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"Genealogy Today", by Betty Lou Malesky, CG
Articles published in the Green Valley News

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"Changing Face of Genealogy"
Sunday 15 May 2016, page B3
"Plagiarism and Genealogy"
Sunday 1 May 2016, page B3
"Rebels, Ruffians and Renegades"
Sunday 17 April 2016, page B4
"Has Your Line Daughtered Out?"
Sunday 3 April 2016, page B5
"One of Ireland's Great Patriots"
Sunday 13 March 2016, page B9
"Photo Organization Made Easy"
Sunday 14 February 2016, page B7
"Cancer Study Looks at Twins"
Sunday 31 January 2016, page B2
"Our Common Ancestor"
Sunday 10 January 2016, page B7
"Ancestry's Christmas Gift"
Sunday 27 December 2015, page B4
"Requiem for the Card Catalog"
Sunday 6 December 2015, page B7
"The Pilgrims' Story on TV"
Sunday 22 November 2015, page B7
"British Peers Turn to DNA"
Sunday 25 October 2015, page B4
"Immigrant Ancestors' Work Experience"
Sunday 27 September 2015, page B6
"Beware the Seven Dastardly Deeds of Genealogy"
Sunday 13 September 2015, page B2
"Write Your Family Story"
Sunday 30 August 2015, page B2
"Genealogy on Television"
Sunday 16 August 2015, page B2
"Immigration & Donald Trump"
Sunday 2 August 2015, page B2
"Choosing Genealogy Software"
Sunday 19 July 2015, page B2
"Visiting Ancestral Homes"
Sunday 5 July 2015, page B2
"Whose Family Tree Are You Climbing?"
Sunday 21 June 2015, page B3
" for Sale Again"
Sunday 7 June 2015, page B3
"Magna Carta Revisited"
Sunday 24 May 2015, page B2
"Historic Magna Carta"
Sunday 10 May 2015, page B6
"Emigration vs. Immigration"
Sunday 26 April 2015, page B2
"Are They Really Your Ancestors?"
Sunday 12 April 2015, page B2
"The Last Word on Richard III"
Sunday 29 March 2015, page B7
"10 Years of Genealogy"
Sunday 15 March 2015, page C10
"Genealogy and the Internet"
Sunday 1 March 2015, page B10
"DNA Testing & Genealogy"
Sunday 15 February 2015, page B7
"Genealogy and the Law"
Sunday 1 February 2015, page B6
"Get Better Results Online (Part 2)"
Sunday 18 January 2015, page B5
"Get Better Results Online (Part 1)"
Sunday 4 January 2015, page B1
"New Year's Traditions Have a Long History"
Sunday 21 December 2014, page B1
"Give Your Genealogist a Merry Christmas"
Sunday 7 December 2014, page C1
"Google Your Ancestors"
Sunday 23 November 2014, page B1
"The Rest of the Story"
Sunday 9 November 2014, page B1
"Haste Leads to Poor Conclusions"
Sunday 26 October 2014, page B1
"Genealogy is Never Boring"
Sunday 12 October 2014, page B1
"Genealogy Scores on TV This Month"
Sunday 28 September 2014, page B1
"Decisions, Decisions"
Sunday 14 September 2014, page B1
"Book Lovers Love Books"
Sunday 31 August 2014, page B1
"Genealogy Program Update"
Sunday 17 August 2014, page B1
"Shorpy, a Nostalgic Treasure"
Sunday 3 August 2014, page B1
"Genealogy's Popularity Continues to Grow"
Sunday 20 July 2014, page B1
"The End is Near . . . For Microfilm, That Is"
Sunday 6 July 2014, page B1
"Genealogists' Declaration of Rights"
Sunday 22 June 2014, page B1
"Finding Those Irish Ancestors"
Sunday 8 June 2014, page B1
"Epidemics & Disease in America"
Sunday 25 May 2014, page B1
"Aging and Longevity"
Sunday 11 May 2014, page B1
"Write Your Own Obituary Before It's Too Late"
Sunday 27 April 2014, page B1
"Blogs, Blogs & More Blogs"
Sunday 13 April 2014, page C1
"Another Happy Adoption Tale"
Sunday 30 March 2014, page C1
"Ohio Eases Adoption Laws"
Sunday 16 March 2014, page C1
"The Internet and Your Will"
Sunday 2 March 2014, page C1
"Research Aids for Ulster-Scots"
Sunday 16 February 2014, page C1
"Toppling Brick Walls With Ease"
Sunday 2 February 2014, page C1
"Choose Your Ancestor? . . ."
Sunday 19 January 2014, page B1
"It's Never Too Late to Begin . . ."
Sunday 5 January 2014, page B1
"Echoes of Christmas Past"
Sunday 22 December 2013, page C1
"Ancestors: Famous and Notorious"
Sunday 8 December 2013, page C1
"Ancestors: The Famous and the Infamous"
Sunday 24 November 2013, page B1
"Where Will Your Family Research Wind Up?"
