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Welcome to Apache County      Biographies Project...

I am Colleen Gwynn volunteer  Coordinator for Apache County, Arizona.  

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 The History of US Biographies Project


Jeff Murphy in May 1997 organized the US Biographies project.  The established KY Biographies Project was used as a model.  Volunteer state coordinators were sought and  the system design and tools  created for the KY project  offered to them for use but they were also free to set up their project in any way they chose.    

Credit is given in memory of Jeff Murphy and all the time and effort he put into getting this project started.  On this date 2004 his legacy continues to grow. Thanks to him many people will be able to continue their family search over the
internet at no cost.                                         





August 2004...New coordinator's report concerning Apache County

   Prior to this date, no biographies have been submitted to commemorate and    preserve the lives of grandmothers or grandfathers, great-grandmothers or    great-grandfathers.  

                                        How could this be?

   Other  states and counties have stepped up to the line generating and    sharing remarkable information about good people...come take a peek!      The State of Indiana especially has made great strides in accomplishing the    desired visible goals  of this project.

                                        You can make a difference!

  Apache County pioneers have stories needing to be written.
  If you descend from a pioneer of this county--you could be the one to author   a biography in her name or his name and submit the results to be included   here.  Preserving what we know of another's yesterdays brings sunshine in   another form to our own days.

   Please explore the submit page for details.


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