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Why Should You Join the Desert Wells Chapter?

Those of us whose ancestors fought, gave aid and/or comfort to the cause of the American Revolution realize just how strongly they believed in creating a new country based on ideals that had never been attempted before. We know how important this new nation was to our ancestors and how much they sacrificed for it. We want to celebrate and continue the foundational tenets of the United States, begun by our ancestors. We strongly believe in supporting children, new citizens, and our service members. As a member of the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) you will learn more about your ancestors and what it meant to them to fight in the American Revolution. You will also be able to give something back to this country. You will have the opportunity to serve on various committees which match your own interests and meet other women with similar beliefs.

What benefit is it to you to join?

Joining the DAR offers members an opportunity to give something back to the United States of America and their communities. It is a way to keep American and family history alive. Women of all ages interested in being a part of this premier historical organization will benefit. It gives young women a straight path to conservation, education and women's accomplishments. It is an opportunity to add to their college and employment resumes showing community service. Take a look at our Juniors page to see how active our young women are.

Honor your ancestors. Take part in something positive for America and its youth, its aged, its military and its history. Help us keep American principles alive. Awaken in yourself and others the knowledge that it is a privilege to be an American. Stand and serve as an example while demonstrating responsible citizenship.

What is the Daughters of the American Revolution?

The National DAR was established in 1890, It is non-profit, non-political, worldwide volunteer women's service organization devoted to three tenets: Education, History, and Patriotism. Besides being a genealogical society, DAR members volunteer hours and donate dollars to veteran organizations, schools, and the community.

Who Can Join?

The DAR is open to any woman 18 years of age or older, regardless of race, religion or ethnic background, who can prove lineal bloodline descent from a man or woman who fought, gave aid and/or comfort to the cause of the American Revolution.

Who Will Help Me Join?

The Desert Wells Chapter members give excellent help to prospective members in proving eligibility. We have skilled genealogists and many resources to aid you in proving your eligibility. The National Society Daughters of the American Revolution also has an online database, containing names of Revolutionary patriots, both men and women, whose service between 1775 and 1783 has been established.

Online database: National DAR database