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Historical Apache County Photographs

The Old Elm Motel & Restaraunt
Main Street - St. Johns, AZ

St. Johns, AZ High School

Triple S Market
Main Street - St. Johns
Early 1970s

Main Street with Barth Hotel in Foreground
St. Johns, AZ

The Whiting Bros Garage
Before the explosion/fire that destroyed it

The Whiting Bros Garage
After the explosion/fire that destroyed it

The Sherwood Sisters

Standing (l-r): Jean Koon, Cora Anderson, Dora Udall
Seated (l-r): Lottie Baker, Lou Knight, LaVern Coleman

The Whiting Brothers

L-R: Sherwood S. Udall, E. I. Whiting,
Virgil Whiting, Wilford Shumway

Apache County Sheriff's Office Staff

Whiting Bros Garage
St. Johns, AZ

1925 Northern AZ Champs

L-R: Coach Libbert, Lawson Hamblin, Silas Jarvis, Harry Overson, Pratt Overson, Ove Overson, Wilford Overson, Clyde Davis

St. Johns High School Basketball Team

Back Row (l-r): Kenneth Pulsipher, ?, Coach Guy Richey, Joy Waite, Earl Jarvis

Front Row (l-r): ?, Ross Overson, Edward Waite, ?, Stanley Richey

Alice LeSueur, Amanda Kemp, Louise Freeman

Mary E B Farr, Olena D. Kempe, Pearl Peterson, Mary Jones

Josie Anderson, Ethel Farr, Nell LeSueur

The Whiting Cash Store
St. Johns, AZ