Sunday 10 November 2013, page C1
"Privacy & Online Family Trees"
Sunday 27 October 2013, page B1
"Cholera Infantum & Other Diseases"
Sunday 13 October 2013, page B3
"Bookless Public Library Opens in Texas"
Sunday 29 September 2013, page B1
"Cindy Crawford Finds Her Ancestry"
Sunday 15 September 2013, page B1
"Bodies under Bath Abbey Threaten Stability"
Sunday 1 September 2013, page B4
"Finally, Proof That We Are All Related"
Sunday 18 August 2013, page B2
"10 Tips to Overcome 'Genealogy Burnout'"
Sunday 4 August 2013, page B1
"Gettysburg – The Decisive Battle"
Sunday 21 July 2013, page B1
"Reality & a Family Legend"
Sunday 7 July 2013, page B1
"Living Persons & Your Genealogy"
Sunday 23 June 2013, page B1
"How to Evaluate a Compiled Genealogy"
Sunday 9 June 2013, page C3
"DNA Reveals Truth about 1964 Kidnap Victim"
Sunday 26 May 2013, page C2
"Did Your Ancestor Survive the Plague?"
Sunday 14 May 2013, page C2
"Richard III Reinterment in Dispute"
Sunday 28 April 2013, page B1
"Newspaper Finding Aid for Genealogists"
Sunday 14 April 2013, page C1
"Children, Stress and Genealogy"
Sunday 31 March 2013, page B3
"St Patrick's Day: The Wearing of the Orange"
Sunday 17 March 2013, page B1
"Pima Library Adds Ancestry Access"
Sunday 3 March 2013, page C3
"Colonial Settlement Continues into 1700s"
Sunday 23 February 2013, page C1
"Colonial Settlements"
Sunday 3 February 2013, page C1
"Royal Relatives Rivalry Revived"
Sunday 20 January 2013, page B2
"New Year, New Chance to Reform"
Sunday 6 January 2013, page C3
"Home for the Holidays"
Sunday 23 December 2012, page B5
"Genealogy Column Causes Controversy"
Sunday 9 December 2012, page B5
"Lessons from the Past"
Sunday 25 November 2012, page B4
"If Everyone Agrees, It Must Be True"
Sunday 11 November 2012, page B1
"Irish Research Right Here in Arizona"
Sunday 28 October 2012, page C2
"Name's the Same But . . .Is the Man?"
Sunday 14 October 2012, page C3
"Celebrate Family History Month"
Sunday 30 September 2012, page C2
"Public Libraries in the Digital-Age"
Sunday 16 September 2012, page B1
"Ancestry.Com Struggling to Maintain It's Profitability"
Sunday 2 September 2012, page B1
"So Many Ancestors, So Little Time"
Sunday 19 August 2012, page B1
"Jefferson-Hemings Controversy Renewed"
Sunday 5 August 2012, page B1
"Going Back Home with Google Earth"
Sunday 22 July 2012, page B1
"The History of Women's Rights"
Sunday 8 July 2012, page A13
"Finding Records for the War of 1812"
Sunday 24 June 2012, page B3
"Nearly Forgotten: The War of 1812"
Sunday 10 June 2012, page A12
"Genealogy’s Roots: It all began when . . ."
Sunday 27 May 2012, page A15
"Another Miraculous Reunion in California"
Sunday 13 May 2012, page A14
"Ellis Island Name Change Rumors Persist"
Sunday 29 April 2012, page B3
"Finding Your Family in the 1940 Census"
Sunday 15 April 2012, page C5
"Where is Your Research Going?"
Sunday 1 April 2012, page C3
"Do You Have Seminar Overload?"
Sunday 18 March 2012, page C6
" New Option for Census Research"
Sunday 4 March 2012, page C4
"Google Books: Online Library for Researchers"
Sunday 19 February 2012, page C3
"What is a Certified Genealogist?"
Sunday 5 Februuary 2012, pages C7-8
"Genealogists Make News Again"
Sunday 22 January 2012, page C3
"My Romance with Courthouses"
Sunday 8 January 2012, page C6
"Vintage Christmas Music Still Inspiring Today"
Sunday 25 December 2011, page B3
"Classes: Another Learning Tool"
Sunday 11 December 2011, page B4
"Learning to be a Better Family Researcher"
Sunday 27 November 2011, page C2
"Nephew ID's Doctor as Jack the Ripper"
Sunday 13 November 2011, page C2
"Keeping Up With the Changes Online"
Sunday 30 October 2011, page C2
"Handling Sensitive Family Information"
Sunday 16 October 2011, page C7
"Two States Consider Easing Vital Records Accesss"
Sunday 2 October 2011, page C3
"Update on the U.S. Census"
Sunday 18 September 2011, page C2
"Who, What, When, Where, Why and How"
Sunday 4 September 2011, page B2
"Evidence that Leads to a Verdict"
Sunday 21 August 2011, page B2
"Where, Oh Where Has the Family Gone?"
