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From the Green Valley News, Sunday 20 April 2008, page B7

Genealogy Today, by Betty Lou Malesky, CG

Book Collection Looking for a Home

The Green Valley Genealogical Society is in desperate need of a space for its library. Currently our book collection is housed in a memberís house, and our extensive CD collection is available to members only at general meetings.

Consequently the library books are only lightly used as members hesitate to infringe on anotherís privacy at home. Ideally the collection would be available to the public as well as members.

Even in these days of Internet genealogy, books are still a crucial part of researching a family. Unfortunately, genealogy libraries in Arizona are few and far between. The closest location to Green Valley is the Family History Center, 500 S. Langley in Tucson.

Several notable genealogy collections reside in Maricopa County. The Family History Center in Mesa has a good library, especially for New England research. Across the county the West Valley Genealogical in Youngtown, near Sun City, has over 10,000 books, 1000 CDs, over 1000 periodicals and 1000s of microforms. These materials cover all 50 states and many countries. The West Valley library is open to non-members for a research fee of $5 daily.

The extensive genealogical collection at the Arizona State Library, Archives and Public Records covering the entire U.S. is housed in the Library and Research Library at the State Capital. The State Library is open to the public, but how many of us want to drive to Phoenix very often?

Jerry Flowers, our Green Valley Genealogical Society Librarian has spent several months exploring several options for our book collection and is unable to find an affordable location for a small library in the Green Valley/Sahuarita area. If we had a dedicated space our collection would grow quickly because members would be able to donate additional books and/or CDs they are no longer using.

The public library is already overcrowded and has no space for our collection. Also, we believe the public library is not an option. If we donate the books to the Pima County Library we lose all control over them, and the library can send them to another location or dispose of them as they choose.

Many local genealogical societies house their book collections in the local historical society. We in Green Valley do not have this option since our inception in 1963 does not yet provide enough history to merit a historical organization.

If you are interested in genealogy and family history and are reading this column, perhaps you have a suggestion to solve our dilemma. We need just one room, 100 square feet or more, accessible to the public with a small amount of parking. We are also open to sharing a space with another organization.

If you know of a space that might be available for a small amount of monthly rent, please contact Jerry Flowers, our society librarian at 625-5679 or email,

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