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March 00 Introduction of SalzburgGenWeb and UpperAustriaGenWeb
June 99 Introduction of the new Exulanten-L Mailing List
May 99 Summary of links to ship resources. Select Links/International.
Apr 99 User guide for the ETB - Austrian Phone Directory
Apr 99 New summary of search engines. See Search & Ask
Mar 99 Information about Genealogy Events
12 Sep 98 This summary implemented and re-design of the Info section to include advice about Austrian census data, etc.
Sep 98 Smile - click hereTaglines: "The Even Lighter Side of Genealogy"
29 Aug 98 Draft site for LowerAustriaGenWeb implemented.
Aug 98 Demo for Tombstone Transcription Project: Schrattenthal Cemetery
Aug 98 The castle link page implemented.
21 Aug 98 Review and link to Meinard Pichler's draft site for VorarlbergGenWeb
18 Aug 98 Assistance with drafting of Barb Wolgast's new site for TyrolGenWeb
10 Jun 98 Genealogical Index of German - Austrian Nobility
19 May 98 Austria Mailing List
May 98 Link summary: Austrian Church Resources
Apr 98 Links summary: Best Place Finder Tools
Mar 98 Link summary: Austrian Media
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