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  Felix Cervantes III Wed, 22 Dec 1999 01:52:47
My grandfather Felix Cervantes has a missing birth record.  He was born on july 19 or 29, 1917, in Williams, Arizona.  His parents were Doroteo Cervantes and Elena Martinez Cervantes. If you have any info that would help me, I would appreciate it. Thank you. felix cervantes III

Marylou O Denyer Fri, 29 Oct 1999 23:04:38
I would like to know more about the Old Bill Williams Days Celebration held in Williams, AZ each Memorial Day weekend.  I have talked to the people in the Chamber of Commerce in Williams and have some information, but would like to contact someone who has been there and can tell me what sort of events they hold and when.  Have you ever been there?  Do you know anything about the town?  I am related to Bill Williams and would like to meet with other relatives during the weekend if that is possible. I was told that other famiies related to Bill have attended the celebration in the past.  If you could put me in touch with other relatives I would appreciate it very much.
Thanks, Marylou Denyer in California

Dorothy Gray Sun, 22 Aug 1999 17:06:56
Seeking any information on Shorty Lovelady, a pioneer Arizona cowboy and rancher who died in 1994, and was married to Fannye Kingston Lovelady.  They lived in Phoenix prior to moving to the Prescott/Dewey area, where they both died.
Shorty was a well-known cowboy, a roper, participating in many rodeos, horse races.  Once owned a large ranch formerly owned by Everett Bowman, Hillside, AZ.  They also had a thorobred horse ranch in CA, and raced at Del Mar, etc.  He was my son's uncle. Any further info would be appreciated.  Thank you.
Dorothy Gray 

Carol Threewit Tue, 17 Aug 1999 16:50:14
Floyd Hastings was shot by his son Jim Hastings in the early 1940's near the Grand Canyon. I am assuming it would be in the Coconino County records, located in Flagstaff, AZ. I would like any information anyone might find on this incident.  Thank you very much.
Carol Threewit  email address

Theresa Lozoya Wed, 28 Jul 1999 06:55:35
I'm searching for my father-- Richard Robert Williams.  DOD06/02/1934. The only other information I have is his mother's first name--Frances (no madian name,)and my father's brother's name is Albert Williams, and that they were from Flagstaff, AZ.
Thank You, Mrs. Theresa Lozoya, 7530 W. Weldon Ave., Phoenix, AZ  85033

Cheryl Sigsbee Mon, 26 Jul 1999 14:16:14
SIXBY RANCH, GARRETT RANCH AND FAMILY OF SIXBY, SIGSBY, SIGSBEE Seek info regarding Garrett Ranch, also possibly known as Sixby Ranch, and descendants of Charles, Garrett, or Everett (Evert) Sixby, Sigsby, Sigsbee or any info regarding family or their ranch. Charles W. Sigsby was killed by Indians in an attack at the Sigsby (Sixby) Ranch in an area called Pleasant Valley on July 12, 1882, according to a newspaper account.  With him was a Robert Sigsby, and in the article there is no mention of a relationship to Charles.  Also a man named Houdon (no first name), who died with Charles. It is unclear if Robert survived his wounds.  There was a Garrett O. Sigsby living on the ranch, who was injured, but not killed. In 1887 he was trying to rebuild the ranch. The family's original name was spelled Sixby in Canada, may have been spelled Sigsby in the states until around 1900, when members of the families changed it to Sigsbee.  Canadian ancestor (Gerrit/Garrett) was originally from New York (1700s). Also seek info re an Everett F. Sigsbee died  Sep 29, 1946 at Tucson, Arizona at age 39.  It is unknown if he is a descendant of this family. Please email me with any information.
Cheryl Sigsbee

William H. Mitchell Mon, 19 Jul 1999 13:42:22
Seek burial place of George Kennedy Herron 19 Oct 1888-Dec 1968. Died Flagstaff. Husband of Frances Fogle.
Bill Mitchell

M. Spencer Sun, 11 Jul 1999 13:48:27
My grandfather James Sidney BRADSHER, lived in Flagstaff for a number of years ca. 1920 -1930. I assume that he worked for a bank as this was his occupation in N.C. If anyone has access to city directories and would do a search for him in the years mentioned, I would be most appreciative and will pay postage and copying charges gladly.

