The Edelweiss" by locals. Even after
Louie passed away in 1991, Tessie continued to operate the Edelweiss with
the help of her son Joe "Seppi". It was closed for a period several years
ago when Tessie became ill and had to go into a nursing home. After she
passed away in 2006, Joe continued on, but this summer he decided to close
and sell.

The legendary Friday night button accordian jam sessions started in the
early 1970s, with sometimes as many as 15 musicians playing en masse. Over
the years, the number dwindled to about 7 or 8. It was not odd for people to
travel from New York, New Jersey, or other parts of Pennsylvania
(Philadelphia, Harrisburg) to attend. The Edelweiss also saw its share of
visitors from Austria. It became routine to take relatives and friends
visiting from Burgenland there something of a pilgrimage. Many of the
Burgenland government delegations that have visited the Lehigh Valley over
the years ended up at the Edelweiss and it was also featured in several
documentaries about Burgenländer immigrants that were filmed by Burgenland

In addition to the Friday jam sessions, the Edelweiss had weekly Saturday
night dances featuring local Austrian-German bands. During its later years,
the weekly dances became more infrequent, at first held monthly, then only
occasionally. Special seasonal dances, such as a Faschingtanz on Shrove
Tuesday and a Maibaumtanz (Maypole Dance), were also held over the years.

Another attraction was Tessie's cooking and baking, especially her "derwigi
Strudln", strudels made with stretched dough and filled with apples,
cabbage, or cottage cheese (the varieties Tessie most often made). She would
even sell it by the "Blech" (baking sheet) if ordered in advance.

Local Burgenländers are saddened (some even heartbroken) by, but not
shocked, at the closing of the Edelweiss. It seems to be part of the
gradual decline of the folk culture and institutions of the European
immigrant groups in our area. An inevitable product of assimilation?

On a positive note, the button accordian jam sessions have been moved across
the bridge over the Lehigh to the Coplay Sängerbund, where they still take
place every Friday from 8-11 PM, led alternately by musicians Joe Weber and
Joe Wolfer.

AUSTRIAN DAY (Brotherhood of the Burgenländer)

"Buschenschank" Sunday, October 19, 2008, 1:00 pm

Buschenschank (Wine Tavern) Style Meal, including Austrian-style meats,
wursts, cheeses, salads, breads, 2 bottles of Austrian wine, 1 pitcher of
Austrian beer, 1 pitcher of soda per table, coffee & apple Strudel!

Music by "The Spitzbuam"

Gottscheer Hall, 657 Fairview Avenue - Ridgewood, NY 11385

For additional information


Did you know that the Burgenland Bunch website has a whole section dedicated
solely to Internet Links that provide material related to the Burgenland or
to genealogical research?

We do. VP Anna Kresh maintains it, finding new links and discarding
inactive links on a regular basis. The latest update is dated August 28,
2008. You can find the Links page via a link on our Home Page entitled,
"Burgenland Bunch Internet Links." If you prefer, you can go there directly
via link
The description on the Home Page for the section modestly says,
"Hundreds of our favorite internet links, frequently reviewed. Hyperlinks
to other websites which may help you." An exact count reveals 665
hyperlinks on the page, each with a clear description of what you will find at
the target link, and broken out into 17 major categories, one of which contains
just changes and additions since the last update.
I'm sure you would spend many days searching for web pages
with just a fraction of the information offered here . . . but here they
are, the best of the best (Anna freely discards links when she finds similar
but better material!), and a mere click away.

Among my favorites categories is the one that lists Home Pages developed by
members of the Burgenland Bunch. Currently, there are links to personal
sites of 24 BB members (if you are interested in having a link to your site
added, please contact Anna via her email link on our homepage or her Links

I want to feature a small site listed for long-time member Gary Portsche,
entitled "Families from Burgenland." Gary lists two sites, and the other
one is interesting too, but I like the uniqueness and directness of his
"Families" site. Gary is currently a Kansas resident but, I believe, a
Nebraskan by birth; he is rightfully proud of both his native and adopted
state and, clearly, also of his Burgenland heritage. Because of all three,
his site describes why there is a Burgenland enclave out on the plains of
Kansas and Nebraska and provides information about the Burgenland families
that populate the area. Short, colorful, informative . . . check it out;
the direct link is


Sometimes a change is needed for a long period of time. Now, with the
including of Frank Paukowits, the Staff-photo montage is complete:


In Newsletter 176A, Article 4, then-Editor, Gerry Berghold, discussed the
ongoing transcription and formatting of entries from the 1899-1904 "Leuchs
Adressbuch", for use in the BB online Village Histories section. As an
ongoing series, we will publish selected, interesting entries from that
work (by Margaret & Tom) in the Newsletter.