Sunday 7 August 2011, page B3
"U.S. Mail Delivers Babies?"
Sunday 24 July 2011, page B2
"Nothing New Under the Sun"
Sunday 10 July 2011, page B2
"Disappearing Historic Records Sometimes Return"
Sunday 26 June 2011, page C3
"Millionaires Can't Take It with Them Either"
Sunday 5 June 2011, page B4
"Investigating a Surprising Divorce"
Sunday 22 May 2011, page B3
"Divorce Records Yield Family Secrets"
Sunday 8 May 2011, page C2
"Researchers Often Overlook Divorce Records"
Sunday 24 April 2011, page C7
"Bigamists: Beware of Facebook"
Sunday 10 April 2011, page C3
"Family Research Reveals Surprises"
Sunday 27 March 2011, page C2
"Genealogical Problem Solving, Part 2"
Sunday 13 March 2011, page C2
"Genealogical Problem Solving"
Sunday 27 February 2011, page C2
"Reference Book for Beginning Researchers"
Sunday 13 February 2011, page C4
"Local Seminar Offers Learning Opportunity"
Sunday 30 January 2011, page C7
"Genealogy Conferences: A Learning Experience"
Sunday 2 January 2011, page C2
"Memories of Christmas Past"
Sunday 19 December 2010, page C3
"The Coming Year in Genealogy"
Sunday 6 December 2010, page C2
"Talking Tombstones, What Next?"
Sunday 21 November 2010, page C3
"Beginning Your Genealogical Research"
Sunday 7 November 2010, page C5
"Are You Related to President Obama?"
Sunday 24 October 2010, page C3
"Using Newspapers to Write a Book"
Sunday 10 October 2010, page C2
"Family Secrets in Historical Newspapers"
Wednesday 29 September 2010, page C7
"The Crime of Stephen Arnold"
Sunday 12 September 2010, page A15
"The Strange Case of Dr. Crippen"
Sunday 29 August 2010, page A10
"Genealogical Dark Ages Coming?"
Sunday 15 August 2010, page C2
"This 'n That on the Web"
Sunday 1 August 2010, page C2
"Writing to Preserve Research"
Wednesday 21 July 2010, page C2
"Finding Vital Records"
Sunday 4 July 2010, page A13
"Maryland Archives Online"
Wednesday 16 June 2010, page C5
"Genealogy on TV a Success"
Wednesday 2 June 2010, page C2
"Ohio and Illinois Online Research"
Wednesday 19 May 2010, page C7
"Missouri Digital Heritage Collection"
Wednesday 12 May 2010, page C5
"A Correction and an Apology"
Sunday 25 April 2010, page C2
"Subscription Websites for Genealogy"
Sunday 11 April 2010, page C2
"Love/Hate &"
Sunday 28 March 2010, page C3
"Five Years and Still Going"
Sunday 14 March 2010, page C1
"Tips for Using the U.S. Census"
Sunday 28 February 2010, page C2
"Proof is in the Written Word"
Sunday 14 February 2010, page C1
"You Can't Have One without the Other"
Sunday 31 January 2010, page C5
"Proof and Source Citations"
Wednesday 27 January 2010, page C5
"How Reasonable is an Exhaustive Search?"
Sunday 3 January 2010, page B4
"Proof: The Perfect Christmas Gift"
Sunday 13 December 2009, page C6
Sunday 22 October 2009, page C5
"DNA Test Pays Off"
Sunday 8 November 2009, page A14
"Some European Genealogical Customs"
Sunday 25 October 2009, page C2
"October is Family History Month"
Sunday 11 October 2009, page A13
"Starting All Over Again"
Sunday 27 September 2009, page A13
"Twelve Tips for Problem Solving"
Sunday 20 September 2009, page B5
"DNA Tests & Genealogy"
Sunday 6 September 2009, page B6
"DNA Tests & Genealogy"
Sunday 16 August 2009, page A10
"Forensic Genealogy"
Sunday 2 August 2009, page A12
"Family Reunions"
Sunday 19 July 2009, page A9
"Planning for Research Success"
Sunday 5 July 2009, page C2
"The Frustrations of Finding People"
Sunday 2 June 2009, pages A10-11
"So How Did They Know Where To Go?"
Sunday 7 June 2009, page C2
"The Expansion of New England"
Sunday 24 May 2009, page C2
"Adoption and Family Research"
Sunday 10 May 2009, page C4
"The Orphan Trains: New York to the West"
Wednesday 22 April 2009, page C6
"Adoption and Family Research"
Sunday 22 March 2009, page C4
"Write Your Own Obituary"
Sunday 8 March 2009, page C8
"Continuing Education is a Must!"
