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Green Valley Genealogical Society

Board of Directors & Contact Information


Below is a list of the Officers and Members of the Board of Directors and their areas of responsibility. Contacting an individual in a specific area of responsibility is the most efficient way to contact us, so feel free to click the name of any Board Officer or Member below to send that person an e-mail message. If clicking on a name doesn't work for you, send an email to and put the name of the person you want to receive your message in the salutation.


President - Reed Sanderson (2013-2015)
Vice President - Sumner Walters (2014-2016)
Secretary - Eloise O'neil (2014-2016)
Treasurer - Deb Kabinier (2013-2015)


Historian - John Rychener (2014-2016)
Librarian - Bob Vint (2014-2016)
Membership - Flori McCluney (2014-2016)
Newsletter Editor - Becky McCreary (2013-2015)
Programs - Linda Hanson (2014-2016)
Publicity - Jerry Wallin (2013-2015)
Social - Barbara Barton (2013-2015)
Webmaster - Bob Vint (2013-2015)

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