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Wien / Vienna 

is the capital city of the Republic of Austria and a province in its own right. Located on the Donau / Danube river at 48.13N 16.22E, the city is the seat to several levels of government. The Federal Government resides in Parliament, the Municipal Government at the Rathaus Wien / City Hall. It is presided over by the B�rgermeister / Mayor of the city who also acts as Landeshauptmann / Premier of the province. 

The Parliament and the Rathaus, among a number of other major landmark buildings like the Hofburg, Burgtheater, Opera etc. give the Ring Strasse a uniqueness, not found in too many other cities in the world.  

Wien, like Geneva and New York, is headquarters to a number of United Nations organizations. They are located in the 22nd district of the city, on the east side of the Donau, called the UNO City, a special site of modern, present-day Vienna.  

Wien was for many years the Reichshaupt- und Residenzstadt / Empire Capital and Residence City of a number of monarchs of the Habsburg Empire. The late Kaiser Franz Josef I (1830-1916) Emperor of Austria (1848-1916) and King of Hungary (1867-1916) lived here, as did other monarchs before him. 

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City Maps of Vienna
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Welcome to the ViennaGenWeb

Genealogy involves much applied research. As in any form of research, it helps a great deal to learn how to methodically ask good questions and to look for the best answers.    

Start with your immediate family, relatives and old friends. Let them all know about your interest in family research and ask them how they would like to be of help to you.  

Learn how to make good use of the InterNet. There are on-line maps to locate the places where your relatives live now, where your ancestry came from and used to live in the past. You will find all kinds of lists and groups you can join to share some fresh, new ideas. You work on your own and use the on-line phone directories for each country to find people with names you are researching in the area of your interest. Be aware of changes in various types of characters between countries. Use the currently correct spelling, i.e. there maybe names like Wonkelberger, Winkelburger or Wankelbuerger just as an example.   

Notice the Umlaute in German Ae, Oe and Ue! They can present a problem. Try to design your searches based on your own requirements so you can get around them or type the Alt-key and number combination which create them as follows:   

Alt 142 = Ä / Ae
Alt 153 = Ö / Oe
Alt 154 = Ü / Ue
Alt 132 = ä / ae
Alt 148 = ö / oe
Alt 129 = ü / ue

Alt 225 = ß / sz

You may want to search for currently living relatives or others with names of interest in Austria, Germany and the Czech Republic, which would be three different phone books, in one country only, or a distinct part of Austria like Vienna, N.Oe. and Burgenland or just a special part of Vienna, like Floridsdorf or a town in N.Oe, like St. Poelten. You will end up with many addresses you can write to, and even just a few replies may give you many new details for your ever-growing family research project.   

Organize your research so you can be of help to others. Be systematic, methodical and persistant. I wish you much luck and enjoy the pleasures of genealogical research.
Franz Hrazdira

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