Wednesday 18 February 2009, page A13
"History vs. Family History"
Wednesday 11 February 2009, page C3
"Setting Goals for 2009"
Wednesday 28 January 2009, page C2
"Brick Wall Resolutions"
Wednesday 21 January 2009, page C2
"For Auld Lang Syne"
Sundayday 28 December 2008, page B8
"Echoes of Christmas Past"
Wednesday 10 December 2008, page C3
"Years of Change"
Wednesday 26 November 2008, page C5
"Genealogy is Good for Your Brain"
Sunday 16 November 2008, page C2
"Genealogical Show and Tell"
Sunday 26 October 2008, page B8
"Time and Family History Month"
Sunday 19 October 2008, page B7
"Butcher, Baker, Candlestick Maker"
Wednesday 1 October 2008, page C3
"Preserving Your Genealogy"
Sunday 28 September 2008, page B7
"Brick Walls and Cousins"
Friday 3 September 2008, page A8
"Cousin, Cousin, Who is Your Cousin?"
Sunday 17 August 2008, page A4
"American Church Records, Part II"
Friday 1 August 2008, page B9
"American Church Records, Part I"
Friday 25 July 2008, page B7
"Summer Educational Opportunities"
Friday 27 June 2008, page B7
"Finding Quaker Ancestry"
Friday 6 June 2008, page C5
"Who is Your Great Granddaddy?"
Friday 23 May 2008, page C5
"Visiting the Family History Library"
Friday 16 May 2008, page C6
"Book Collection Looking for a Home"
Sunday 20 April 2008, page B7
"Using HeritageQuest Online"
Sunday 13 April 2008, page B7
"Genealogists Push for Open Records"
Sunday 30 March 2008, page B7
"Don't Forget the Women"
Sunday 16 March 2008, page B7
"Documenting Your Sources"
Sunday 2 March 2008, page B9
"Choosing A Genealogy Program"
Sunday 10 February 2008, page B9
"Genealogy Keeps Your Mind Active"
Sunday 20 January 2008, page B9
"The Genealogists' 10 Pet Peeves"
Friday 4 January 2008, page C4
"Internet Genealogy in 2008"
Wednesday 26 December 2007, page B7
"Newspapers to the Rescue (Part II)"
Sunday 2 December 2007, page B9
"Newspapers to the Rescue (Part I)"
Friday 2 November 2007, page C2
"Off to the Courthouse"
Wednesday 3 October 2007, page B10
"Black Sheep are More Fun"
Sunday 2 September 2007, page B8
"Debunking "Genealogy is Bunk""
Friday 27 July 2007, page B10
"Connect at a Family Reunion"
Friday 6 July 2007, page A13
"Summer: Time for Research"
Friday 1 June 2007, page B6
"City Directories: More than Addresses"
Friday 28 April 2007, page B13
"Rev. Al Sharpton, DNA and You"
Sunday 1 April 2007, page B8
"Researching Your Family"
Friday 2 March 2007, page B7
"Using the Social Security Death Index"
Wednesday 14 February 2007, page B7
"You Can Never Have too Many Books"
Sunday 28 January 2007, page A5
"Land Records - an Underused Resource"
Friday December 8 2006, page B5
"In the Beginning was a Birth Record - Maybe"
Wednesday October 25 2006, page B7
"Till Death do us Part!"
Friday September 1 2006, page B3
"What if there is No Will?"
Sunday August 6 2006, page A8
"What's in a Name?"
Wednesday July 12 2006, page B5
"Using Indexes Effectively"
Friday June 9 2006, page B9
"Using the Sahuarita Family History Center"
Friday May 5 2006, page B8
"Genealogy & Identity Theft"
Friday April 7 2006, page B5
"Women's History Month"
Wednesday March 8 2006, page B7
"Genealogy: A Continuous Learning Experience"
Wednesday February 8 2006, page B5
"More on the Internet"
Sunday January 8 2006, page B7
"Pros and Cons of the Internet"
Friday December 9 2005, page B9
"Christmas Gift Suggestion for the Genealogist"
Wednesday November 9 2005, page B5
"Ten Ways to Celebrate Family History Month"
Wednesday October 26 2005, page B5
"The latest news from Salt Lake City"
Friday September 28 2005, page B5
"Maps can be used as genealogical tools."
Wednesday August 3 2005, page B6
"How you can locate your family in print."
Wednesday July 6 2005, page B2
"Preparing a research plan for your genealogical search."
Friday June 10 2005, page B7
"Organization is the key to success."
Friday June 3 2005, page B9
"Where do I start? Consult David Copperfield."
Friday April 15 2005, page B4
"Don't forget the women."
Wednesday March 16 2005, page C3

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