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Paul Duffey has made available to us a collection of aids to researching overseas. A link to each one is given below.

He makes this disclaimer:

The only original material of the following items is Finding Hometown of Overseas Ancestors and I had help from Barbara Salyer for that. The pages on Research in South America are courtesy of Paul Hodges. The British Isles Group of Tucson contributed the British Isles information. The rest were mostly abstracted from research guides by the LDS church. To the best of my knowledge, none of it is copyrighted.

Paul Duffey
January 17, 2014


Finding Hometown of Overseas Ancestors

Translation by Computer

British Isles

Genealogical Research in the British Isles

Irish Regional Genealogy Centers

Scotland Research


Scandinavian Genealogy Terms

Denmark Research

Norwegian Genealogy Research

Researching in Sweden

Swedish Word List


Dutch Genealogy Research

German Genealogy Research

Hungarian and Eastern Eurpoean Research

Polish Research

Slavic / Eastern European Genealogical Terms

Italian Genealogy Research

Portuguese Genealogical Terms

North America

Genealogical Research in Canada

South America

South American Genealogy Terms

Genealogy Research in Bolivia

Genealogy Research in Chile

Genealogical Records in Peru

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