Here is the entry for Bad Tatzmannsdorf. It combines research previously
compiled by Gerry Berghold and Tom Steichen with the additional material
from Leuchs Adressbuch. Particularly interesting is the Leuchs verbal
description of the mineral springs and their uses:

Bad Tatzmannsdorf
Was Tarcsafürdö, Tarcsa (Kroat: Tarca); Village of 580 residents in the
Oberwart district.

An important health resort that includes the villages of Jormannsdorf
(important Batthyany hunting lodge now a health academy) and Sulzriegel.
Total population including many outlying structures is 1134.

The spring waters (alkaline, iron, acidulous mineral water) have been known
since Roman times and there was a settlement as early as the 11th century.
Once owned by a minor noble family "de Tarcsa" whence came its earlier
Hungarian name of Tarcsa. Mentioned in Urbars as early as 1378. There are
many legends of "cures." German settlers came in the 14th and 15th
centuries. Devastated by the Turks in 1529 and again in 1532, it was
settled by Croats in 1572 by Gregor Tarrody and then acquired by the
Batthyany in 1633. It then became a favorite health resort of the
Königsberg, Erdödy, Batthyany and Esterhazy families.

It received early recognition as a health spa in the Regensberger History
(Chronik) of 1621. During the first half of the 1800s and later it was a
favorite of Viennese visitors (mentioned by Adelbert Stifter in his
The resort area now has many world class hotels, museums, sports complexes,

Always a fairly populous area, it is doubtful if many Burgenland immigrants
to America came from the area covered.

Family History Library microfilms:
Catholic: Római Katólikus Egyház, Tarcsa (Moson) [FHL INTL Films 700882 -
Civil: Tarcsa (Vas). Anyakönyvi Hivatal [VAULT INTL Films 700380 - 83]
In 1899-1904: A small community and bathing resort with 538 inhabitants;
district seat Felsöör; court Szombathely; county court.

Tarcsa's mineral springs for drinking cures are the old Karl, Max and
Gabriel Springs, the newly drilled Franzens spring, the Artesian spring
which was drilled in the open well of the old Maxquelle and the Meadows
spring. Apart from these there are two quite ferreous springs, which are
only used for bathing. Tarcsa's mineral springs are among the very rare --
in Hungary the only Glauber's salt-containing chalybeate springs rich in
carbonic acid -- so Tarcsa, thanks to its mineral springs and its marsh
soil, is considered as an alternative to a French bath. Primarily, Tarcsa is
a bath for women and, as such, it has been employed for 200 years. Quite
especially effective against anemia and chlorosis, against chronically
inflammatory conditions of the female sexual organs, and against a tendency
to abort; also infertility is cured with success. Diseases of the nervous
system, such as hysteria, horae, Tebes, neurasthenia, migraines, and,
lastly, chronic affections of respiratory & digestive systems: dyspepsia,
stomach ulcers, weakness of the bowels. Because of its constant, not too hot
climate even in midsummer, ozone-rich, dust-free air, and its pleasant
environment, Tarcsa is recommended to people who are looking for recovery
after a long illness or an exhausting activity.

Businesses & Proprietors:
Hotel (Hotel): zur Krone (Kurdirektion)
Restaur. (Restaurant): Jellosits Ignácz
Apotheke (Pharmacy): Curdirektion
Badeanstalt -- Curbad (Public Bath / Swimming Pool -- Cure Bath):
Badedirection in Tatsmannsdorf
Gutsbes. (Estate Owner): Graf Franz Batthány's Erben.
Herren-Confection u. Luxusartikellager (Men's ready-made clothing & luxury
articles warehouse): Frank & Ledofszky
Manufaktur- u. Schnittwarenhdl u. Damenconfection (Drapery Manufacturer &
Dealer & Women's ready-made clothing): Löwy Gusztav & Bruder
Spezerei- u. Gemischtwarenhdl. (Spice & Groceries dealer): Hönigmann Jakob

Source: Leuchs Adressbuch, Band 18: Ungarn, Kroatien und Slavonien,
1899-1904, 9.Ausgabe
(Leuchs' Directory, Volume 18: Hungary, Croatia and Slavonia, 1899-1904, 9th


BB Members may want to send a note to Gerry Berghold's family as a way to
extend their condolences. It's been a tough time for the family, with the
passing of Gerry in August and his wife, Molly, only three months ago in
May. Gerry was a very special person, and touched many of our lives. A
little note to express your sympathy would be very uplifting to the family.
It's really very simple to do. The home that handled the arrangements for
Gerry's funeral uses Legacy. com. The site has a page for Gerry that has
remained active. It will remain open for one year. (MTB) Here is the link:
Just hit the link and you will get directly to Gerry's page where you can
post your tribute.

