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Genealogists researching the multi-ethnic heritage of the Burgenland of Austria and adjoining areas of former West Hungary.

From: "Steichen" <>
Date: Sun, 7 Jun 2009 19:21:02 -0400

THE BURGENLAND BUNCH NEWS - No. 187-S (Special Edition)
June 6, 2009
(c) 2009 - The Burgenland Bunch - all rights reserved

Our 13th Year, Editor: Johannes Graf burgenland.bunch(at)
and Copy Editor Maureen Tighe-Brown

The Burgenland Bunch Newsletter, founded by Gerry Berghold, (who retired in
Summer, 2008, and died in August, 2008), is issued monthly as email and is
available online at

Current Status Of The BB:
* Members: 1721 * Surname Entries: 5566 * Query Board Entries: 4130
* Newsletters Archived: 187 * Number of Staff Members: 14

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This "special" 1-section newsletter concerns:



This short "Special" BB Newsletter has a single goal: to apologize for and
correct false information concerning attendance at the 92nd Stiftungsfest of
the Coplay Sängerbund (at 5th Street and Schreiber Avenue in Coplay) on
Sunday, June 28th.

In "special" Newsletter 186-S, I noted that a majority of the staff members
of the Burgenland Bunch would be attending the 92nd Stiftungsfest at the
Coplay Sängerbund and invited you to join us. I then supplied incorrect
information about admission of non-members on the Sängerbund premises and,
given the way I spoke about admission, I placed the club in an awkward
position. For that I apologize. In fact, the Sängerbund is a private club
and guests must be sponsored by a member for the day.

David Scheffy, President of the Sängerbund, asked that I pass along the
following message to you. In it, he states the correct way to attend and,
indeed, welcomes you to do so. We look forward to seeing you there!

>From David Scheffy:
As President of the Saengerbund I would like to thank the Burgenland
Bunch, and in particular Burgenland bunch member Bob Strauch, for making
individuals aware of our annual Stiftungsfest to be held on June 28, 2009.
However, I must make you aware that the Saengerbund does not have the
ability to relax the membership rule for this event. We are bound legally to
require members to sponsor a guest for a day. Let me state that we look
forward to Burgenland Bunch members attending our annual Stiftungsfest and
are sure that they can legally attend this event. When arriving they should
state that they are a nonmember and that a member has volunteered to sponsor
them for this event. The Saengerbund will then take necessary action to
provide for these guests to legally attend this event. Again, thank you and
your members on behalf of the Coplay Saengerbund for helping to promote our
Burgenland Heritage.


NOTICE (Terms and Conditions): The Burgenland Bunch (BB) was formed and
exists to assist Burgenland descendants in their research into their
heritage and, toward that end, reserves the right to use any communication
you have with us (email, letter, phone conversation, etc.) as part of our
information exchange and educational research efforts.
* If you do not want your communication to be used for this purpose,
indicate that it is "confidential" and we will abide by that request.
* Correspondents who communicate with the BB without requesting
confidentiality retain their copyright but give a non-exclusive license to
the BB allowing us to forward to BB members, publish in our monthly
newsletter or on our website, and/or subsequently and permanently archive
all or parts of such communications.

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