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Grand Canyon - Vintage Views

gc1.jpg (51263 bytes) View of the Grand Canyon showing Cape Royal, Watan's Throne, and Vishnu Temple
gc2.jpg (58256 bytes) Moran Point
gc3.jpg (40461 bytes) View of Grand Canyon
gc4.jpg (60023 bytes) Grand Canyon as seen from Desert View
gc5.jpg (54035 bytes) Stereoview 
gc100.jpg (58601 bytes) Another View
gc6.jpg (117470 bytes) Santa Fe Station
gc7.jpg (47053 bytes) The Arch at the Entrance, Hermit's Rest
gc8.jpg (125713 bytes) Anvil Rock
gc9.jpg (163384 bytes) Hermit Creek Trail
gc10.jpg (112869 bytes) No Man's Land
gc12.jpg (51375 bytes) American Indians viewing the Grand Canyon

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