PATHS REJOINED (by Frank Teklits)

Little did we know that from our widely varying assignments (Gerry - Radar
School in Keesler AFB & I - Electronics Schools at Scott AFB) with the USAF
for 4 years that our paths would meet on the 1st day of classes at Lehigh
University in 1952. Gerry & I were two of just a handful of veterans
beginning class at Lehigh in '52, with Gerry in the School of Finance & I
was in the School of Engineering. Since the both of us were off-campus
students we often met in Rec. (Recreation) Hall which was the home of the
non-campus sorority. After our graduations in '57 & '56, our paths diverged
again. In '96 my interest in our lineage led me to ask a question of a small
group known as the Burgenland Bunch; Gerry responded by asking if I was in
any way related to the Frank Teklits who attended Lehigh University in the
'50's. This simple email joined our paths again & led to many years of
pleasant conversations & messages related to the BB & the world in general.
Mary & I visited Gerry & Molly in their home in VA with Gerry meeting us at
the door, with the Lehigh Class of '56 book open to photographs of the
graduates, saying to Molly, "this is what he looked like when he was
We had a most enjoyable visit in their impeccably clean & orderly home.
May God bless you & keep you good friend & may you rest in peace for a job
well done.

Frank Teklits


I first started looking for help with Burgenland ancestors in the old
Everton Genealogical Helper and the Chicago Genealogical Society back in
1976. Along the way I met future BB member Wayne Weber and became
acquainted with BB member Susan Gager Dunn. We spoke a lot about the
Burgenland and it seemed how few people at the time had this interest. I had
always hoped for a more concerted effort in finding Burgenland ancestors in
America as other ethnic groups were doing. I was pleased to become a
member of the
Burgenländische Gemeinschaft in 1980 and an active member in 1989. A few
years after this I read about Bob Strauch in the BG and soon had many late
night phone conversations about the history and culture of the Burgenland
with Bob. I continued to complain that we still had nothing really for the
younger generations.

I was very surprised to find the Burgenland Bunch very
soon after its arrival on the Internet. When I joined, Gerry dubbed me the
"Chicago Enclave Editor". I was pleasantly astonished when Professor Walter
Dujmovits, worldwide president of the Burgenländische Gemeinschaft invited
Gerry, with his great writing skills, to write a regular genealogy article
for the BG newspaper. The BB and the BG became as "sisters" so to speak. It
really was the perfect fit! I felt very proud that the BB was now
recognized by the BG and the Burgenland! I told Gerry often that for me this
was a dream come true! I had hoped and discussed with Gerry and other BB
members for a possible meeting of BB members somewhere in North America some
day. I really was looking forward to meeting Gerry in person. But it was not
to be. I was fortunate enough, however, to have much email and phone contact
with him.

I will always feel gratitude towards Gerry for his continued optimism.
Partly at his urging, I represented Gerry and the Burgenland Bunch at the
50th Anniversary of the founding of the Burgenländische Gemeinschaft. I know
he desperately wanted to attend but felt too ill to do so. I felt honored to
take his place at the "Festakt" that evening. I thought of Gerry as I read
his words praising the works of the BG to hundreds in attendance which
included many dignitaries such as the president of Austria, Heinz Fischer.

Gerry, you helped to bring us together as Burgenland descendants across the
world! You brought us great joy! We will miss you! You will always be
remembered as "Ein Burgenländer im Herz"!

Tom Glatz


I am sorry to learn of his passing. He was a good man. I was in contact
with him relative to his illness, since I suffered the same disease many
ago. Am still going strong, but I was younger than Gerry at the time.

Gustav A. Eckhart.

It is very sad to hear of Gerry's passing. Our hearts and prayers go out to
his family.

Jim Kustelski

Thank you so much for a sad, but wonderful tribute to a man many
of us never met, but who guided us through the maze of Burgenland family
history so
skillfully and so helpfully.

Arlene Huss

I'm so sorry to hear.

Denise Lewandowski


Berta Zwickel

Berta Zwickel of Whitehall, passed away in her home three days after her
78th birthday on Aug. 27, 2008. She was married for 53 years to the late
Friedrich Zwickel. Born August 24, 1930 in Rabafuzes, Hungary, she was
the daughter
of the late Eduard and Maria (Neubauer) Simitz. She immigrated to the United
States becoming a citizen on June 13, 1956. Berta was a seamstress for the
former Phoenix Clothes, Allentown. After the birth of her daughter in 1965,
she was a homemaker who took great pride in maintaining her home, tending
to her garden, cooking and baking. She was a member of St. Peter Catholic
Church, Coplay. Survivors: Daughter, Christine Zwickel and her fiance,
Michael Edelman, and granddaughter, Jenna Edelman, all of Whitehall;
sister, Maria Turri; nieces, nephew. She was predeceased by a sister,
Margaret, and a baby brother, Herbert.

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