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The Habsburg Empire Modern States

Called the Austrian Empire from 1804 onwards; then the Austro-Hungarian Empire in 1867; the areas which made up the Habsburg Empire are shown below (along with their German names) and the modern states that evolved.

Kingdom (Königreich) of:
Bohemia (Böhmen) -- Czech Republic
Dalmatia (Dalmatien) -- Croatia and Montenegro
Galicia-Lodomeria (Galizien und Lodomerien) -- Poland and Ukraine
Hungary (Ungarn) -- Hungary, Romania, Serbia, Croatia, Slovakia, Ukraine
     Hungary became souvereign part of the Empire in 1867 and was divided
     in 1918/20 into several modern states.
Lombardy (Lombardei) -- transferred to Italy in 1859
Venetia (Venetien) -- transferred to Italy in 1866

Archduchy (Erzherzogtum) of:
Lower Austria (Niederösterreich or Österreich unter der Enns) -- Austria;
     some parts Czech Republic.
Upper Austria (Oberösterreich or Österreich ob der Enns) -- Austria

Duchy (Herzogtum) of:
Bucovina (Bukowina) -- Ukraine and Romania
Carinthia (Kärnten) -- Austria; some parts Slovenia and Italy
Carniola (Krain) -- Slovenia
Salzburg (Salzburg) -- Austria
Styria (Steiermark) -- Austria; some parts Slovenia

Margraviate (Markgrafschaft) of:
Istria (Küstenland) -- Croatia and Slovenia
Moravia (Mähren) -- Czech Republic; some parts Poland

County (Grafschaft) of:
Gorizia and Gradisca (Görz und Gradiska) -- Italy and Slovenia
Tyrol (Tirol) -- Austria; 1919 Southern Tyrol ceded to Italy
Vorarlberg (Vorarlberg) -- Austria

Other Territory (Sonstiges Territorium):
Austrian Silesia (Österreichisch-Schlesien) -- Czech Republic; some parts Poland
Bosnia-Hercegowina (Bosnien-Hercegowina) -- Bosnia and Hercegovina
Town of Trieste (Stadt Triest) -- Italy

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