Wayne Porter Thu, 08 Jul 1999 20:22:34
I am seeking information on a group of Arizona lumbermen that arrived around 1870. Joseph T. Jordan, Charles J. Howard, Charles A., and James M. Greenlaw were relatives who came from a lumbering area on the Maine/New Brunswick border know as Milltown for the abundance of sawmills on its river. I have unconfirmed information that they may have started the second lumbering operation in Arizona, possibly named the Greenlaw Mills. The only hard information I have is that Joseph T. Jordan is buried in Williams, Az. and Charles A. Greenlaw is listed on the 1900 census for Flagstaff. If anyone could give me some information on these matters, it would be a big help. Also, looking for written sources of local history on Flagstaff/Williams area.
Wayne Porter, E-mail address, 87 Rollins Rd., Rollinsford, N.H. 03869

Joan Waske Sat, 03 Jul 1999 11:26:52
Surname PETUS or PETTUS - Howard A. Petus and Olevia Partridge were married 22 Dec 1898 at Prescott in Yavapai County Arizona. The 1900 census shows them in Coconino County Grand Canon Forest Reserve with the surname spelled Pettus, Olevia spelled Ollie and a newly born daughter Ione. Would like to contact any family members. Olevia/Ollie is a sister to my grandmother Goldie PARTRIDGE EDWARDS and daughter of Wm. James Partridge and Louisa MOZINGO Partridge who lived in Washington state near Spokane. 
Joan Waske,

Marlene Bradley Sun, 27 Jun 1999 16:44:56
My grandmother, Jetty Allen, lived and I believe died in Flagstaff.  She was a widow and I believe she remarried prior to her death. My last contact with her was in 1961 or 62.  I do not know her maiden name.  She had a son named Floyd Young Allen, and a daughter named Myrtle Allen.  My last contact with her, she worked in a hotel or motel in Flagstaff.  I know this isn't much to go on, but it is all I have.  I would greatly appreciate any help you could give me.
  Sincerely, Marlene Bradley,, 320 w. Twin Oaks, Caney, Ok. 74533

Manuel R. Mora Fri, 25 Jun 1999 23:21:53
Would Like some info.on the surname Mora email address
  Thank You, Manuel R. Mora

Lloyd MacRae Wed, 26 May 1999 22:23:28
I am working on a family history book and was putting together some info on each of the folks in the book. I was told of a couple, Duncan Gouch and his wife, who were killed in a plane crash in the Grand Canyon. Unfortunately I have no date and the person who told the story has the start of Alzeimers and can't even remember the story he told me last year! I was hoping someone might be able to point me in a direction to find a date or to find a library I could contact. Appreciate any help you can give.
Lloyd MacRae Ontario, Canada

Walter Sat, 29 May 1999 15:32:28
Dumas family in Oak Creek Canyon. Can you direct me to sources of info for the Dumas family in Oak Creek Canyon? My great uncle, Mack Oliver Dumas divorced his wife in Texas and made his way to Arizona and settled in the Oak Creek Canyon area.  I have recently obtained photos of him and his new family there, probable in the early 1900s and threrabouts.  I have contacted one of his decendents who seems to know even less than I about his family.
Can you give me some direction as to where I should start this search?  I'm very short on specifics.  Thank you.

Amy Parker Thu, 27 May 1999 15:10:14
Surname: LONG, Alfred Wilson & HARCOURT, H Adelaide. Locations:  Williams, Coconino, AZ and Grand Canyon, Coconino, AZ. Time Periods: 1930-1975 approx. I am seeking information on the family of Alfred Wilson LONG(bottom) (1864-1937) and his wife Henrietta Adelaide (maiden HARCOURT) (previous marriage Watson) (1870-1949).  Their children George, Gladys, Hebert, Fredrick, Florence, Dorothy, Edgar John, Edmond Richard, and Robert Charles Long. His children from a previous marriage Mae, Reginald, Albert and Edith Emily.  Her children from a previous marriage (to John McKean WATSON) Grace, Frank, William, Evelyn, Geoffrey and Walter. Alfred died in Wililams, Coconino, AZ on 02 Feb 1937.  His sons Edmond Richard (Dick) and Robert Charles Long were both married in Coconino County.  Daughter, Emily Edith Long Settlerland died in Williams in 1975. Any and all information gladly appreciated.  Willing to share what I have.
Amy N Parker,, Salt Lake City, UT

Steve Gaddis Sat, 15 May 1999 22:20:38
I am researching the Gaddis family in Yavapai County. I have run across several references to O.D.M Gaddis from Kingman. He married Ella Baker of Prescott on May 5, 1893. He was also at least part owner of Gaddis & Co. which was located in Kingman. I am attempting to find out if this O.D.M. Gaddis has ties to the Gaddis family in Verde Valley. Do you have information on what the O.D.M stands for or any information on any siblings or parents?
Thank You, Steve Gaddis, 5335 Rice Cr Rd, Winston, OR 97496 or

Lawrence T. Smith Wed, 07 Apr 1999 19:38:51
I am attempting to identify and locate illegitimate sister. Mother's name: Jessie Pointer Reed. Father unknown. Child's name: Gloria Jean ? d.o.b. 10-31-45, believed to have been born in Az. She married Raymond Leon Hale 4-29-60, also believed to have occurred in Az. Nothing known about subject since 1961. Any help or directions would be greatly appreciated.

Reber Kennedy or an alternate email Mon, 8 Mar 1999 15:52:20
I am looking for info on John Theo Kennedy (called Jack), my great uncle from Tennessee who was in Goldroad, Flagstaff, and Oatman, Arizona from about 1900 to 1919 when he died. I have his photo album with pictures of Goldroad, Oatman and surrounding aread taken form 1910 to 1919. He had gold mines operating in Goldroad and Oatman along with one or two in Cripple Creek, Colo. He also had build drug stores in the area. Some of the pictures show him at a place called "Murrietta, Hot Springs, Cal. He had become very wealthy.
He died in 1919 and his family picked up his body in Flagstaff . He was only 40 or so years old. I have great pictures of the Goldroad club, Oatman in about 1915.
If you have information on him, please let me know as I plan to visit the area this summer.
Thank you, Reber Kennedy, 1151 Needmore Rd., Clarksville, Tenn. 37040 or

Larry & Val Mon, 8 Mar 1999 07:30:53
I am looking for information on the family of Eli Ellis Foster and his wife Matilda Starkey. They were in the Cocochino area c 1930 with children William "Bill", Ethel and Ione. The two girls may have attended school in the city of Coconino (or Cosnino) . The Fosters purchased and settled on the Visheno place. Eli Foster built stock tanks and also worked on Hwy 66. Eli, Matilda, Bill and Ione are buried in the Citizens Cemetery in Flagstaff. Ethel, my grandmother, is living in Fallon, NV., she remembers the name of the town as Cosnino, a train stop east of Flagstaff, I could not find that on the map so went with Coconino.

Wilma Moore Sat, 24 Oct 1998 11:41:32
(I think I missed entering this query for the time period I received it in-MB) LOVELADY--Seek information on William "Lovie" LOVELADY, who lived in Coconino County or Navajo County in 1920. Born in Texas circa 1879, "Lovie" was a fiddler and possibly lived near Chevelon Butte, according to family tradition. He may have died near Winslow. Are there any cemetery records to help us with time/place of his death? Would like to contact descendants and will appreciate any assistance or information.
Thanks! Wilma Moore

Arthur S. Burford Tue, 16 Feb 1999 11:26:38
I am trying to locate information on a baby buried in the Middle Verde Valley Cemetery in 1879. I am not sure whether this cemetery is located in Coconino or Yavapai County. Looking at county maps, the south end of Coconino county juts out to the west and may include the area of my interest? This baby, a boy, was born to my Great Grandparents, Preston Williamson and Elizabeth Ann Hornbeck BURFORD. He is identified only as a "baby boy," in the above described book. He is mentioned by Ms. Rowena Van Deren, daughter of a Great Aunt, Martha Pricilla Burford Dickinson, as having died shortly after birth. Jim James Samuel) Burford, my Grandfather carried the baby's casket across "Dry Beaver Creek," swimming the swollen creek on horse back, to be buried in the Middle Verde Cemetery...the second burial in this cemetery. My inquiry is; is this burial referred to in any records kept for the cemetery, identified by a marker, etc. We beleive this baby boy to have been Archie S. Burford b. 13 Jan, 1879. As no further reference is made in family records of Archie, we would like to be able to confirm he is the baby referred to in the book. Thanks for any help you may be able to provide relative to the above inquiry. Arthur S. Burford 91 Mason Road Mexico, NY 13114-3122 e-mail

Jane Henson Pizzoferrato Sun, 14 Feb 1999 14:28:39
I am researching my Mayhew genealogy. I would like to find descendants of Carl Calvin Mayhew and his wife Ethel, who owned the Mayhew Lodge in Oak Creek Canyon near Sedona. Carl was my mother's uncle. They had a daughter named Betty, who married, I think, Alfred Wohlschlegel. These four persons are now deceased, Ethel being the last in 1989.
Jane Henson Pizzoferrato

Oweida Snodgrass Mon, 1 Feb 1999 21:06:25
Searching for Frank and August Polson in Williams, AZ, late 1800s.

Marci Duryea Thu, 28 Jan 1999 12:58:23
We have been making inquiries at the AZ State Archives and various genealogical societies with no luck. We would appreciate any help, advice, tips to sources, etc. for the following search:
Born circa 1859 in Massachusetts or New Hampshire...Died some time after 1907, probably in ARIZONA...Married to Emma Jane (Knight) Howe, also born back east. They had five children. Lived in Superior, Wisconsin from at least 1891 but probably longer (1891 was the first year Superior had a city directory).
Albion was active in the politics of Superior: he was an alderman, president of the city council, and was appointed Acting Mayor in 1895-96 when the presiding mayor was impeached for taking graft from the saloons. Albion seemed to be considered a highly moral sort of man. Albion remained in Superior, working in the MINING INDUSTRY as well as politics (we see his occupation listed as "miner" only once; the rest of the time he is superintendent of various elevators down near the Lake Superior docks. We are not sure if it was the iron or coal mining industry.)
We last see him listed in the Superior directory in 1906. In 1907 and 1908 we see Emma Jane at the same address with some of her (now grown) children. In the 1909 directory she lists herself as "widow, Albion". She may have been lying to save face. We found no probate records in Superior, so that's my hunch. Family rumor has it that he left his family in Superior and "ran off with the town prostitute," but that may also be an exaggeration of Emma Jane's. She was a staunch and very active churchwoman, and another rumor has it that it's one of the reasons Albion left.
My grandfather John (Albion's son) graduated high school in Superior in 1906 or 1907, and began working almost immediately for a coal mining company in the area. My father remembers my grandfather telling him that Albion wrote a letter to the family requesting that John visit him in ARIZONA. This likely happened in 1907, 08 or 09, but may have been later. We do not know. It would not have happened after John was married in 1912. The visit did take place, but my father does not remember what city or county John said he visited.
We have no other knowledge of what happened to Albion either during or after his son's visit. We don't know if he was living alone or with someone. We don't know what his occupation was in Arizona, though something connected with mining is likely. We don't know when or where he died, or where he is buried.

Mary Ann Lankford Tyre Thu, 7 Jan 1999 19:11:41
LANKFORD, Clipp or Cliff. Not sure of first name. Maybe Clifford?
My greatuncle sent a letter to my Gfather in 1882. He said he was in Flagstaff, AZ working in a saw mill till spring. Didn't want folks to know where he was.
As the story goes, about 15 years later my Gfather and my father went to Flagstaff by train from Terre Haute, Ind. When they arrived they were met by a man who said he was a foreman for Cliff Lankford. Told them he was RR detective and had left on the train they came in on. He was suppose to be back in a couple of days. They went to a ranch and met a young girl who was his daughter. No mention of wife. He didn't return in two or three days and they had to leave. Never heard of again. I would like a starting point or Historical Society that I could contact. Any and all suggestions or information welcome.
Mary Ann Lankford Tyre in Florida
6612 County Line Rd.
Lakeland, Fl. 33811



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